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					Intra-Operative fluid warmer

    Department of Reconstructive
   Sciences, Health Campus, USM.
 Intra-Operative fluid warmer device.

Principle Researcher :   Dr Arman Zaharil Mat Saad

Co-Researcher:           Prof Ahmad Sukari Halim

Department of Reconstructive Science, PPSP, HUSM.

Other Team:              School of Engineering –
                         Mechanical & Electronic
• Warm fluid is used for irrigation to prevent
  body heat loss/hypothermia if used in large
  amount and to prevent vasoconstriction in
  microvascular surgery.
         How It’s Done Now?
• Hot solution is stored in
  a hot press prior to use.
• This will produced a
  hot solution – which
  normally needed to be
  mixed with regular
  (unheated) solution to
  get the desire
         How It’s Done Now?
• The solution is filled
  into the syringe and
  flushes onto the desired
• When the solution is
  cold, part of the
  solution is discarded
  and warmed solution is
  added to the desirable
• Not cost effective.
  – Waste of solution
• Labour intensive
• Potential delay
 Intra-Operative fluid warmer device.

Main Objective:
• To develop a cheap, user friendly and
  effective fluid warming device to be used
Featured with:-
• Temperature regulator controller to keep the
  irrigation fluid warm during operative
Why Do We Need This Device?
• To provide a constant supply of warm
  solution intra-operatively at desired
• Prevent waste and cutting the cost.
• Prevent delay and save time.
   Features of Negative Pressure
       Regulator Required.
1. Cheap
2. Small/light
3. Portable and washable with heat resistant
   detachable component for autoclave
4. Has automated temperature regulator with
   digital temperature indicator to prevent
   excessive heat and burn injury to patient and
        Suggested design 1
Three separate components
1. Main unit - Heat generator with
   temperature regulator.
2. Silicone tubing.
3. Stainless steel pipe coiling - for heat
   transfer and maintenance.
Suggested design 1
             Suggested design 1
Main unit to heat up
liquid to a set
temperature with a
pump to circulate the
heated fluid through the
tubing to the coiling
which can be placed
outside/inside a pot, or
can be placed inside a
kidney dish.
         Suggested design 2
2 separate parts;-
1) detachable hot elements with
  termostat/temperature reader
2) power supply with temperature regulator
  ranging between 28-36 degree Celcius
Suggested design 2
      The benefit of this project

1. To produce a new easy to use fluid
   warmer device for intra-operative usage.
2. Safe cost and minimising waste.
3. New product invention by the university.
4. The product will be highly value in
   hospital set up and has potential for world
   wide marketing

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