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                              Super School News                                                          
                                                                                                                         New Berlin Elementary
                                                                                                                             3613 New Berlin Rd.
                                                                                                                            Jacksonville, Fl. 32226

  A Flash from Principal Reese
                      Welcome Superheroes                                                             Soar to These Events
Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year at New Berlin Elementary. I hope                                                    September
your children had a wonderful summer break with opportunities to grow
and learn. Our school continues to be recognized by the state as an “A”
                                                                                                      3           Labor Day – No School
school. We have now maintained an “A” status five consecutive years!                                  4           SAC 6:00p.m.
Congratulations to all our students, teachers, and parents for this                                              PTA Board 7:00p.m.
outstanding accomplishment.                                                                           5          Early Release
                                                                                                      6          Open House K-2 6:00p.m.-7:30p.m.
This year our school theme is Nothing Can Stop NBE Super Learners. We                                 7          Grand Parents Tea 9:00a.m.
plan to continue to be unstoppable as we soar to new heights. The staff                               11         Fall Portraits
at our school does extraordinary things on behalf of children every day.
                                                                                                      12         Reading Campaign Kickoff
They are willing to “leap tall buildings with a single bound," “work faster
than a speeding bullet," and are “more powerful than a locomotive”
                                                                                                      13         Open House 3-5 6:00p.m.-7:30p.m.
when it comes to helping students become successful. Just open the                                    19         Early Release
door of any classroom at New Berlin, and you will see a super teacher!                                20         Boy Scouts Round-up 7:00pm
Parents you have prepared your children with the necessary special                                    27         4th Grade Field Trip MOSH
abilities to be successful, and together we make a super team!

During the summer, we’ve had some staff changes. Please join me in
welcoming to New Berlin the following staff members: Raney Manning
our new art teacher; Mrs. Julie Bott will be joining the second grade
team, in first grade Ms. Angela Davis and Gloria Warren. I am excited to
announce that Coach P, (Adam Przymylski) will be returning to New                          Please join us for
                                                                                              Open House
Berlin as a 4th grade teacher. In addition, we have a new guidance
counselor. Miss Marisa Negron. We are excited to have these teachers
join the “teaching league” at NBE.

I encourage you to join us at school activities and participate in our                    K-2    Thursday, Sept. 6th 6:00p.m. - 7:30p.m.
school programs. Please continue to utilize the school website for
updates. We welcome parents and your contributions; you play a key                        3-5    Thursday, Sept. 13th 6:00p.m. - 7:30p.m.
role in the academic success of our students.

Once again, welcome back to school; it’s going to be a “Super Year!”
Please visit my blog at you can sign
up to follow the posts.

                                                     Arrival & Dismissal
               Thank you parents for your continued support and patience during arrival and dismissal as we continue to adjust to the traffic
            patterns. A few friendly reminders: Dismissal for parents who choose to park and walk is 2:55-3:00 with the exception of parents who
            only have kindergarten students. Parents are standing where students should sit, which is causing congestion for our patrols and is
            blocking the pathway for loading cars. Thank you for your help with this matter.
                       Dismissal Times:      2:45 Car Riders
                                             2:55 Park & Walk
            and Buses
                                             3:00 Walkers & Extended Day

                    Don’t Be a Zero be a Hero Reading Campaign
               All students at NBE are expected to read individually a million words as part of our reading standard. September 12,
              we will be kicking off our reading campaign. Students are invited to come dressed as their favorite superhero to help us
              promote reading. At the end of the year, students who have met their reading goal will be invited to attend the Reading
              Celebration! So, join the Reading League… don’t be a zero like Zero Man…be a hero and read!
           Smile Picture Day is Coming                                                     Smartville School t-shirts are now on
Tuesday, September 11 is Fall Picture Day.                                                 sale in the front office. Get yours
More information will be coming home with your                                             while supplies last. The cost is $10.00
child.                                                                                     cash only. T-shirts will be on sale
                                                                                           during Open House nights.
           Timing is Everything Campaign
             Superheroes are on Time!                                                         Do You Know who is in the
 Tuesday, September 4, we will launch our “Timing is Everything
                                                                                                  Hallways at NBE?
 Campaign”. This campaign encourages students to be on time for
                                                                              When guests do not sign in the front office we do not know who is in
 school, stay until the end of the day, and to attend daily.
                                                                              our hallways during morning arrival. Please help us keep our students
 Classrooms with perfect attendance will be awarded a trophy to
                                                                              safe by signing in. All visitors are to report to the main office, sign in,
 keep for the week. At the end of the month, the class with the best
                                                                              and get a visitor’s badge per DCPS policy. All visitors are required to
 attendance average will receive a special treat from the principal.
                                                                              enter through the front entrance of the school. For more information
                                                                              regarding school policies, please see the Parent Handbook that was
                     School Starts at 8:25a.m.                                given out at Orientation.
                                                                                              Eating Lunch & Student Check-out
                                                                              ID’s are required for checking out students or having lunch. DCPS policy
              PTA Membership is Underway                                      requires all visitors who have lunch on regular bases with a student to
 Are you a PTA member? If not, please join PTA… the cost is $6.00.            complete a volunteer application. Guests other than legal guardians
 Make checks payable to New Berlin PTA. Information was sent                  must be on the student information card as an approved guest(s). To
 home the first week of school, and there will be a membership                update your information card, please stop by the office.
 drive during Open House nights. The first class to reach 100% will
 receive a Popcorn Party! Thank you!
                  New Berlin’s PTA Board Members:
                         President – April Cook
                                                                                Join the School Advisory Council at
             1st Vice President Programs – Kami Swanson                                     New Berlin!
            2nd Vice President Membership – Ann Bussell
         3rd Vice President Fundraising – Tammy Wainwright
                       Treasurer – Jim Carpenter                               Parents, we are looking for new members to join the SAC Board. The
                   Recording Secretary – Mike Lynch                            responsibility of the school advisory council is: To provide parents,
                Corresponding Secretary – Angela Day                           citizens, faculty, staff, and students an opportunity to participate in the
                 Volunteer Coordinator – Jenny Doyle                           development of educational priorities, assessment of a school’s needs,
                       Awards Chair – Lisa Atwell                              and identification of local resources.

                                                                               Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm. All parents
                       Check us out on Facebook!                               are welcome to attend. The first meeting will be Tuesday, September
                                                                               4th at 6:00pm in the large conference room in the main office. We need
                                                                               your voice! Hope to see you there!
               NBE Parent Marla Bryant
    Serves on the Envisioning Committee to Select
                 New Superintendent                                                             September Book of the Month
 New Berlin Elementary Parent Marla Crews Bryant, the District 1                                     Super Hero School
 Representative on the DCPS Superintendent Search Envisioning Committee,
 recently participated in interviewing the candidates for superintendent.                      Leonard is no ordinary kid—he’s enrolled in Superhero
 Interviews were held Monday, August 27. If you have any questions you                         School, where leaping tall buildings in a single bound is
 would like asked of the 5 finalists, please email her at                                      considered child’s play. If only division, fractions, and . More information about the candidates can be                      multiplication came as naturally, and weren’t so, well,
 found on the DCPS website at                                             ordinary. But when the kids’ math teacher, Mr. Tornado,
                                                                                               and the rest of the staff get kidnapped by ice zombies,
 Congratulations to Mrs. Bryant for being selected to serve on this                            Leonard and his pals find themselves using every
 committee and respecting our district and New Berlin! Mrs. Bryant is also                     superhero trick in the book—not to mention a few
 the school’s Good News Ambassador and keeps NBE in the news!                                  unexpected math skills— to divide (and conquer!) the
              Volunteers Important Information
Volunteers are a vital part of New Berlin. To ensure the safety of
our students, volunteers and visitors who visit NBE on a regular
bases, must complete an application and undergo a criminal
                                                                                                  Did you know?
background screening, free of charge, conducted by DCPS.                     It is against the law to smoke on a school campus or
Designated school staff will verify your clearance to volunteer at the                   within 1,000 feet of the school?
school using our online process. DCPS is no longer using volunteer                  FLA. STAT. ch. 386.204, 386.209 & 386.212 (2003)
cards as a proof of clearance. Use the web address below to
access the online process.                                                                  Thank you for not smoking … it’s the law.

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