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To:         All Gymnastics NSW WAG & Sport Aerobics Affiliated Clubs

From:       Natalie Johnston (nee Greig)                                      Date: December 17, 2007
            Sports Program Manager – WAG & Aer

Re:         AER Sport Management Committee AGM – Notice #1

Dear Affiliated Clubs,

Please find enclosed the first notice for the Sport Aerobics Sports Management Committee

This year the WAG & Sport Aerobics SMC AGM’s will be held at Coaches Congress, at Castle
Hill RSL on the date listed below:

                             Friday 18th January 2007
                             3.15pm - AER (Sports Aerobics) SMC AGM (Following lecture)

Within this package you will find your First Notice of the SMC meeting, a Nomination Form for
positions available on the SMC, position descriptions and information regarding forwarding
Motions for Consideration at the SMC AGM.

All nominations for SMC positions are due: 5pm, Friday 28th December 2007.

Please ensure your club is represented at the AGM. The second notice will be forwarded out to
your club on Monday 4th January 2007. This will include your delegate nomination form, postal
vote form and Agenda for each meeting and will be required to be sent back to the GNSW
Office by 5pm, Wednesday 16th January 2007. Should your club wish to have this second notice
sent to an alternative club address (as it is will be posted during the school holidays) please
send in writing (via fax or email) a request for alternative postal address to the following:
Fax: 8116 4110           Email:           Postal: as below

This is your opportunity to ensure you have your say in your sport. Please ensure all forms are
completed and returned by the due date as indicated on the form.

Kind Regards,

Natalie Johnston (nee Greig)
Sports Program Manager – WAG & Sport Aerobics

      Unit 2/11-21 Underwood Rd, Homebush, NSW 2127 Postal Address PO Box 190, North Strathfield, NSW 2137
                    Telephone +612 9763 5011 Facsimile +612 9763 5158 Email
                                            NOTICE #1
                                SPORT AEROBICS (AER)
                       SPORTS MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE
                             ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                    DATE:          Friday 18th January 2007

                    VENUE:         Castle Hill RSL,
                                   Castle Street, Castle Hill

                    TIME:          3.15 pm*

                  *NOTE: Meeting will not commence before advertised start time.

NOMINATIONS:      Nominations for positions must be received at the Gymnastics NSW office by:
                  5pm, Friday 28th December 2007. (PLEASE FAX to 8116 4110 ONLY)

                   Nominations must be on the nomination form attached. Nominations that are not on the
                   nomination form will not be accepted.
                   Nominated persons must be current registered members of Gymnastics NSW.

                  In accordance with article 11.7 of the constitution (in the event of there being no
                  nominations for the advertised positions) nominations for positions will be called from the
                  floor at the AGM. In the event that no nominations come from the floor these positions will
                  be declared casual vacancies and will be filled in accordance with article 12.2 of the

MOTIONS FOR CONSIDERATION: Any Motions to be considered at the AGM must be received in writing at
              the Gymnastics NSW office by 5pm, Friday 28th December 2007.

ELIGBILITY:       Nominated delegates of current AER Affiliates, Life Members, approved observers and
                  invited guests are eligible to attend the AGM meeting. Delegate nomination forms will be
                  included in the next notice.

NOTE:               Nominated delegates of current AER Affiliates and Life Members only are eligible to vote
                    at the AGM meeting.

DUE DATE:           5PM, FRIDAY 28th DECEMBER 2007.
                    (PLEASE FAX TO: 8116 4110 ONLY)

SPORTS MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE:                         AER

Please tick the position you would like to nominate for:

    Technical Director                       Judging Coordinator
    Competition Coordinator                  General Member (x2)
    Coaching Coordinator

NAME: ______________________________________________________________________

CLUB (if applicable): ___________________________________________________________

PROPOSER: _________________________________________________________________

SECONDER: _________________________________________________________________

NOMINEES SIGNATURE: _______________________________ DATE: _________________











NOTE: Nominated persons must be current registered members of Gymnastics NSW.

                                  Gymnastics NSW ~– Fax 8116 4110


Area             Task
Administration   Coordinate the administration of Sport Aerobics in NSW
                 • Work with the SMC and GSNW SPM to promote programs which implement state
                    and national policies for Sport Aerobics
                 • Assist the competition coordinator so that all GNSW events run smoothly and
                 • Member of the NSW selection committee for NSW team
Representation   Liaise with GNSW SPM and Board
                 • Work closely with GNSW SPM to develop AER in NSW
                 • Provide technical expertise to the SPM as required
                 • Represent the SMC at GNSW Executive Council meetings
                 • Provide written reports on the development of AER as required
                 • Develop the strategic plan for AER which clearly outlines the goals of the SMC in
                    conjunction with the GNSW SPM
                 • Write TD report for publication in GNSW Annual Report
Information      Provide regular and accurate information about AER to the community
                 • Provide relevant information for the GNSW Bulletin
                 • Promote coaching and judging workshops
                 • Answer general enquiry’s about AER in NSW
                 • Direct members of the community to other SMC members in questions on specific
                 • Disseminate information from the GA Technical Director to the community
                 • Update knowledge of developments in and changes to technical regulations for both
                    elite and levels stream.
SMC              Contribute to planning GNSW AER Sports Management Committee
                 • Chair regular meetings for the GNSW AER Sports Management Committee and
                    plan all aspects of Sport Aerobics in NSW
                 • Support and develop skills in the SMC members so that they gain confidence to
                    carry out tasks specific to their role statement
                 • Provide advice and management skills to coordinate all aspects planning carried out
                    by the committee
Area           Task
               Coordinate all judging for GNSW AER Events
Events         Prior to event
               • Coordinate judging panels
               • Answer questions form judges re times and availability
               • Check judges are accredited before assigning judging tasks
               At events
               • Set up tables with judging equipment
               • Judge on panels
               • Act as referee in disputes
               • Provide role model for effective, fair and impartial judging at all times.
               After Events
               • Send copy of results to GA National Judging coordinator
               • Add judges attendance to database
               • Send invoice to GNSW
               • Maintain record of payment for judges in NSW

Information          Liaise with National Judging Coordinator
                     • Read National Technical Bulletin and relay any information to NSW SPM for
                     • Respond to judges’ questions re membership, general enquires of accreditation
                        and contact GA personnel when appropriate
                     • Provide information about judging experience to National judging coordinator as
                     • Chair meetings, open forums for judges

Education            Promote Judge Education in NSW
                     • Coordinate judges education workshops in conjunction with GNSW SPM
                     • Coordinate updating requirements
                     • Provide materials for course presenters Level 1 and/or 2
                     • Provide details for courses including post-course requirements
                     • Identify and provide guidance and advice to potential course presenters

SMC                  Contribute to planning at GNSW AER Sports Management Committee
                     • Attend SMC Meetings
                     • Provide relevant information for the GNSW bulletin
                     • Provide advice to GNSW SMC re judging needs and personnel
                     • Write report for GNSW Annual Report
                     • Member of the NSW selection committee for the NSW team to National

Area             Task
Identification   Identify coaching needs for AER SMC in NSW
                 • Survey coaching in both the Levels and elite streams to establish needs
                 • Assist coaches with information about NSW events, technical regulations and
                    guidelines for gymnasts’ development
                 • Coordinate state training in conjunction with the SMC and liaise with coaches on
                    running order, music needs and venue
Information      Liaise with National Coaching Coordinator
                 • Work with National SMC Coaching Coordinator to develop strong programs
                    which implement Gymnastics Australia’s policies for Sport Aerobics
                 • Represent NSW At National Coaching meetings and forums
Education        Liaise with NSW Coaching Education Coordinator
                 • Work with the NSW Coaching Education Officer to coordinate workshops to meet
                    the needs of coaches
                 • Contribute to the organisation of the NSW Annual Coaches Congress
                 • Provide a forum for coaches to meet and work together to reach state goals
                    which will improve knowledge of the sport and coaching practice within NSW
                 • Coordinate coaching updates and workshops in country areas
SMC              Contribute to planning at GNSW AER Sports Management Committee
                 • Attend SMC meetings
                 • Provide relevant information for the GNSW bulletin
                 • Answer enquiry’s from members of the community on questions specific to
                 • Member of the NSW AER Selection Committee for NSW Team

Area          Task
Events        Prior to event
              • Identify appropriate venue/s in conjunction with GNSW and SPM
              • Set calendar in conjunction with SMC and GNSW
              • Answer questions from coaches re event schedules
              • Coordinate competition draw for publication by GNSW
              • Provide numbers of awards required to GNSW
              • Provide GNSW with detailed list of equipment requirements and supplementary
              • Identify volunteers for specific roles

              At Event
              • Coordinate setup of venue
              • Coordinate volunteers
              • Coordinate event schedule, smooth running and marshalling of athletes
              • Check sound system
              • Coordinate medal presentation
              • Distribute event questionnaire to athletes and officials
              • Collect completed accident and injury forms

              After Event
              • Ensure electronic copy of results are sent to GNSW office
              • Collect questionnaires and compile report on event

GNSW          Liaise with GNSW Office
              • Ensure entries are processed
              • Develop user friendly entry forms

SMC           Contribute to planning at GNSW AER SMC meetings
              • Attend SMC meetings
              • Provide relevant information/reports for the Flic Flac
              • Answer questions from the community specific to competitions

Area      Task
SMC       Contribute to planning at GNSW AER SMC meetings
          • Attend SMC meetings
          • Provide relevant information/reports for the Flic Flac
          • Identify areas requiring further attention from the SMC
          • Use personal experience to improve the service to clubs, athletes and technical
          • Assist SMC Members with specific projects

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