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    Cruises have traditionally been the preserve of the wealthy and the elderly. It is a perception that the industry,
    which has seen exponential growth in the last decade, is trying to move away from. Anybody can enjoy cruises
                                              the way he or she desires.
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                                                            Alaska Cruises
                                                       By Thomas DeSimone

    Alaska - The Great Frontier

Aw Inspiring scenery, glistening glaciers, plentifull wildlife, and Native American culture are only some
of the marvelous attractions that attract cruise vacationers to Alaska. With so much to see and do in
Alaska, it's no wonder the state's official flower is the alpine forget-me-not!

Cruise Lines that sail to Alaska on a seven-day itinerary usually cruise along the Inside Passage and
visit Glacier Bay National Park or Hubbard Glacier, stopping at four ports along the way. Most cruise
lines also offer a arrange of extended cruise-tour package options which take passengers deeper into
Alaska via train and include land stays at lodges and sightseeing in Denali National Park - making their
trip to Alaska even more exciting.

For weather and sunlight purposes, cruises to Alaska cruise strictly during the summer months, from
early May to mid-September. June, July and August can be known as peak season when average daily
high temperatures can reach 75 degrees Fahrenheit, so those looking for the best rates should check
sailing dates in May and September when temperatures settle around 50 degrees.

A variety of ships & cruise lines sail to Alaska, including luxury vessels and midsize ships - most of
which offer expanded kids activity for family vacationers. While the majority of cruise ships sail from
Vancouver, BC, Seattle is increasingly becoming a favorite summer homeport for many lines. Both
embarkation/disembarkation points allow cruise ships to visit the most popular ports on an Alaska
cruise, including Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway.

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make friends, bond with your family, steal quiet moments with your spouse. Whatever your heart
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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                   Alaska Cruises offer breathtaking scenery for your vacations.
                                            By Mike Yeager

Alaska Cruises offer breathtaking scenery for your vacations.
 by: Mike Yeager

Alaska cruises can offer some of the most pristine, natural beauty you'll ever see on your vacations.
Beautiful crystal clear inlets of water found no where else in the world. Icebergs and sheer cliff walls
rising thousands of feet into the air. Choosing from among the many Alaska cruises will be easy and
fun; making your vacations an exciting and rewarding experience.

Deciding which of many Alaska cruises is right for your vacations.

One thing to decide is when you want to go. Many people favor the month of August because the
weather and temperature are favorable to being outdoors. Another consideration to keep in mind for
Alaska cruises and vacations is which direction on the ship you'd like your cabin to face. Inside cabins
are less expensive while outside facing cabins offer the convenience of stepping onto your balcony and
seeing the many splendid sights. Dressing warmly and comfortably is another consideration, especially
if you're susceptible to being cold at night. Also, be sure and bring along a good pair of binoculars to
see the sights. Many times your cruise ship will pass by a stunningly close to an immense block of ice;
you'll want to see every detail that up close.

Mike Yeager

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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