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Life Science Syllabus ACorman by lanyuehua


									     Seventh Grade Life Science
     Syllabus & Grading Policy 2010-2011
     Course Description: In our classroom this year, we will focus on the way scientists think, gather data, make
     claims, and support them with evidence, all the while learning our 7th Grade Science Content Standards.
     Topics investigated will include: how to think scientifically, human biology, cell biology, genetics, and
     evolution. A major emphasis will be on developing skills necessary for scientific inquiry and literacy. Inquiry-
     oriented science instruction engages students in the investigative nature of science.

     Grading Policy: The semester grade will be approximately based on the following:
           Notebook (classwork, labs,etc.) ≈ 30%
          Index cards ≈ 10%                                     99%+= A+
                                                                               60-69%= D
                                                                               59 and lower= F
           Quizzes/Tests ≈30%                                   80-89%=B
           Projects/homework/group tasks ≈30%                   70-79%= C

     Grades: Students are encouraged to monitor their own grade. Grades are on the Aires Portal ( accessible
     online at home or in media center); parents are also encouraged to monitor grades on the Aires Parent

     Class work/homework: Bell work, classwork and homework will be completed daily. Any unfinished class
     work is to be completed at home and turned in the following day. Homework will be checked for completion
     during the first few minutes of class. All work will be evaluated on completeness, accuracy and neatness.

     Science Notebook: Every student will keep a Science Notebook for this class. All science work for this
     class will be recorded and maintained within this spiral notebook. Students are required to bring their
     Notebook EVERY DAY. Notebooks should be well cared for so they can survive the entire school year.

     Index Cards: Following most labs/activities, I will choose 1 or more questions and ask you to write your
     answer to the question(s) on an index card. You will be able to consult your book, teacher and group while
     writing your answers in your notebook, but once it is time to transfer your answer from your notebook to the
     index card it will be done independently and silently. These scores are worth 10% of your grade. There may
     be opportunities for rewrites.

     Tests/Quizzes: Tests will be given at the end of every unit. If you are absent on the day of the test, you will
     be expected to take the test on the day you return or on the day specified by your teacher. At the end of
     each semester there will be a final. The score the student receives on the final will replace their lowest test
     score. ACADEMIC HONESTY IS REQUIRED. Violations of the school policy will be dealt with in a serious
     manner. Any communication during a test or quiz is considered academic dishonestly-no exceptions!

     Absence Policy: Students are required to determine what assignments they missed and make up the work.
     It is entirely up to the student to determine what work was turned in and what work was assigned. See the
     Absence Policy link on teacher webpage or student notebook on page 6 for details on how to make up
     absent work. Students are responsible for their own work!!!! You have 1 weeks from your absence to turn in
     the work to your teacher.

     Make-up Monday: After you have looked online for the work you have missed and/or if you need
     clarification, you can go to Make-up Monday held at lunch. If there is no school on Monday, the make up
     lunch period will be on Tuesday. Check the classroom door window for the schedule to determine which
     classroom to go to (Room 406,407, 304 or 306). All absent work must be turned in within 1 week of your

Academic Honesty: See page 10 in your Agenda books. Cheating, fabrication, unauthorized collaboration,
plagiarism, alteration of materials, forgery, or theft will not be tolerated. Result of academic dishonesty is a
zero on the assignment and a referral.

Late work: No late work will be accepted. For each semester, you will be allowed to use two late work
passes. You may use your late work passes to turn in work the next day for full credit. You must still
complete the assignment, but you are allowed an extra day, without being penalized for turning in late work.
While extenuating circumstances may be considered, for the sake of fairness and consistency for all
students, excuses for late work (ie, broken printer, left it at home, etc.) are not acceptable.

Extra Credit: Do not ask for additional extra credit assignments, they will not be provided. Opportunities for
extra credit include: unused restroom and late passes. Other opportunities will be announced.

Study Buddies: Please write down the info of at least two other students in the class who you can call/email
if you have any questions about class work or if you need somebody to study with.

              Name                                   Phone                                  Email




Website: Copious amounts of information are found on my website,,
check it out!

Contact Information: If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. The best way to contact me is
through email at The best time to find me in my classroom is right before
school at 8am.

My Pledge: I enjoy teaching and getting to know my students. I will treat you like mature, responsible people
who can all succeed. I will make every effort to make this learning experience enjoyable and interesting for
you. I expect you to be actively involved too! If you are having problems or if you having any trouble with this
class, come and see me at lunch. This will be one of your BEST classes!

Mr. Corman


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