Mountain Biking Around Dornbirn

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					Mountain Biking Around Dornbirn
Dornbirn, the largest city of Vorarlberg with more than 40.000 inhabitans, lies in the Rhine area south
of the Lake of Constance. Dornbirn's city borders are at and within the Alps, which offers great leisure
potential. Many citizens use the area for hiking, mountain biking or even other outside activities. For
activities in and around Bregenz, the capital of Vorarlberg, see right here.
One very popular location is a mountain topping Dornbirn, called Karren. At the top of the Karren,
there's a nice restaurant with a cable car service. Of course, you can use paths to obtain up there
(about 600 michael altitude difference ).
A very popular activity close to Dornbirn is mountain bicycling. There the dozens of various paths,
forrest roads, and mountain ways to be used for brief and long-distance tours. A very good summary
over walking and bicycling trails provides this map.
It's true that despite the high popularity , you won't bike with hundreds of others mountain biking fans.
Occasionally you'll meet a few , and for sure at about the most cottages, exactly where bikers collect
together for a good coffee or breakfast every day with local products. Get an idea about the
surroundings here (the page is in german born , but read the pictures below ).
Another idea: You can get great provides of mountain bike equipment at wiggle !
The perhaps most popular and longest mountain bike journey from Dornbirn within the "city limits" is
to the Alpe Weißfluh. The way in which takes about 2,5 hrs upwards , and depending of the route
you choose (you can select different styles ), you will be generating at provided , unpaved highways
and methods , sometimes forced to drive your bike.
You follows a beautiful creek and little canyon, drive-thru forrests and mountain plains , sometimes
meeting alp cows or brought in scottish highland cows.
At the Weißfluh Alpe by itself , you can enjoy a fantastic panorama to the west, overviewing Dornbirn,
the Rhine area and the swiss mountains. Attempt some of the nearby food (especially the cheese),
but additionally a Radler (a mix of lemonade and beer ) or simply enjoy the sun.
The downhill path can be an additional route as you came upward. It's enjoyable , it's fast , it is real
mountain bicycling.
Idea: Lonely earth provides a useful travel manual for the entire country of austria - examine their
provides !

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Description: It's true that despite the high popularity , you won't bike with hundreds of others mountain biking fans.