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					              Concluding Remarks of Dr. Kota Harinarayana
              (January 15, 2005 – Design meet, IIT, Bombay)
      It is indeed a unique occasion wherein, designers and technologists
ranging from space vehicles, aircraft, automobiles, railways and drug design
are meeting together on a single platform and sharing their knowledge and
technologies related to design.
      Professor Javed Iqbal, Head, Discovery Research, Dr Reddy’s Lab.
provided a lucid exposition of the New Drug Design concepts and how
modern technologies such as IT are helping to accelerate the position. After
hearing Professor Javed Iqbal, I do believe, the multidisciplinary
optimization technologies could be deployed gainfully in drug design
thereby reducing time to market. CASDE should plan to sit with Professor
Javed Iqbal’s colleagues and prepare a detailed process whereby MDO and
Drug Design could be brought together. School of Life Sciences and
Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Hyderabad could
participate in this exercise.
      It is really heartening to hear Shri T.N. Umamaheswaran, Chief
Technology Officer, Tata Motors about the technology and design processes
that they have deployed for Indica car. In fact Aerospace groups could learn
from Indica team’s experience. CASDE team should join hands with Shri
T.N. Uma Maheswaran’s team and undertake a few optimization tasks. This
should be attempted without any loss of time.
      Shri Yogesh Kumar demonstrated how with good infrastructure and
knowledge-base gained from LCA programme, HAL could achieve first
flight of Intermediate Jet trainer in a span of 22 months after start of metal
cutting. He emphasized the role of PDM/PLM in this success of IJT. He
further stated that flight control system of IJT needs improvement and also
the airframe is marginally heavier by 200 kg. which needs to be tackled. He
has asked for support in tackling these problems.
      Dr. Adimurthy’s presentation gave an excellent overview of the
Launch Vechiles technologies that VSSC has mastered. It is heartening to
note that VSSC has identified an MDO team and are putting efforts to
master MDO technology and application of MDO for their future projects.
      Professor Lakkad is one of the very few persons who have equal
capability in analysis, design and experimentation. It is this capability that
helped in making the Airbrakes for MIG-21 aircraft and recently his design
capabilities helped in designing the toilet system and bogies for the Konkan
Railway. I suggest Professor Lakkad helps Indian Railways in redesigning a
conventional bogey using composites. This would help in improving the
product, reduce production costs and production time. As Indian Railways
do not have a proper design organization, IIT, Bombay should help in this
venture and Professor Lakkad should take a lead.
      It is indeed an extremely fruitful interaction that we had today. This
should lead to greater utilization of MDO technologies and system
engineering concepts in the system/product design. I like to congratulate
CASDE team for conceiving and organizing such an event.

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