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									The Me Personally Generation
Generation Me isthe actual 18 to twenty something group that is personal consumed with everything
else that hasconnected with them.
Generation ME -I want, i need , I should have , but…I would rather not earn it, just give it to me
With past generations working hard for their money, their own children work hard to pull them dry ?
Why? how did this happen? is it theweb , with sights that are all about the users-Facebook-Myspace-
Twitter-andi hate to say it , but to some extent , Hub webpages ? Reality exhibits like john & Kate plus
8 (now without the John), wife Swap and America’s got Talent provide the ME Generation the actual
stepping stonefor the Average Joe being the center of controversy , which is what is wanted.
The ME Generation wants riches, they want fame, however have no actual desire to work for it. A lot
of these individuals look down upon curriculums from universities. Giving excusesfor example , I don’t
need school-I already know what i need to know or College is actually just like high school, I
graduated high school , why do i wish to go back? on the same symbol , they also seem like they are
too great to work ‘mediocre’ jobs,like a Wal-mart cashier, or list at the shopping mall. These spoiled
selfishideas , are why there are so many 20 something’s 12 months olds on Welfare and receive
government assistance, because now with the actual economy in recession,people with higher
education tend to be struggling to find employment, and they wantto work and make their very own
money, and are willing to consider so called ‘mediocre’employment opportunities to be able to provide
for their families. So whathappens to the ME Generation , they turn to mommy and dad , they blame
the government- employment industries ,school systems and state , “It isn’t me, it is everyone else
keeping me down.” never once have I been told by a 20 something years old that they realize that
you mustearn what you want-and I need to make a move so I can make my hopes for success come
Generation Me is about immediate gratification. They think in the moment. What i want now , if they
can’t get this immediate gratification, then they don’t even trouble. Compared to ten years ago,
technologies has made its markwith providing everyone with the means to obtain instant gratification,
causingan entire era to lack patience. To complete a book report , or research an assignment ,I
remember using the library. In school i was taught ways to use the DewyDecimal System, to locate
books full of information we wanted to know.The wooden tower full of hundreds of thousands
associated with index cards with author’snames, book titles and reference groups printed on them-
giving you the directions associated with where to go to locate the book you are looking for. Once
youfound the book-you had to choices , learn how to navigate through its webpages using the
glossary and index , or skim through it by switching pages. The actual librarywas filled with college
students and students , reading, writing notes with #2pencils in spiral notebook computers. Now-lazy
college students can buy the actual paper off the internet if they so wish. If they choose to write the
book themselves, possible all theinfo that they require online.
What may happen to our country , to our earth when the ME Generation is in charge ? I amscared to
find out. Using the attitudes that they're all that matters and even if they did make an attempt to
improve on their own or the world-they arejust one person and it would proceed without notice and
never make a differenceanyhow , and with that-they drink countless sodas and beer, however recycle
none.They smoke a pack of cigarettes in an area full of children; leave the smoke butts spread on the
ground, and also the fowl odor of tobacco smoke in the air for the children to breathe in. They do this
simply because they feel as if they have a right to get it done. They do this simply because they have
seen millions of persons before dothe same thing , so they believe if they did take a stand for what is
proper ,it doesn’t really issue , because no one else does.
the actual ME Generation needs a ME Realization that the world doesn't revolve close to them. That
the world won't wipe their own noses when they are sick, or clean their own butts once they have an
incident. If you are 20 to 25 years old… You don’t know everything (although you think that you do),
should you are 20-25 years old, the world owes you nothing, if you would like something, earn it, go
out and do something to acquire it, don’t sit and wait for it to be served for you on a gold platter. Stop
complaining regarding life. Stop sayingthat things are way too hard , too dull or under you. Everyone
in existence offers been confronted with hard circumstances , and doubted themselves and their
abilities ,but they take a deep inhale and whether they succeed or fail-they try , becausethat is what
life is regarding , the PURSUITto achieve success. Everyone around has been bored to holes at a
few point in time, overcome it. Some of the people boring times and dull lessons areto prepare you for
excitement, however , you have to go through the unappealing drumof someone else’s voice to get at
that excitement. Everyone around hashad to do something they felt they were better than. You do
things thatyou're better or bigger than in order to prove that you deserve more. Its life…everystep is a
stepping stone in order to where you can finish up…Instant Success is far and couple of between.
While you might never be unclean rich or famous, that's okay, most people are not.
The greatest problem with the actual ME Generation isn’t that they're spoiled, or looking for the easy
way out of everything. It is that they have based happiness on what they are seeking,which is fame
and fortune. Whenever reality exhibits its face-it leaves Generation Me , depressed. Why hasn’t it
been stressed to these kids/now adults , that happiness and money do not really go hand in hand.
Sure ; money will pay your bills, purchases you good things, which could (not does ) eliminate
particular stresses. Money doesn’t cause you to better-the more money you've , just means you have
more money…PERIOD. I’ve recognized peoplethat are desolate, so that as happy as can be.
Fundamental essentials people that tend to be surrounded by friends and family that assistance one
another, with or with out money. I’ve known somebody that has riches, and they have told me
prosperity isn’tthe actual money-it’s whom you surround yourself with and who you are inside , you
can’ttake the cash with you when you go. What people should ask on their own is who am we ? What
makes me personally important? do you strive to achieve anything in life that you want? if no, are you
going to allow your children to sit on the butts in order to earn their own allowance, or will you make
them do chores and maintain moving grades? era Me, needs to be better, when ever they have a
chance to provide somebody that deserves better , with better. If you take the actual steps in the
direction of success, rather than it being placed in your lap, you may be more prepared to handle it ,
and appreciate what you have accomplished if you should ever getthere.

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