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					This appendix began as a short entry in Appendix I [Unconnected Peet data] in the 1986
edition of the John Peet of Stratford, Connecticut. Charles H. Peet III, a long time
resident of St. Catharines, Ontario, produced the core of this appendix comprising some
150 descendants of Arnold Peet of Brantford after searching several archives in Ontario.
This was further augmented by online searches with contributions by Tim Schaeffer,
Marsha Bybee, Frank McMullin, Chris Abplanalp, Denise Wahlquist, Michael Kline,
Dent McIntyre, Marjorie Schwartz and Charmaine LaBrie Peet. William Edward Peet
(1907-1970) was unable to identify Arnold Peet’s (b 1778) parentage; his index gives a
code that stands alone and has no antecedents.

                              FIRST GENERATION

1 ARNOLD PEET1 b 1778, New York; d August 4, 1854, Brantford, ON; bur Mt.
Pleasant Pioneer Cemetery R 14 B2 #9 (the headstones are barely legible, but read
“Arnold Peet died 1854 age 76” and Aurelia, wife, buried 29 July 1858 age 74 years”); m
May 12, 1802 [June 10, 1803] New Canaan, CT Aurelia Warren/Wallace by Rev.
Morgan of the Presbyterian Church (she b 1787, USA; d February 24, 1858 Ontario; bur
with husband Mt. Pleasant Pioneer Cemetery, Brantford, ON); 1852 Grimsby census
gives Arnold Peet 75, Aurelia 68, Juletta McIntyre 28 widow, William Peet 26 and his
wife Lucy Ann 20, Marshall Edward 4 and William 1; reported to have relocated to
Norfolk Co, ON after 1815; re the marriage, Aurelia “states in her application for a
widows pension that they were married by Reverend Mr. Morgan, of the Presbyterian
faith, in North Canaan, 12 May 1802 or 10 June 1803. However there was no
Presbyterian Church at that time in North Canaan. Extensive research has failed to find a
Reverend Morgan of the Presbyterian faith, however there was at this time in the
Congregational Church. The two churches seemed to be interchangeable substantiated by
the fact that the first church in Batavia was organized 19 September 1809. It was called at
that time First Congregational Society. Later on 12 April 1818 the church had changed its
denomination and became the First Presbyterian Church. Later in the 1851 census of
Brantford, Canada, Arnold Peet is listed as being Presbyterian, his wife Aurelia was listed
as L.D.S.” With reference to son, Almond, “it is possible that Almond was named for the
adjoining town of Almond, the first town in this area to have a Presbyterian Church. The
road to Almond was completed in 1811, the year Almond was born.” The military
records for Arnold Peet during the War of 1812 are extant and indicate that Arnold
“volunteered in the war of 1812 and drove his team and carried private baggage of
General Scott for thirteen months in 1813 and 1814. Again in the year [January] 1819 the
Peet family pulled up roots and traveled across the boarder [sic] into another area owned
by the ‘Six Indian Nations.’ They settled in what was later called Brantford Township. In
an old Indian Office Land Registery [sic] and Sales Book 1830 is entered land sales to
Arnold Peet, Almond Peet, Albert Peet, Mount Pleasant and Hryum Peet in Oakland a
township next to Mount Pleasant.”
In file No. 288078 under Act of Mar 3, 1855 received March 12, 1857 [ref. Warrant No.
80974 for 160 acres] for Arnold Peet, Auryela Peet, Teamster G.M. Phelps War 1812,
signed by Wm Thompson, Mohawk, Canada, there is the following document referenced
“288,078” as follows:

“From the Afsd of Benj. Barton, D.Q.M. Genl. It appears that Arnold Peet was paid:
Batavia, N.Y., May 22, 1815 for 2 days service two-horse team removing the sick and
wounded of the Hospital at Batavia @ $4. per day = $8.00. He was also paid by Maj. Jno.
B. Hogan, Q.M. Genl. Buffalo Sept. 7, 1814 for his services with a two-horse team from
the 10th to the 22nd July, 1814, 13 days at $2.50 per day = $32.50. Also, Buffalo, Sept. 2,
1814 for his services with 2 teams transporting Boat Builders and their tools from Batavia
to Buffalo, three days, each, 6 days at $4. per day = $24.00. He was also paid by Jno. G.
Camp, Q.M. Genl., Buffalo, May 26, 1814 for 2 days service with wagon and 2 horses
employed in transporting Baggage of a detachment of the 2nd Infty. From Batavia to
Buffalo @ $4. per day. $8.00 1 day allowed to return @ $4. $4.00 Not paid by Phelps
as Third Auditors Officer, April 28, 1858 /signature illegible/

Extant is a handwritten document executed June 15, 1858 signed by three testators,
Abraham Cook, John Ellis and Andrew Ead, witnessed by Wm. Thompson stating: “We
the undersigned do hereby Certify that we were severally acquainted with the Said
Arnold Peet of the Township of Brantford Count of Brant and Province of Canada
deceased and Auryela his wife that they have lived in said Township of Brantford from
the year of our Lord 1819 to the time of Said Arnold Peet’s death which took place in
September 1854 and that we have been acquainted with them during that whole time, and
that Said Arnold Peet and Auryela his wife during that time lived together as man and
wife Raised a family of Children and were always Respected as man and wife and that
the fact of their being Married was never called in question by their acquaintances and
Know that the Said Auryela Peet is now a Widow, the facts we detail our Knowledge is
our our acquaintance…. Sworn before me…in the County of Brant this fifteenth day of
June in the year of our Lord 1858.”

With respect to Arnold’s military service, his two youngest children, Julia Richardson
and William Arnold Peet, made out a general affidavit in Huron Co, ON stating “that her
father Arnold Peet entered the service at Batavia New York about the commencement of
the War of 1812 and was discharged from Batavia about the close of said War as near as
she can recollect. That her father served under Colonel Goodrich and that she cannot
remember the names of any of the other officers under whom her father served.” There
appears no legible date on the affidavit, but it is signed by Julia Richardson.

On June 15, 1858 Aurelia Peet appeared before a justice of peace and executed an
application for Bounty Land under the act of March 3, 1855 (No. 288078) for her
husband’s service as teamster during the War of 1812. Her signature appears as an X.

In yet another document executed in hand by someone on behalf of Aurelia, but signed
with an X by her on June 15, 1858 before Wm. Thompson J.P. and witnessed by a J.
McIntyer, Aurelia states that she was married on May 6, 1803 in Connecticut by a
Presbyterian minister Rev Mr Morgan and that she was unaware that certificates of
marriage were issued at that time and that her only proof of marriage is the fact that she
moved from New York State in 1819 to the Township of Brantford, Ontario where they
raised a family and were treated as man and wife.

There is further a tortured history, fairly well documented, of Aurelia’s attempt to prove
she was married to Arnold Peet, and to secure some sort of pension, or land, which in
later documents is claimed by the youngest daughter to have been inherited by her. There
are some inconsistencies, to put it nicely, in all of this. The result of the family’s effort to
secure some recognition and recompense for Arnold Peet’s War of 1812 service appears
fruitless. The following transcribed documents, with misspellings and punctuation intact,
may be considered:

“Province of Canada, Count of Brant: [n.d.]

On this twenty fourth day February A.D one thousand eight hundred and fifty eight
Auryela Peet personally appeared before me one of Her Majesty’s justice of the peace
within and for the County and Province aforesaid Auryela Peet aged seventy two years a
resident of Brantford in Province of Canada who being duly sworn according to law
declares that she is the widow of Arnol Peet deceased who was a teamster employed by
General Scott and drove his own team and carried General Scott’s private baggage and
wa spayed by Paymaster Phelps in the United States service in the war with Grat Britain
declared by the United States on the 18th day of June 1812 that her said husband was
pressed or volunteered into service at Batavia in the State of New York on or about the
first day of May A D one thousand eight hundred thirteen and continued in actual service
in said war for the term twenty calinder months and was discarged at Batavia or Buffalo
in the State of New York on or about the first day of January A D one thousand eight
hundred and fifteen. She further states that she was married to the said Arnol Peet in the
town of North Canaan in the state of Connecticut on the tenth day of May A D one
thousand eight hundred and two by the Rev. Mr. Morgan a Clergyman of the Presbyterian
Church and that her name before her said mairiage was Auryela Walling that her said
husband died at Bratford the fourth day of August A D one thousand eight hundred and
fifty four ….and that she is now a widow. She makes this declaration for the purpose of
obtaining the bounty land to which she may be entited under the act approved march 3,
Witness: A H Cook                             Signed // Auryela X Peet

We David Dewar and David Almore [?] Residents of Brantford in the Province of
Canada upon our oaths declare that we have have been acquainted with Arnol Peet and
his wife Auryela in the life time of Arnol Peet that we have known of ther cohabiting as
husband and wife and to be so respected we further declare that we Knew Arnol Peet in
his lifetime and Know of his decease on the fourth day of August A D one thousand eight
hundred and fifty four and Know that Auryela Peet is now a widow.
                                           Signed // David Dewar
                                                    David Almore

We David Dewar and David Almore residents of Brantford in the Province of Canada
upon our oaths declare that the foregoing declaration was signed and acknowledged by
Auryela Peet in our presence and that we believe from the appearance and statements of
the Applicant that she is the identicall person She represents her self to be

                                           Signed // David Dewar
                                                    David Almore”

The next document executed May 16, 1878 by Arnold and Aurelia’s youngest two
children, Julia Richardson and William Arnold Peet, is problematic:

“County of Perth, Dominion of Canada

On this Sixteenth day of May A.D. 1878 before one a Clerk of the Court in and for the
County and State above named personally appeared Julia Richardson aged 43 years a
resident of Henfryn County of Huron – Dominion of Canada and William Arnold Peet
aged 40 years a resident of Newry County of Perth Dominion of Canada who being duly
sworn according to law declare that they are the only children of Arnold Peet deceased
who were under twenty one years of age on the 3rd day of March 1855, that their father
the aforesaid Arnold Peet is the identical Arnold Peet who was a private in New York
Militia Commanded by Col. Gooderich in the war with Great Britain, declared by the
United States on the 18th day June, 1812.

That he volunteered in the State of New York and was honorably discharged at Batavia,

That their parents Arnold Peet and Aurilla Peet were married at Boston, Mass and that
their father Arnold Peet died at Brant County Canada about the year 1853 and that their
mother Aurilla Peet died in Brant County Canada about the year 1858.

They further state that said Julia was born in Brant County Canada on the 19th day of
October 1835 and that said William Arnold was born in Brant County Canada June 21,
1837 and that they have surviving no brothers or sisters.

They make this declaration for the Purpose of obtaining the Bounty Land to which they
are entitled under the act of March 3, 1855 and May 14, 1856 never having received
Bounty Land, or knowing that they are entitled except for the above services and they
here by constitute and appoint George E. Lemon of Washington, D.C. their attorney
irrevocabley with power of substitution to prosecute their claim and procure the warrant
revoking and countermanding all former authority that may have been given for the
above specified purpose.

                                           Signed // July Richardson
                                                     William Arnold Peet

William J. Hay
George Miller

Sworn to and subscribed and the Power of attorney acknowledged before me, the year
and day first above written and on the same day personally appeared William John Hay a
resident of The Town of Listowel and George Miller a resident of the Village of Newry
to one known as credible witnesses, who being duly sworn according to law declare they
are personally acquainted with Julia Richardson and William A. Peet who have made
and, subscribed the foregoing declaration and that from the appearance of the applicants
and their acquaintance with them they believe they are the identical persons they
represent themselves to be.

                              Sign Witnesses // William J. Hay
                                               George Miller

The foregoring declaration and affidavit were sworn to and subscribed before me the
contents thereof having first been carefully read and explained to affiants before signing
and certify that I know said affiants Julia Richardson and William Arnold Peet to be
credible and the identical persons they represent themselves to be and that each one of
them is mentally qualified to testify to the facts as set forth that the claimants Julia
Richardson and William Arnold Peet are the persons they represent themselves to be and
further that I am not interested in this claim either directly or indirectly. In testimony
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 16th day of May 1878.

                              Signed // D.D. Hay
                                       Clerk Sixth Div Court
                                       County of Perth”

The problem with the above document is found in the part that is italicized (about no
surviving brothers or sisters). We have documented proof that older siblings Elizabeth (d
April 30, 1886), Almon (d August 21, 1878), Almira (d August 22, 1883 or August 23,
1884), Aurelia Minerva (d June 8, 1893) and Sarah (who appears in the 1891 census as a
widow) were still living.

A letter from the attorney, George E. Lemon, of Washington, DC, follows:

                                     “Washington, D.C., April 12, 1880

Dear Madam
       I am informed by the Hon. Comm of Pensions that there is no record of any
command of Col. Goodrich in New York Militia War of 1812.
       Unless you can give the name of the Captain or Colonel under whom your father
served I cannot assist you.
                                   I am Sir, Very Truly
                                              George E. Lemon
Mrs. Julia Richmond [sic]

Julia Richardson’s reply of April 1880 (precise date illegible), but is after the date of the
previous letter from George E. Lemon:

                                      April [illegible]

Mr. G.E. Lemon
        I received your letter of April the thirteenth and in reply would say that it is
strange you cannot find his name on the roll as my mother after my fathers death received
money instead of land about eighteen or twenty years ago or instead of her receiving it
she willed it to her daughter Julleta McIntyre and she went to Buffalo and signed off a
man by the name of Kelso [sic: actually a D.B. Kelsey, agent for Aurilla Peet] done her
business and got the money for her one hundred and forty dollars instead of land and his
name must be recorded all I can recollect is General Scott and Cornel Godrich of the
officers she got the money in Buffalo and perhaps it is recorded my father was not a
regular soldier but was teamster carrying the officers luggage where everything went and
was in Buffalo when it was burnt with luggage and he served during the whole war.
        Hoping to hear from you soon,

                                      Yours truly
                               Signed // Mrs. Julian Richardson”

Issue [probably the first nine in Batavia, NY, remainder in Brantford, ON]:

     2     i Hiram b 1804/10, USA
     3    ii Mary Ann b March 23/9, 1805, USA
     4   iii Eliza[beth] b July 19, 1808, Connecticut
     5   iv Almon[d] b 1811, New York
     6    v William A. bc 1811
     7   vi Elnon bc 1813; m Elizabeth ?
     8 vii Almira Mary “Emma” b February [or October] 11, 1813, USA
     9 viii Aurelia Minerva b December 11, 1815, Batavia, NY
     10 ix Sarah b March 20, 1820, New York
     11   x Juletta b 1822 or October 19, 1825
     12 xi William A. b 1823/4, Ontario
     13 xii Julia Juletta b October 19, 1835; d February 4, 1881? [possible confusion
             with younger sister, Juletta who also d on that date]; m Mr. Richardson
     14 xiii William Arnold b June 21, 1837
[most data provided in letter and essays by Mrs. Maxine Smith of Idaho Falls, ID, who is
descendant of Aurelia Minerva. Maxine died January 22, 2001 after a long battle with
Sjogrens disease. Permission to quote extensively given in April 28, 2004 e-mail from
Loraine Smith Uttich, Maxine’s second oldest daughter, and Ernest J. Smith, her
husband; photocopies of Arnold Peet’s military record were provided by Gwen Boyce of
Rigby, ID]

Source: “John Peet 1597-1684 of Stratford, Connecticut and his descendants” by Terry
Charles Peet (Penobscot Press 2005)

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