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Account Of                                     Lot Colour         Sex    Sire               Dam                Buyer                     Location     Price
Grenville Stud                                   1 Black          Filly  West Quest         Dalwina            MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT   TAS        $11,000
Armidale Stud                                    2 Brown          Colt   Ladoni             Dartington         COMMERCIAL BLOODSTOCK     WA         $14,000
Atkins                                           3 Bay            Colt   Savoire Vivre      Dash of Scotch     MICK BURLES               TAS        $10,000
Armidale Stud (As Agent for Mr B. Wicks)         4 Bay            Filly  Savoire Vivre      Dazzling Vintage   CHRIS REISSIG             TAS         $4,500
Orielton Agistment Park                          5 Bay            Filly  West Quest         Devon Gem          ANDREW SCANLON            TAS        $13,000
Saxon Park                                       6 Bay            Colt   Tiger Hill         Double Carat       PAUL VELLAR               TAS        $21,000
Armstrong                                        7 Chestnut       Colt   Tough Speed        Draw and Show      Withdrawn
Alva Stud Pty Ltd                                8 Bay            Filly  West Quest         Early Bloom        Psd $6,000 Res $10,000
Park Crest Stud (As Agent)                       9 Chestnut       Filly  Beckett            East Meets West    TERRY CLAYTON             TAS         $2,000
Armidale Stud                                   10 Bay            Filly  Ladoni             Echarpe            Psd $6,000 Res $10,000
Saundridge Park                                 11 Bay            Colt   West Quest         Elegant Edition    STEVE COOK                PERAK       $8,500
Armidale Stud                                   12 Grey           Filly  Dash for Cash      Elfin Hill         ACELAND STUD              TAS        $21,000
Clearview Thoroughbreds                         13 Bay            Filly  Tough Speed        El Mirer           MARK BAILEY               VIC         $7,500
Foster                                          14 Bay or Brown   Filly  West Quest         Entally            Psd $48,000 Res $50,000
Armidale Stud                                   15 Chestnut       Colt   Hold That Tiger    Escapada           DAVID W ADAMS             TAS        $11,000
Armidale Stud                                   16 Bay            Filly  Savoire Vivre      Esparto            ELESHA PILGRIM            TAS         $6,000
Mott                                            17 Chestnut       Filly  Telesto            Extra Precious     Psd $6,500 Res $7,000
Estate of the late P. Hookway                   18 Chestnut       Colt   Tough Speed        Facilis            LEANNE GAFFNEY            TAS         $7,000
Lynrowan Stud                                   19 Bay            Filly  Savoire Vivre      Falling Rain       Psd $14,000 Res $15,000
Alva Stud Pty Ltd                               20 Chestnut       Colt   Southern Image     Find the Party     JOHN KEYS                 TAS         $7,000
Brooklyn Park                                   21 Bay            Colt   Savoire Vivre      Florian            LEON A & M WELLS          TAS         $5,000
Camoquhill Stud                                 22 Chestnut       Colt   Keep the Faith     Flower Garden      IAN HALLIDAY              TAS        $12,000
Armidale Stud                                   23 Bay            Colt   Bianconi           Forgetful          Psd $14,000 Res $15,000
Armidale Stud                                   24 Chestnut       Colt   Savoire Vivre      Forget It          BRYAN R MUSCHIALLI        VIC         $9,000
Armidale Stud                                   25 Bay            Colt   Ladoni             Fracas             TANYA HANSON              TAS         $4,000
Camoquhill Stud                                 26 Brown          Colt   Keep the Faith     Framed             P A & G A GEARD           TAS        $17,000
Grenville Stud                                  27 Black          Colt   West Quest         General Zena       Psd $5,500 Res $6,000
Armidale Stud (As Agent)                        28 Bay            Filly  Delago Brom        Genuine Blonde     R A W LYNCH               TAS        $25,000
Lynrowan Stud                                   29 Black or Grey  Colt   King Charlemagne   Getaway Girl       Psd $17,000 Res $25,000
Grenville Stud                                  30 Chestnut       Colt   Consolidator       Ginny Girl         Psd $11,000 Res $15,000
Bowthorpe Stud                                  31 Brown          Colt   Mugharreb          Godina             LEIGH WINWOOD             TAS         $1,500
Grenville Stud                                  32 Brown          Colt   West Quest         Hanksrep           STEVE COOK                PERAK       $4,000
Berry                                           33 Bay            Colt   Kempinsky          Hannah Baby        NEVILL HODGETTS           TAS        $12,500
The Willows Westbury                            34 Bay            Colt   All Chatter        Has to be Kiri     Psd $18,000 Res $20,000
Milford Thoroughbreds                           35 Black or Brown Colt   Grandera           Hello Heaven       Psd $5,000 Res $7,000
Park Crest Stud (As Agent)                      36 Bay            Colt   Dubawi             Hello Luck         Psd $21,000 Res $25,000
Grenville Stud                                  37 Brown          Colt   West Quest         Hersh              BOB MATTHEY               TAS         $8,000
Macleay Thoroughbred Stud                       38 Bay            Filly  Danbird            High and Away      R A W LYNCH               TAS        $15,000
Alva Stud Pty Ltd (As Agent)                    39 Bay or Brown   Filly  Dash for Cash      High 'n' Classy    Psd $14,000 Res $15,000
Alva Stud Pty Ltd                               40 Bay            Colt   Savoire Vivre      Hi Ho              DAVID W ADAMS             TAS         $6,500
Brooklyn Park                                   41 Bay            Filly  Savoire Vivre      Honey Chimes       TERRENCE W EVANS          TAS         $5,500
Huisman                                         42 Chestnut       Colt   Savoire Vivre      Ignited            Withdrawn
Guthrie Performance Horses                      43 Chestnut       Colt   Savoire Vivre      Invermay Road      Psd $18,000 Res $20,000
Camoquhill Stud                                 44 Brown          Filly  Bianconi           Ionacolumba        Psd $14,000 Res $16,000
Brooklyn Park (As Agent)                       45   Chestnut       Colt    Timber Country      Jindelara        Psd $19,000 Res $20,000
Grenville Stud                                 46   Brown          Colt    Partners Choice     Josie Velez      CHRIS REISSIG             TAS      $5,500
The Willows Westbury                           47   Bay            Colt    Savoire Vivre       Just Jones       Psd $4,500 Res $5,000
Currie                                         48   Chestnut       Colt    Savoire Vivre       Just Lu          CHRIS REISSIG             TAS      $8,000
Park Crest Stud (As Agent)                     49   Bay            Filly   Viscount            Kilspindie       P O'BORNE                 TAS      $5,500
Armidale Stud                                  50   Chestnut       Filly   Delzao              Kimbra's Way     DEUS BROS RACING          VIC      $5,000
Bowthorpe Stud (As Agent for S.D. Askey)       51   Bay            Filly   Tough Speed         Lady Quest       JOHN BLACKER              TAS     $13,000
Widford Park Pty Ltd                           52   Bay            Filly   Mujahid             Lemon Soda       RICK POLLEY               TAS     $28,000
Grenville Stud                                 53   Chestnut       Colt    My Lad              Libbianne        CAMERON TEMPLETON         VIC      $4,500
Runnymede Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd            54   Bay            Filly   Savoire Vivre       Lotto Luck       Psd $6,000 Res $8,000
Grenville Stud                                 55   Bay            Filly   West Quest          Magic Turn       ANGELA BRAKEY             TAS     $25,000
Brooklyn Park                                  56   Bay            Colt    Tough Speed         Manalapan        Withdrawn
Bowthorpe Stud                                 57   Bay            Colt    Barely a Moment     Marquise         CHRIS REISSIG             TAS      $5,000
Armidale Stud (As Agent)                       58   Bay            Colt    Marmottan           Maybe an Angel   Withdrawn
Park Crest Stud (As Agent)                     59   Bay or Brown   Filly   West Quest          Midori Miss      Psd $16,000 Res $20,000
Alva Stud Pty Ltd (As Agent)                   60   Chestnut       Filly   Savoire Vivre       Mislaid          Psd $16,000 Res $20,000
Brooklyn Park                                  61   Bay            Filly   Savoire Vivre       Mocca            ELESHA PILGRIM            TAS      $4,500
Grenville Stud                                 62   Grey           Filly   West Quest          Mt. Eliza                                  SA
                                                                                                                R. SNEATH & DON & DONNA HAYES      $8,000
Guthrie Performance Horses                     63   Brown          Filly   West Quest          My Draw          Psd $1,500 Res $5,000
Alva Stud Pty Ltd                              64   Chestnut       Colt    Foreplay            Mystical Jewel   C & M W SMITH             TAS      $7,000
Kingclift Stud                                 65   Chestnut       Colt    Partners Choice     Never Idle       Psd $4,500 Res $5,000
Saxon Park                                     66   Chestnut       Filly   Magic Albert        Ohforagooden     Withdrawn
Grenville Stud                                 67   Chestnut       Colt    Partners Choice     Oh So Soft       TROY W BLACKER            TAS      $9,000
Kingsley Park                                  68   Chestnut       Filly   Street Cry          Omaha Spirit     Psd $38,000 Res $40,000
Macleay Thoroughbred Stud                      69   Chestnut       Colt    Tough Speed         On Probation     JASON CROSSWELL           TAS      $9,000
Kingsley Park                                  70   Chestnut       Filly   Elvstroem           Opulence         Psd $47,000 Res $50,000
Park Crest Stud (As Agent)                     71   Bay            Colt    God's Own           Orchid Lady      Psd $40,000 Res $45,000
Grenville Stud                                 72   Bay            Colt    Snippetson          Our Royal Dane   Psd $14,000 Res $15,000
Alva Stud Pty Ltd (As Agent)                   73   Bay            Filly   Ladoni              Over the Sea     Psd $7,500 Res $10,000
Camoquhill Stud                                74   Brown          Colt    Keep the Faith      Parterre         Psd $11,000 Res $16,000
Bowthorpe Stud                                 75   Grey           Colt    El Maggiore         Personal Spy     Psd $3,000 Res $5,000
Armidale Stud                                  76   Brown          Colt    Ladoni              Queen's Own      LEON A & M WELLS          TAS      $3,500
Runnymede Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd            77   Bay or Brown   Colt    Country Reel        Quest for Joy    SCOTT BRUNTON             TAS     $10,000
Macleay Thoroughbred Stud (As Agent)           78   Brown          Filly   Kempinsky           Qui Lady         Withdrawn
Camoquhill Stud                                79   Bay            Filly   Savoire Vivre       Quit Smokin'     DEAN WELLS RACING         VIC     $16,000
Armidale Stud                                  80   Bay            Filly   Rock of Gibraltar   Range Belle      Psd $28,000 Res $30,000
Runnymede Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd            81   Bay            Filly   Savoire Vivre       Raschino         Psd $9,000 Res $10,000
Camoquhill Stud                                82   Bay            Filly   Savoire Vivre       Ravager          GLENN MITCHELL            VIC      $2,000
Orielton Agistment Park                        83   Bay            Filly   Street Cry          River Girl       Psd $45,000 Res $75,000
Estate of the late P. Hookway                  84   Bay or Brown   Colt    Telesto             Robelee          BRYAN R MUSCHIALLI        VIC      $4,500
Bowthorpe Stud (As Agent for Amycus Pty Ltd)   85   Bay            Colt    Clangalang          Rock 'n' Sea     Psd $9,000 Res $10,000
Armidale Stud                                  86   Bay            Filly   Savoire Vivre       Roseoni          M G BROWN                 CHINA    $4,000
Runnymede Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd            87   Bay or Brown   Colt    Noverre             Rotunda          Psd $100,000 Res $110,000
Camoquhill Stud                                88   Brown          Filly   Tough Speed         Royal Egypt      DAVID W ADAMS             TAS     $18,000
Armidale Stud                                  89   Chestnut       Filly   Tough Speed         Royal Ruby       A CROSBY                  TAS     $10,000
Park Crest Stud                                90   Chestnut       Colt    Mr Innocent         Royal Theme      CRAIG HOW                 TAS     $20,000
Armidale Stud                                  91   Chestnut       Colt    Savoire Vivre       Salcombe         PETER SHIPTON             TAS      $4,000
Park Crest Stud (As Agent)                     92   Bay             Colt    Al Samer            Sashimi Express      TANYA HANSON              TAS      $7,500
Brooklyn Park (As Agent)                       93   Brown           Colt    Catbird             Savannah             Withdrawn
Armidale Stud                                  94   Bay             Filly   Tough Speed         Savoir Vivre         MICK BURLES               TAS      $4,000
Atkins                                         95   Bay             Colt    West Quest          Scottish Lass        Withdrawn
Armidale Stud                                  96   Bay             Colt    Umatilla            Secolo               W N & D E MCSHANE         TAS     $21,000
Lindsay Park Stud (As Agent)                   97   Chestnut        Filly   Barely a Moment     Sentimental Story    Withdrawn
Springfield Stud (As Agent for A Armitage)     98   Bay             Filly   Ladoni              Shades of Stubborn   Psd $15,000 Res $20,000
The Willows Westbury                           99   Brown           Filly   Dangerous           Shattered Egos       TERRY O'SULLIVAN          VIC     $16,000
Atkins                                        100   Bay             Colt    Savoire Vivre       Silky Rose           CRAIG HOW                 TAS      $2,500
Vu Van Tu                                     101   Brown           Filly   Bel Esprit          Silver Barbie        Withdrawn
Grenville Stud                                102   Grey            Filly   West Quest          Silver Wire          ANGELA BRAKEY             TAS     $16,000
Grenville Stud                                103   Chestnut        Colt    Mount White         Sistino              WAYNE CURRAN              TAS      $5,000
Alva Stud Pty Ltd (As Agent)                  104   Bay             Filly   Savoire Vivre       Sky Boat             PAUL JONES                TAS     $15,000
Saundridge Park                               105   Bay             Filly   Kempinsky           Skyworth             Psd $10,000 Res $15,000
Grenville Stud                                106   Bay             Colt    Snippetson          Sobriety Girl        Psd $9,000 Res $10,000
Armidale Stud (As Agent)                      107   Bay             Colt    Savoire Vivre       Spectograph          Psd $9,000 Res $10,000
Armidale Stud                                 108   Bay             Filly   Telesto             Spirit of Egypt      MARK EVANS                TAS      $3,000
Lindsay Park Stud (As Agent)                  109   Bay             Filly   Face Value          Starlet Miss         SCOTT BRUNTON             TAS      $6,500
Park Crest Stud (As Agent)                    110   Bay             Colt    Al Samer            Star of Georgia      DAVID EVANS               TAS      $4,000
Grenville Stud                                111   Chestnut        Filly   Danasinga           Still Bragging       Psd $10,000 Res $12,000
Runnymede Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd           112   Bay or Brown    Colt    My Lad              Stir Crazy           Psd $6,500 Res $8,000
Kingclift Stud                                113   Chestnut        Colt    Estambul            Storm Pepper         Psd $6,000 Res $8,000
Park Crest Stud (As Agent)                    114   Brown           Filly   Brief Truce         Stormy Spirit        M G BROWN                 CHINA    $2,500
Armidale Stud (As Agent)                      115   Chestnut        Colt    Telesto             Strawberry Isle      JOHN COX                  VIC      $6,500
Lindsay Park Stud (As Agent)                  116   Chestnut        Filly   Black Minnaloushe   Sweet Spot           DEUS BROS RACING          VIC      $9,000
Park Crest Stud (As Agent)                    117   Bay             Colt    Lion Heart          Sweet Way            Psd $34,000 Res $35,000
Runnymede Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd           118   Bay             Colt    Savoire Vivre       Symphonique          Psd $12,000 Res $15,000
Bonde                                         119   Brown or Grey   Colt    West Quest          Tazali               M G BROWN                 CHINA    $3,000
Runnymede Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd           120   Brown           Filly   Savoire Vivre       Titleist             Psd $12,000 Res $15,000
Park Crest Stud (As Agent)                    121   Brown           Filly   Alannan             Tropical Miss        C & M W SMITH             TAS      $6,000
Brooklyn Park (As Agent)                      122   Chestnut        Filly   Snippetson          Twiggy               CAROLYN HUISMAN           TAS     $20,000
Grenville Stud                                123   Brown           Filly   West Quest          Two Timing Kate      ROBERT N ESSEX            QLD      $5,000
Grenville Stud                                124   Bay             Colt    Stratum             Ura Star             Psd $45,000 Res $50,000
Grenville Stud                                125   Bay             Filly   Reset               Velvet Cloud         ACELAND STUD              TAS     $23,000
Berger                                        126   Bay             Colt    Partners Choice     Wave a Wand          M G BROWN                 CHINA    $3,000
Grenville Stud (As Agent for Penenjou Farm)   127   Bay             Colt    My Lad              Western Angel        Psd $7,000 Res $8,000
Bowthorpe Stud                                128   Grey            Colt    El Maggiore         Written in Steel     Withdrawn
Alva Stud Pty Ltd                             129   Chestnut        Filly   Secret Savings      Xanex                Withdrawn
Grenville Stud                                130   Brown           Colt    Partners Choice     Academia             ROBERT N ESSEX            QLD      $5,000
Armidale Stud                                 131   Chestnut        Filly   Tough Speed         Aerobics             WILLIAM HAYES             TAS      $4,000
Armstrong                                     132   Chestnut        Colt    Tough Speed         Aliandra             BRUCE PENDLEBURY          VIC      $7,000
Armidale Stud (As Agent for Mr B. Wicks)      133   Chestnut        Filly   Savoire Vivre       Alirhap              CAMERON TEMPLETON         VIC      $2,500
Armidale Stud                                 134   Bay             Filly   Savoire Vivre       All Stealth          JIM SCOTT                 TAS      $6,000
Alva Stud Pty Ltd (As Agent)                  135   Bay             Colt    Telesto             Almecca              Psd $11,000 Res $15,000
Armidale Stud                                 136   Bay             Filly   Savoire Vivre       Almighty Buzz        Psd $5,500 Res $7,500
Brooklyn Park (As Agent)                      137   Chestnut        Colt    Savoire Vivre       Always Slick         Withdrawn
Lindsay Park Stud (As Agent)                  138   Grey            Filly   Bradbury's Luck     Amah                 ACELAND STUD              TAS     $37,000
Macleay Thoroughbred Stud                               139 Bay                   Colt    Delago Brom       Angelika            TROY STEWART              TAS   $16,000
Armidale Stud                                           140 Chestnut              Filly   Savoire Vivre     Antinea             KINGSLEY PEACH            VIC   $15,000
Bowthorpe Stud                                          141 Brown                 Filly   El Maggiore       Arabian Dolphin     IAN HALLIDAY              TAS    $1,500
Stewart                                                 142 Chestnut              Colt    Savoire Vivre     Arch Glow           Psd $19,000 Res $20,000
Grenville Stud                                          143 Bay                   Filly   West Quest        Bali House          TONY KEW                  TAS    $1,500
Lindsay Park Stud (As Agent)                            144 Brown                 Colt    Bianconi          Barbaloot           JOHN BLACKER              TAS   $14,000
Lindsay Park Stud (As Agent)                            145 Bay                   Colt    Blevic            Blondeclarir        JOHN KEYS                 TAS   $12,000
Armidale Stud (As Agent Armidale Stud & Camoquill Stud) 146 Chestnut              Filly   Hold That Tiger   Bona Omina          DAVID W ADAMS             TAS    $9,500
Vu Van Tu                                               147 Bay                   Colt    Bel Esprit        Bonnie Lassy        Psd $22,000 Res $30,000
Bowthorpe Stud                                          148 Grey                  Colt    El Maggiore       Bow She Goes        IAN HALLIDAY              TAS    $5,500
Currie                                                  149 Bay                   Colt    Savoire Vivre     Bright Hopes        Psd $6,500 Res $7,000
Grenville Stud                                          150 Brown                 Filly   Bradbury's Luck   Caesars             TROY STEWART              TAS   $19,000
Grenville Stud                                          151 Bay                   Filly   Consolidator      Cailler             DEUS BROS RACING          VIC   $13,500
Grenville Stud                                          152 Bay                   Colt    Partners Choice   Campeona            GARY CLAYTON              TAS   $11,000
Brooklyn Park (As Agent)                                153 Bay                   Filly   Choisir           Carnival Ride       Withdrawn
Berry                                                   154 Bay                   Colt    Savoire Vivre     Casamber            S W WILDE                 VIC   $15,000
Grenville Stud                                          155 Chestnut              Filly   Reset             Cat be Nimble       Psd $22,000 Res $30,000
Springfield Stud (As Agent For Acton Ridge)             156 Bay                   Colt    Canny Lad         Chiemsee            Psd $14,000 Res $16,000
Park Crest Stud (As Agent)                              157 Bay                   Colt    Catbird           Cornwall Princess   JOHN BLACKER              TAS    $7,500
Armidale Stud                                           158 Brown                 Colt    Keep the Faith    Count the Kisses    C A & W M LANGMAID        TAS   $15,000

Total Lots Sold:                                                             91
Sale Aggregate:                                                        $893,500
Average Price:                                                           $9,819
Top Price:                                                              $37,000
Lots Withdrawn:                                                              14
Lots Passed:                                                                 53
Lots Catalogued                                                             158
Sold %:                                                                   63.19

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