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					Mesothelioma Attorneys in Houston

Every year, a significant number of people are diagnosed with mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos in
the workplace. Your first priority, of course, should always be taking care of all your health needs. But what
if you are no longer able to work, and can’t afford treatment? This is where we come in.

Mesothelioma is a dangerous disease formed over the course of many years as a person inhales asbestos
fibers, which affix themselves to your lungs and cause irritation. These fibers eventually result in scarring
and inflammation in the mesothelium, which is the lining that surrounds your lungs and other internal
organs. As the scarring worsens, it encourages the growth of cancerous cells. Due to the risk of
mesothelioma, asbestos has been banned in construction in most places. However, that does not protect
people who were exposed before the bans occurred.

We are dedicated to upholding your rights as a worker, and that includes proper compensation for any health
issues you contract while on the job. Mesothelioma in particular is one ailment for which you should be
quick to consider legal action, as there is a certain time period during which you need to file a claim after

Experienced mesothelioma lawyers
Attorneys who take on mesothelioma cases would have experience practicing in the general field of torts, or
personal injury. Tort lawyers can handle cases ranging from minor injuries to wrongful death in the
workplace. Asbestos-related cases have become so common over the past five decades that they now have
their own special category as a “mature tort.”

Mesothelioma cases can pose some unique and difficult challenges, especially because the disease can take
many years to develop after your initial exposure to asbestos. The business you worked for may no longer be
under the same ownership, or it may no longer even exist. One of the main tasks of asbestos attorneys is to
find which party bears liability for the exposure.

Once the process is complete, your settlement can likely gain you the money you need to pay for your
treatment, which could potentially include chemotherapy, radiation treatment, surgery or other alternative
procedures, such as immunotherapy. The treatments will vary based on the type of mesothelioma you are
diagnosed with, but they are extremely necessary to help ward off the symptoms.

Houston Admiralty/Maritime Law Attorneys

Working marine jobs can be quite dangerous, and marine employees know they run the risk of serious
injury. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that those injuries can always be avoided. If injury does occur, you
need to be sure that you will be able to secure the treatment required. In many cases, you may need legal
counsel to make this happen.
Maritime law, also known as admiralty law, is a special branch of law dedicated to all maritime-related legal
disputes. Oil spills, water pollution, vessel disputes and various other issues are all common occurrences in
maritime legal cases.

The Jones Act & Maritime Law
In the case of injury as a marine worker, you are entitled to full compensation under the protection of the
Jones Act, also known as the Merchant Seaman Protection and Relief Act. An injured worker who files for
aid under the Jones Act can receive a multitude of benefits, including healthcare coverage and any wages
lost as a result of time away from work with injury. Considering the expense that often comes with the
necessary healthcare treatments for these injuries, this act is your lifeline as a marine employee.

The benefits of the Jones Act do not stop at healthcare coverage. Injured marine workers are also often able
to file personal injury lawsuits that provide extra compensation for the injuries they received while on the
job. If you are going to be out of work for a period of time due to your injury, this compensation will be
extremely important for the livelihood of you and your family. Whether you suffered your injury on a
marine vessel or at a facility on land, our maritime lawyers are there for you when you need them most.

Offshore Oil Rig Injury Lawyers

Working in the offshore oil industry comes with a unique set of thrills and challenges, but also a great
amount of risks. The demand for workers on offshore oil rigs is high, and the labor can get extremely
strenuous. Since these rigs are generally located in remote areas, it may be tempting for oil companies to be
somewhat lax in their safety. This is how most injuries occur.

If you are injured while working on an offshore oil rig, you may have the right to compensation. This can
include medical costs, lost wages during your time away from work and any rehabilitation costs that you
may incur. In some situations, you may even be eligible for extra compensation for the suffering you’ve
experienced, especially if your injury was a result of negligence by the rig operator or the company that
owns the rig.

A significant amount of the injuries that occur on oil rigs arise because of normal human error or the
negligence of a coworker or employee. However, in more serious oil rig-related injuries (and even deaths),
accidents can happen from equipment failure or prolonged exposure to hazardous chemicals or asbestos. If
you or someone you know has been in an accident due to one of these situations, the best thing to do is
contact a lawyer or attorney who specializes in oil rig legal cases immediately.

Work with an experienced oil rig injury attorney
There are many different types of accidents that can occur on oil rigs, and our lawyers are experienced in
cases including helicopter injuries, injuries in transit to or from rigs, drilling rig injuries, drilling ship
injuries, production platform injuries and more. No matter what the situation, it’s important that you get the
assistance you need from lawyers you can trust.

We have attorneys who specialize in oil rig injuries and accidents who are also extremely well-versed with
maritime law. You will need this knowledge and experience by your side in order to regain your lost wages,
earn payment for your healthcare costs and gain all of the extra compensation you deserve for the pain and
suffering you've had to endure.

Commercial Fishing Vessel Injury Lawyers in Houston

Commercial fishing is an extremely important business in the United States, particularly along coastal
regions. Men and women work hard, dangerous jobs to provide people with the seafood they love. The
average person, however, is completely unaware of the dangers that go along with working on a fishing
vessel. They don’t realize that many people come away with severe injuries or health problems due to
accidents on the job or simply the physical toll of the work.

These injuries don’t have to plague you for the rest of your life. If you’ve suffered an injury as a result of
your work on a commercial fishing vessel, you could be entitled to compensation. All you need is a skilled
and experienced fishing vessel injury lawyer who will work tirelessly on your behalf.

Our attorneys have valuable knowledge in the area of maritime law, a complicated practice area that covers
all legal disputes that happen in marine work environments. Depending on the circumstances surrounding
your injury, you could be eligible to receive compensation for healthcare and treatment, and for wages lost
during your recovery period. If the accident happened as a result of negligence on the part of your employer,
you may be able to file a claim under the Jones Act that gains you additional compensation for the pain and
suffering their negligence has caused you.

Skilled in fishing vessel accident law
Our lawyers have experience working with a wide variety of commercial fishing legal cases, including
injuries that have occurred involving crabbers, trawlers, jig fishers, long liners and more. Regardless of your
job in the commercial fishing industry, we have the knowledge required to earn you the compensation you

The experience we have gained over years of representing victims of commercial fishing vessel injuries has
earned us a unique insight into the business that is vital to the way we set up our cases. This also allows us
to build a rapport with our clients, which makes for a sense of comfort and peace of mind.

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