Skeleton System

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					           Skeleton System
 Stephanie Sarceno, Jesenia Vasquez,
Diana Garcia, Delmi Del Rosado, Alan
              Mrs. Coty
     What is the name of your body system?
• The name of our system is called the skeletal system.
            Where is your system located?
• The skeletal system is located in our whole entire body.
      What is the role of your body system?
The role is the over all size of the skeleton. The skeleton’s
 pro portions and the size of certain crycial in individual
     What organs make up your body system?
• There are no organs in the skeleton system.
    What are your main functions as a human body
• A skeleton is an inner framework made of bone and
  cartilage. Bones are the hard material of a skeleton. The
  skeleton supports and/or protects the softer body parts of a
  fish, bird, or human. These animals are called vertebrates.
  They all have a backbone.
  What is each organ’s function in your body system?
• The skeleton of the wrist, or carpus, consists of eight small carpal
  bones, which are arranged in two rows of four each. The skeleton
  of the ankle, or tarsus, has seven bones, and, because of the angle
  of the foot to the leg and the weight-bearing function, they are
  arranged in a more complicated way. The bone of the heel, directed
  downward and backward, is the calcaneus.
         How do you perform these functions?
• The skeletal system helps protect the heart, brain, and also helps
  you not be like rubber. Also your skeletons are strong.
   What can go wrong with your body system?
• Sometimes you may break your bones if you are playing or doing
  dangerous things. Remember to never do dangerous things.
   How do people make sure your system remains
• They may study the human body or may had know
  the human body when they were kids.
What would happen if something went wrong with your
                skeleton system?
You would be floppy like rubber. You would not be able to walk or
do anything. All you would do is sit there like a puddle of skin
and guts on the floor. You would not be able to play or go to

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