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					                             Unit 4A: How Does Faith Affect Family Life?

About this unit: This unit of work considers how faith affects lifestyle, in particular the relationships within a family and the customs
and ceremonies that families may follow.

The religion studied in this unit: Islam, Judaism, Christianity

Estimated teaching time for this unit: 6 hours

Where this unit fits in: Pupils are likely to have studied aspects of all three religions covered in this unit. This enables them to study
how faith is related to practice in an everyday way related to their experience.

 Prior learning                                      Vocabulary                                            Resources
 It is helpful if pupils have:                       In this unit, pupils will have an opportunity to      Resources provided in the pack are listed in the
  Some background to the three religions studied    use words and phrases related to:                     text
      in this unit                                      Family                                            The website - RE
                                                        Responsibility                                    section, shows flash video of Muslim prayer.
                                                        Parents
                                                        Pupils
                                                        Extended family

 EXPECTATIONS:         At the end of this unit

 Pupils working towards the expected level will      Pupils working at the expected level will be able     Pupils working beyond the expected level will be
 be able to (level 2):                               to (level 3):                                         able to (level 4):
      Identify aspects of family life, such as            Describe how aspects of family life, such as        Describe in detail the affect that belonging
         clothing or ceremonies that are affected            clothing or ceremonies, are affected by a             to a religion has on family life
         by a believer’s faith                               believer’s faith                                   Discuss how religious teachings inspire and
      Listen carefully and respond sensitively to         Make a link between religious beliefs and              influence believers in their family life and
         how family life is affected by belief               family life                                           say what they think about this
To develop an awareness of the challenges from commitment to a religion, both individually and within a religious community
To develop an awareness of religious rules and what different religions have to say about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, values and


Choose two of the quotations about family life in either Judaism or Islam. Design a poster saying what this means and showing how
it might be put into practice. Use words and add pictures or drawings if you wish.
KEY QUESTIONS LEARNING                 TEACHING AND LEARNING                                                   LEARNING                WIDER LEARNING
              OBJECTIVES               (Including experiences and opportunities)                               OUTCOMES                OPPORTUNITIES /
              Pupils should:                                                                                   Pupils:                 POINTS TO NOTE

What do we mean   Consider what a      Discuss the difference between a house and a home. Pupils are           Design a model that     The questionnaire on
by a home and a   family is like and   likely to consider that it’s the people and relationships that make a   shows the difference    ‘Where do you learn
family?           what makes a home    difference, as well as other things. Pupils could design a cardboard    between house and       skills?’ is included in the
                                       house with a front door that opens to reveal these differences.         home                    Resource Pack. This
                  Study Christian      They could illustrate the important people in their immediate and                               would be most effectively
                  teaching on family   wider family.                                                           Draw a family tree      completed using ICT.
                                       Draw a series of diagrams on the board representing different           Complete a              A Diamond Ranking
                                       family units (two parents and two pupils; two adults alone; one         questionnaire on        template might be used
                                       adult and three pupils, etc). Alternatively use pictures on an IWB.     where they learn        to prioritise the results of
                                       Which of these are families? Discuss the point that families are        skills                  the Hot Potato activity –
                                       different in make up but share the characteristic that it’s where                               see Kirklees RE Handbook
                                       we belong. Consider the role of the extended family. Pupils could       Read a Christian text   or the template for
                                       draw their own family tree.                                             about family life       Interactive Whiteboard in
                                                                                                                                       the RE portal of Kirklees
                                       In pairs, complete the questionnaire on ‘Where do you learn skills?’                            Grid for Learning:
                                       Share some of the answers together. See how many of these are                         
                                       learnt in families and not just at school.

                                       Divide the class into groups of 4-5. Use a hot potato exercise to
                                       investigate views on what makes a good parent and what makes a
                                       good child. Share these ideas with the whole class and prioritise.

                                       Look at Christian teaching on the relationship of parents and pupils
                                       in Ephesians 6. List the qualities of each.
KEY QUESTIONS LEARNING                  TEACHING AND LEARNING                                                  LEARNING                 WIDER LEARNING
              OBJECTIVES                (Including experiences and opportunities)                              OUTCOMES                 OPPORTUNITIES /
              Pupils should:                                                                                   Pupils:                  POINTS TO NOTE

What is it like to   Consider what is   Give pupils a series of simple texts from Jewish holy writings about   Find qualities of good   A series of Jewish texts is
belong to a Jewish   important about    family life and relationships. See resources for some examples.        relationships in         provided in the Resource
family?              belonging to a     Tell the pupils that some of these are also holy writings in the       Jewish texts             Pack.
                     Jewish family      Christian Old Testament. In small groups, design a poster
                                        representing three qualities desirable in a parent and three in a      Describe family
                                        child.                                                                 celebrations and how
                                                                                                               we prepare for these
                                        Discuss any hard work recently completed by pupils or other
                                        adults. What did they feel like when it was finished? Why did they     Look at aspects of
                                        need a rest? Compare this with the first Creation story in Genesis     the Shabbat meal
                                        1. What happened on the seventh day? Outline how this story is
                                        reflected in Jews keeping Shabbat as a day of rest.

                                        List some special family occasions, such as birthdays, festivals,
                                        holidays or days out. What do you do to prepare? Use a video or
                                        pictures to illustrate the preparation a Jewish family will make for
                                        Shabbat, such as preparing food, getting home, reading the Torah.

                                        Discuss why some foods are generally considered as suitable and
                                        others are not. Prepare a wide-ranging list including a variety of
                                        items such as milk, bread, horse, dogs, nuts, apples, snails,
                                        hamsters, etc. Why do we feel some are suitable for eating and
                                        others not? How would the list vary according to a person’s
                                        tradition? What if you are a vegetarian? What about allergies? Link
                                        this to the idea that milk and meat should not be eaten together –
                                        a kind of ‘spiritual allergy’. Look at the foods Jews consider
                                        acceptable and the reasons for this.
KEY QUESTIONS LEARNING                  TEACHING AND LEARNING                                                    LEARNING                 WIDER LEARNING
              OBJECTIVES                (Including experiences and opportunities)                                OUTCOMES                 OPPORTUNITIES /
              Pupils should:                                                                                     Pupils:                  POINTS TO NOTE

What is it like to   Consider what is   Give pupils a series of texts and teachings from the Qur’an and          Find qualities of good   A series of Muslim texts is
belong to a Muslim   important about    elsewhere. List the rights and responsibilities of father, mother        relationships in         provided in the Resource
family?              belonging to a     and pupils in these teachings. Include concepts such as respect and      religious texts          Pack.
                     Muslim family      honour. This might be completed using ICT.
                                                                                                                 Describe the             The website
                                        Collect ideas of how pupils (or adults) show off? What do we think       difference between
                                        when people do this? Can we use clothes or other accessories to          being modest and         - RE section, shows flash
                                        show off?                                                                showing off              video of Muslim prayer.

                                        Ask pupils how they decide what to wear. Who chooses their               Look at how Muslims
                                        clothes? What factors affect the decision? (Indoor, outdoor,             pray at home
                                        occasion, weather, etc). Ask pupils to describe or draw their
                                        ‘ideal’ outfit and explain it. Use a picture of Muslim girls and boys.   Think about things
                                        Look at the way they are dressed? What are the differences? What         they would want to
                                        are the reasons for the differences? Refer to the advice from the        change
                                        Qur’an on dressing modestly. What does this mean? Contrast with
                                        ‘showing off’.

                                        Find the direction of Makkah using a compass. Show pupils a prayer
                                        mat. A Muslim child or member of staff may be willing to
                                        demonstrate family prayer. What preparations would you make?

                                        If you were saying prayers in your family, what would you pray
                                        about or pray for? What would you want to be thankful about, or to
                                        make different? Apart from praying, what else could you do?

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