Aerobics Classes Summer 2012 by lanyuehua


									              Aerobics Classes Summer 2012
               This timetable will operate between

           Monday 23rd July and Saturday 1st September.

                  Normal aerobics programming

              will resume on Monday 3rd September.

Monday         09:15-10:15   FILL                           Teri Reeder (All)

               12:15-13:05   Body Conditioning              Jackie Canham

Tuesday        13:10-14:00   Body Conditioning              Sarah Clarke

               17:30-18:30   AEROBICS                       Jackie Canham

               18:30-19:30   Step Aerobics                  Jackie Canham

               19:30-20:30   Step Aerobics                  Jackie Canham

Wednesday      12:15-13:05   Step Aerobics                  Teri Reeder

               13:10-14:00   Fitness Pilates                Teri Reeder

               17:30-18:30   Body Toning                    Louise Hale

               18:30-19:30   Aerobics                       Louise Hale

Thursday       17:30-18:30   Body Conditioning              Sarah Clarke

               18:30-19:30   Aerobics                       Sarah Clarke

Friday         17:30-18:30   Latin Dance Aerobics           Teri Reeder

               18:30-19:30   Functional Body Conditioning   Teri Reeder

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