Meeting 13th December 2011

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					                         Healthier Lives Group

                             13th December 2011

Who was there? Krystal Hemingway, Chris Watson, Steven Brundle,
Nisa, Christine, Asma, Roshani –Bradford People First, Sherie Herpe,
James Brown, Joanna-People First Keighley and Craven.

Who wanted to come but couldn’t?             Francesca Evans, Stephen
Metcalfe, Jenny Davison.

James introduced everyone and went through the housekeeping.
Krystal went through the minutes of the last meeting.

At the last meeting we set the agenda for next year and all the venues
as we are unable to have the room at Springfield Mills.         The April,
June, September and November meetings are at Shipley Library.
Sherie has offered us a room Airedale Hospital if we need it. Krystal
asked if anyone else would like anything added to the agenda.

Sherie Herpe – Matron for Outpatients, Pre-operative Assessment
and Elective Surgery at Airedale Hospital

Sherie is one of 3 matrons who work at Airedale. This is what Sherie
is proposing as a pathway:

You can ring the matron to help with choose and book system. They will
put together a care plan, ask what you want and cater to individual
needs. They need to know to from beginning and you need to take to
senior member of staff preferably a matron.

Sherie would like to develop a “two click” website and she will talk to
the AIM project for advice and help with this.
Tim Pickles told us about his experience at Airedale and how he always
had to go through A and E when he and his carers knew which ward he
needed to be on and what treatment he needed.        We talked about
having a passport so that patients could be sent straight through to
the ward. Sherrie also said that if they know about patients
beforehand they can arrange to do lots of things that need doing
whilst patients are under anaesthetic such as blood tests, toenails,
teeth etc. This will save patients having to go back a number of times
and cuts down on people becoming distressed. Sherrie did stress that
they need to know!

We talked about the self check in at Outpatients and how it needed to
be easy read. People First Keighley and Craven offered to help with

Sherrie will bring someone from A and E to the February meeting.

Louisa and Ellie-Pain Detection Tool

Louisa and Ellie have formed a new group about picking up on pain, they
have met twice. They are looking at developing pain detection tools to
help recognise the signs of pain with people who cannot verbalise. They
will come back to the June meeting and let us know how they are
getting on.

Bradford People First

Christine read out a report about what they have been doing.       She
talked about their Healthy Living Event in January and also about the
Tai Chi classes that they are running.
AIM Project

Working on leaflets – Look out for appendicitis, look out for a heart
attack, look out for a DVT.

They have been working with St. Lukes about a cancer leaflet and
What Happens When My Heart Stops-which explains about Do Not

NHS Continuing Care-helping to put this into easy read.

Chris will send out a list of all their leaflets.

Health Facilitation Team

There was a BME Event which was very positive.

Organising sexual health training for young people – Big Soup and
SNOOP are involved with this.

Healthier Lives Evaluation Forms

Krystal had nine replies and most of the feedback was positive.
Everyone was given a copy.

Meeting closed at 1230.

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