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									2005 Convention                                San Francisco
    October 2 – 6, 2005

            Presented By:
           Laurie Headrick
          Marketing Manager

2005 Convention                              San Francisco
    October 2 – 6, 2005


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          Globally Boundless

    Do You Know About the Engine?
    • www.MyFiducialMarketing.com
    • Fiducial’s online marketing engine
      provides all products needed to execute
      activities in Fiducial’s LMS. You can
      quickly and easily locate and purchase
      marketing materials, direct mail,
      promotional items and much more!

3                    www.fiducial.com
    Reference: Pronet home page
    • Go directly to engine


    • Access through
      ESolutions and click
      link button

4                             www.fiducial.com
    Your Home Page
    •   Search Feature
    •   My Account
    •   Shopping Cart
    •   Catalog
    •   Popular Items
    •   Featured Items
    •   What’s New
    •   Packages

5                        www.fiducial.com
    Your Account Settings
    •   User Login
    •   Mailing Address
    •   Shipping Address
    •   Order History
    •   Contact Us
    •   Save Changes

6                     www.fiducial.com
    How Do You Order? It’s Easy!
    •   Select Product
    •   Click Here to Order
    •   Personalize
    •   Proof and Approve
    •   Select Quantity
    •   Add to Cart
    •   Update Cart or Continue Shopping
    •   Proceed to Checkout

7                      www.fiducial.com
    Do You Know How to Buy Leads?
    • Build and purchase mailing and
      teleprospecting lists

8                    www.fiducial.com
    What Are Your Benefits?
    •   24-hour Accessibility
    •   Marketing Support Services
    •   Toll Free Help Line (800) 873-1412
    •   Training
    •   Money and Time Savings

9                      www.fiducial.com
     So What’s New on
        the Engine?

10         www.fiducial.com
     And What’s
      to Come?

11      www.fiducial.com
2005 Convention                               San Francisco
    October 2 – 6, 2005

                          The LMS
            Presented By:
           Laurie Headrick
          Marketing Manager

     The LMS — Ask Yourself!
                       Local Marketing System™
                       • Are you using the LMS?
                       • Are you executing
                         activities EVERY month
                         in EVERY area?
                       • Are you tracking your
                       • Do you have MMC with
                         leads and clients?

13                www.fiducial.com
     Are You Integrating Your Marketing?
     Execute activities in six categories
     • On-Site Marketing
     • Public Relations
     • Community Relations
     • Direct Marketing
     • Referral Programs
     • Advertising

14                    www.fiducial.com
     Use the LMS
     • Execute one activity from each category
       every month.
     • Goal is meaningful monthly contact to
       educate your prospects and clients to
       evoke a need.
     • Plan ahead and prepare ahead.

15                    www.fiducial.com
     Do You Know What You’re Doing?
     • Create a calendar
       using the monthly
       action plans.
     • Choose at least one
       activity in each
     • Spend as much as
       you can afford but
       know where you can
       cut corners.

16                      www.fiducial.com
     Do You Have a Monthly Action Plan?

17                www.fiducial.com
     Are You Planning Ahead?
     • Fill out each
     • Prepare the
       month ahead for
       all activities.

18                       www.fiducial.com
     Are You Executing Activities?
     • Use the Excel
       worksheets for each to
       manage activities.

19                          www.fiducial.com
     Are You Tracking Your Leads?
     • Always ask “How did
       you hear about us”
       and record this
     • Make your entire
       office aware of your
       marketing campaigns.
     • Evaluate what
       campaigns work for
       you and your market.

20                     www.fiducial.com
     Do You Stay Informed?

                 • Read the weekly emails from
                   Fiducial Publishing Smart
                   Brief and Fiducial
                 • Read the monthly flyers.
                 • Look for LMS Update Emails
                   “Marketing Solutions”.
                 • Review the LMS on Pronet.

21                www.fiducial.com
2005 Convention                              San Francisco
    October 2 – 6, 2005

                    Thank You!


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