Artefact Rubric by lanyuehua


									                                  Artefact Rubric
                           4                    3                      2                    1
                 Topic choice for      Artefact Identifies   The artefact does     Minimal content
                 artefact is related   many factors but      not have a clear      with no relation to
Topic/Content    to the theme/unit     does not relate to    central topic and     unit/theme.
                 chosen. The           one theme and/or      does not connect
                 artefact              topic.                to the theme of
                 demonstrates                                the unit.
                 direct connection
                 to content.
                 Student artefacts     The artefact shows    The artefact is a     The artefact has
                 are original,         some evidence of      collection of other   no evidence of
 Originality/    inventive, and        originality and       people’s ideas,       new ideas and/or
  Creativity     fresh. The artefact   inventiveness.        products or           thoughts.
                 shows significant                           images. There is
                 evidence of                                 little evidence of
                 originality and                             originality and no
                 inventiveness.                              new ideas are
                 Overall pleasing      Pleasing              Poor use of color,    The arrangement
Craftsmanship/   appearance;           appearance; good      design,               has no relation to
 Presentation    excellent use of      use of color,         arrangement.          the theme/topic
                 color, design,        design,                                     chosen.
                 arrangement.          arrangement.
                 The student           The student           The student           The student
                 always followed       usually followed      sometimes             displayed a mostly
                 classroom             classroom             followed              negative attitude
                 expectations and      expectations and      classroom             and an
                 participated in the   usually               expectations and      unwillingness to
Collaboration/   assignment            participated in the   sometimes             participate. The
   Attitude      willingly and with    assignment with a     participated in the   student was often
                 enthusiasm.           positive attitude.    assignment with a     disruptive.
                                                             positive attitude.
                 Students treat the    Most group                                  Only one or two
                 others with           members               Some group            group members
                 respect and           contribute; most      members               complete most
                 kindness; all         members treat the     contributed; some     tasks; some
                 members               others with           members treated       members and
                 complete assigned     respect and           the others with       ideas aren't
                 tasks.                kindness; all         respect and           respected; some
                                       members               kindness.             tasks not.
Artefact Definition:
Something made/created or given shape by man, such as a tool or a work of art, esp.
an object of archaeological interest.

What I’m expecting from you:

   1. The artefact must be original – meaning that it must be created from your
      own thought and ideas, and not from others.
   2. The artefact must be 3D
   3. The artefact must be hand-made

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