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					spa gift packages
1	 breath	beside	the	brook
     Neck Relief, Hand and Foot Treatment, Hot Rocks
     Sauna, and Spa Smoothie.

2	 long	nap	by	the	pond	
     Pregnancy Massage,        Spa    Scalp   Revitalizer,
     and Spa Smoothie.

3	 night	out	on	the	town		
     Stress Relieving Scalp Treatment, Haircut, Style,
     Rosemary Mint Awakening Manicure & Pedicure, and
     a Cosmetic Application.

4	 under	a	northern	
	    Essential Facial, Essential Massage, Spa             Scalp
     Revitalizer, Hot Rocks Sauna and Spa Smoothie.

5	 beneath	the	spring	thaw	
	    Hydrating Salt Glow, Essential Massage, Spa Scalp
     Revitalizer, Hot Rocks Sauna and Spa Smoothie.

pampering gift cards
    Habitude Gift Cards make the perfect gift for anyone.
    They are always available online at,
    by phone at 206.782.2898 or at any of our in-store
    locations. To make your gift even more special, have
    our Habitude Gift Card mailed in a ‘Habipack.’ These
    great gift boxes include our most popular gifts like
    aromatherapy candles and Aveda body care lotions.

    the	essential	habipack	                           	
       Earthy box, travel soap, lotions & shampoo, menu
       of services and your gift card. Includes postage.

	6	 barefoot	in	the	river
	           A River Rock Rub, Rosemary Mint Awakening
            Manicure & Pedicure, Hot Rocks Sauna and Spa

	7	 in	the	wildflower
	           Hydrating Salt Glow, Spa Scalp Revitalizer, your
            choice of an Herbal Body Masque or a Seaweed
            Body Masque, Hot Rocks Sauna and Spa Smoothie.

	8		bear	print	in	the	sand
	           Ultimate Massage, Essential Facial, Spa                                Scalp
            Revitalizer, Hot Rocks Sauna and Spa Smoothie.

	9	beyond	the	alpine	summit
	           Essential Facial, Essential Massage, Hydrating Salt
            Glow, Lunch, Spa Scalp Revitalizer, Hot Rocks Sauna,
            Blow Dry and Cosmetic Application.

10	soaring	above	the	sound	
            Ultimate Facial, Ultimate Massage, Eye Zone Wrap,
            Seaweed Body Masque, Spa Scalp Revitalizer,
            Hydrating Salt Glow, Lunch, Hot Rocks Sauna, Spa
            Smoothie and Town Car Door-to-Door Service.

        All spa packages must be received by the same guest, on the same day. No

    the	ultimate	habipack	                                                  	
            Earthy    box,    large    aromatherapy      candle,
            refreshing bath bar, large hand lotion, menu of
            services and your gift card. Includes postage.
    pre-paid	pampering	card	
    	       If you are interested in purchasing a gift card for
            frequent use, we offer a reduced price for our
            $500 and $1,000 cards.

body care
chair	massage
  Relax upright and fully clothed—great for quick
  kink relief.

neck	relief	               	         	
  A half hour of pure bliss with special attention for the
  neck, arms, shoulders and back.

essential	massage		
  A full hour of relaxation and light to medium pressure
  complemented by your own unique blend of Aveda

ultimate	massage	                    	
  The essential massage plus—indulge yourself with a
  full hour and a half to unwind and de-stress.

deep	tissue	massage	
  Release chronic muscle tension through slower
  strokes and direct deep pressure. This intense one-
  hour service focuses on more specific problem areas
  and may cause some soreness during and/or after
  the massage. Includes heat or ice if needed.

pregnancy	massage	
  Recommended only for second and third trimester.
  Focus on comfortable positioning, relieving tension,
  and reducing the stress on Mom’s changing body.

river	rock	rub	
  Smooth, heated stones are incorporated into a
  relaxing massage that also produces re-energizing
  responses in the body. The spa has hand-collected
  many of the stones from the Olympic Peninsula.

togetherness	massage	                          	
  Enjoy a relaxing massage in our Gathering Grove
  Room with your loved ones or friends.

hydrating	salt	glow		                          	
  A full body exfoliating treatment using essential
  oils and Dead Sea Salts, which smooth, soften and
  revitalize skin.

rosemary	mint	awakening	wrap	
  Renew the body and mind with a stimulating and
  nurturing body wrap. The treatment smoothes and
  softens the skin, while rosemary and peppermint
  essences awaken the senses. Includes choice of Eye
  Zone Wrap or Spa Scalp Revitalizer.

caribbean	body	wrap	
  Float as your body is brushed and slathered in a warm
  aromatic blend of deep sea algae, aloe and vanilla.
  Complete your journey as you retreat to our private
  rainforest steam shower to cool off and re-hydrate
  with mango butter body créme.

seaweed	body	masque	
  De-stress and detox under our enveloping steam
  canopy. After a full-body lymphatic brushing, a heated
  seaweed masque is applied from neck to toes to
  draw out impurities and re-mineralize the skin while
  you relax. Includes a luxurious eye zone wrap.

herbal	body	masque	
  After the skin is exfoliated, a warmed herbal masque
  is applied from neck to toes. De-stress and detoxify
  under our enveloping steam canopy of lavender,
  peppermint and other herbs. Relax while your skin
  becomes conditioned and moisturized. Includes a
  luxurious eye zone wrap.

  A deeply relaxing and soothing movement of energy
  that works on three levels: mental, emotional, and

  An intensive hour treatment of the feet that cleanses
  the body of toxins, stimulates creativity, productivity
  and balances your whole system.

hand	&	foot	treatment	
  A soothing warm foot bath followed by having your
  hands and feet exfoliated, massaged, moisturized
  and wrapped in herbal comfort.

skin care
express	facial	
  A half hour introduction to Aveda skin care. Great for
  teens or a quick cleanse.

essential	facial			
  Relax for an hour with a soothing massage of face,
  neck, hands and shoulders. Deep pore cleansing
  removes impurities, while an aromatic herbal masque
  rejuvenates and rehydrates. Includes acupressure
  and aromatherapy to soothe and relax.

ultimate	facial	
  The Essential Facial plus. Scalp, hands and feet
  massaged and wrapped in herbal comfort. A full hour
  and a half for pampering and customizing.

renewal	facial		
  Includes a polishing Botanical Resurfacing treatment
  that sloughs away dead skin cells and helps reduce
  fine lines, acne scars, age spots and sun damage. A
  safe and affordable microderm abrasion alternative
  to chemical and laser procedures.

purifying	facial	
  The best treatment for stressed or problematic skin.
  Includes time for extra extractions and a powerful
  detoxing facial massage and masque.

illuminating	facial					                       	
  A luxurious facial using powerful plant-active based
  formulas that act as a remedy for discoloration,
  age and sun spots. The powerful home care skin
  brightening system coupled with the in–spa treatment
  results in more even skin tone, illumination and clarity
  in just 8 weeks.

age	defying	facial	
  Bliss out as this powerful treatment hydrates,
  rejuvenates and restores. Utilizing a combination of
  high-tech botanicals and unique five-phase intensive
  massage, it instantly and visibly repairs the collagen.

age	defying	peel		                   	         	
  A safe alternative treatment for Glycolic Acid Peels
  which reduces skin irritation and inflammation. This
  self-heating peel exfoliates dull skin cells while
  smoothing visible lines and wrinkles

essential	back	treatment			
     Provides deep cleansing and refining while relaxing
     your mind and body. Promotes healthy, clear skin.
     Extractions if needed.

eye care
brow	tint	                             eye	zone	wrap	
     All natural vegetable dyes.            Special     attention    and
                                            acupressure are given
lash	tint                                   to the delicate eye area
     All natural vegetable dyes.            to soften signs of aging,
                                            reduce     puffiness,    and
eye	package                                 refresh tired, red eyes.
     Brow shaping, lash tint and
     brow tint.

spa extra care
These enhancers may be incorporated into any one-hour
treatment with the same service provider.
reflexology	                           back	salt	scrub
treat	                                 hot	stone	spa	
aromatic	                              treats
exfoliation	                           eye	zone	extra
spa	scalp	                             deep	tissue	
revitalizer                            extra	
spa extras
fruit	spa	                             rainforest	steam	
smoothie                               shower
                                       Enter a tiled, private room
healthy	spa	                           infused with eucalyptus steam
                                       and experience a refreshing 7-jet
lunch                                  shower using our Aveda body,
                                       skin and hair care products.
rejuvenating	hot	
rocks	sauna	 	           town	car	door-
Get cozy…detox and       to-door	service
relax the body and mind.

wax care
brows	                             essential	bikini	
lip                                ultimate	bikini
chin                               brazilian	bikini	
jaw	line                           leg	/	essential	bikini
under	arm                          half	leg
arm	                               full	leg
back                               toes

We regret that we cannot perform waxing services on clients who are taking
Acutane, Retin-A or antibiotics, due to the sensitivity these products can
cause to the skin. Hair growth must be approximately 1/8” in length or 3
to 4 weeks of growth to receive waxing services.

hand & foot care
express	manicure
	   Includes nail filing, cuticle clean-up and a refresh
    of your polish.

essential	manicure
	   Nails filed and shaped to desired length. A relaxing
    hand and arm massage, followed by a finishing
    touch of polish or buffing. Aromatherapy included
    if desired.

ultimate	manicure
	   The Essential Manicure plus. Dead Sea Salt exfoliant
    and your choice of an Aroma Moisture or Paraffin

express	pedicure
	   Includes nail filing, cuticle clean-up and a refresh
    of your polish.

essential	pedicure
	   Start off with a soothing warm foot bath. Nails
    clipped and shaped with extra attention to the cuticle
    and any calloused areas. An exfoliating body polish
    is applied and followed by a relaxing foot and calf
    massage. Polish finish. Aromatherapy included if

ultimate	pedicure
	   The Essential Pedicure plus. Dead Sea Salt exfoliant
    and your choice of an Intensive Hydrating Masque
    or Paraffin Immersion.

express	manicure	&	
pedicure	package
    Enjoy this short and sweet dual package to keep
    you looking your best. Just a quick cuticle clean-up
    and polish. Polish on fingers and toes.

rosemary	mint	awakening	
manicure	&	pedicure
	 Our Signature Nail Service. Unwind in     a soak
    infused with mint and enjoy a rosemary exfoliant
    scrub and invigorating massage.

caribbean	therapy	
manicure	&	pedicure
	 Nurturing and rejuvenating treatment that uses the
    healing traditions of touch and plant ingredients
    of the Caribbean to help improve the condition
    of the cuticle, nail and skin. An exotic exfoliation
    and warm seaweed masque relax and renew your
    hands and feet.

hand & foot extras
nail	art	
french	polish	add-on
    With Manicure

polish	change	
    Fingers or toes

extra	massage
    15 extra minutes of relaxation

upright	reflexology
callus	treatment

brilliant gel glaze
for nails
    Enjoy this opportunity to ask questions            and
    discuss service, cost and maintenance.

brilliant	gel	glaze
	   Extend your manicure with our amazing, long
    lasting AXXIUM by OPI nail colors. Your choice
    of colors are UV cured onto your nail for brilliant,
    durable, healthy shine that endures stress free
    for up to two weeks. With no dry-time, finally a
    manicure you can’t smudge or budge!

brilliant	recolor	gel	glaze 	
    This longer service includes removal of the base
    color and a new color choice.

brilliant	french	gel	glaze
	   Pink and White “French” design enhances your
    natural nails.

brilliant	gel	glaze	removal
	   Permanent removal of all products from the nails by
    soaking in lacquer remover.

brilliant	gel	glaze	repair
	   Repair and re-shine damaged nails.

    hair care
    Our Design Team members are promoted based on
    education, experience and demand. All of their work is
    fully guaranteed. Enjoy a stress relieving scalp treatment
    or luxurious hand massage with all salon services.

    haircut	and	style	
        Elite Stylist, Signature Stylist, Stylist or Fresh Talent

    sham p o o a n d s t y l e
    sham p o o a n d f l at i ro n i n g
    hair co lo r
    full f o i l h i g h l i g h t
    part i a l f o i l h i g h l i g h t
    face f r a m e f o i l
    demi - h a i r co lo r
    perm a n e n t wave
    up-d o
    therm a l s t r a i g h t e n i n g
    corre c t i ve co lo r
    bang t ri m
    bal ayag e

cosmetic care
cosmetic	touch
     A five-minute touch-up that freshens you up before
     you leave. Complimentary with any service.

cosmetic	application
	    Let us make you look your best for prom, photos, that
     big interview or any occasion.

cosmetic	art	class
	    A fun-filled hour where you are taught the basics of
     color application. Let us customize your signature
     look for day or night or any season.

special	event	practice
	    Let us consult with you to create the perfect make-up
     look for that special day.

special	event	package
     Includes pre-event consultation and day-of-event
     make-up service.

hair care extras
deep	conditioning
   Hair feeling a little crunchy and dull? Hair pick-me-up
   for the girl on the go.
damage	remedy	treatment
   Let us rejuvenate your hair and spirit with our
   amazing scalp massage and heated damage remedy
   conditioning treatment. We can even add color!

stress	relieving	treatment
   Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage using the
   aromatherapy oil of your choice. Finish with a
   refreshing shampoo and blow dry.

chair	massage
   Relax upright and fully clothed. Great for quick kink
   relief or while your color processes.

hair color care
Discover hair color with the energy of plants. Our
innovative formulas leave hair essentially damage-
free—infused with conditioning plant oils for shinier,
healthy-looking color.

shades	of	enlightenment												
crème	color
   Blondes awaken with the first permanent hair color
   system that's 97% naturally derived—capturing the
   active energy of plants.

full	spectrum	temporary	
crème	color
   This 99% naturally-derived formula delivers rich
   color that lasts up to eight weeks. Treatment formula
   actually improves the condition of damaged hair.

full	spectrum	protective	
crème	color
   A 97% naturally-derived formula which delivers
   superior permanent color that resists fading—keeps
   hair shiny and essentially damage-free.

full	spectrum	deep	
crème	color
   Transforms dark hair to light—vibrant, true-to-life
   tones from a single, simple process. All from a
   93% naturally-derived formula, so color is healthy-
   looking, luminous—and it’s as gentle on the Earth
   as it is on hair.

men’s care
	   We love working with men at Habitude. All our
    services are available to men, but the ones listed
    here are our favorites.

men’s	haircut	and	style
    Includes a stress relieving scalp massage, refreshing
    shampoo, custom cut and blow dry if needed.

camouflage	hair	color
    With your next haircut, let us give you a subtle rinse
    to soften and blend grey hair. You’ll look younger and
    feel better.

mono	brow	wax	 		
    Hint Hint…you are supposed to have two brows,
    not one.

back	wax	 								
    From Bear to Bare…it will be gone in minutes and so
    worth it.

essential	back	treatment			
    After that Back Wax, let us clean and clear your pores
    and soothe with massage.

neck	relief	massage	 					
    Great for a beginner, Special attention for neck, arms,
    shoulders and back. Goodbye kinks.

essential	facial	 								
    Learn how to shave properly and minimize razor burn,
    soothing massage of neck, hands and shoulders.
    Deep pore cleansing removes impurities…the
    ultimate in relaxation.

bear	print	in	the	sand	 				
    Our favorite package for men, take a mental health
    day! Includes Ultimate Massage, Essential Facial,
    Spa Scalp Revitalizer, Hot Rocks Sauna, and Spa

sport	manicure	 					
    Nails filed and shaped. A relaxing hand and arm
    massage with buffing if desired.

sport	pedicure	 				
    Start off with a soothing warm foot bath. Nails
    clipped and shaped with extra attention to the
    cuticle and any calloused areas. An exfoliating body
    polish is applied then followed by a relaxing foot
    and calf massage.

hair care crux
Our Fremont Salon also houses our CRUX Advanced
Academy, staffed with our Fresh Talent Team of
fully licensed stylists in training. Visit them at both
locations for High end service, products and color for
half the price.

   Call 206-782-2898 and speak to one of our Group
   Gathering Coordinators today or e-mail us at
   • Three or more guests booking together are
     considered a group.
   • The minimum service total per person is $60.00.
   • A 20% gratuity will be added to the group gathering
      service total.
   • A credit card is required at the time of the
     reservation to secure the group gathering
   • In order to honor each guest’s experience, late
      arrivals will receive only the remaining time
      of their appointment. We require 3 days or 72
      hours notice for all group gathering changes or
      cancellations or your card will be charged 50% of
      the service total.
   • We do not allow outside food or alcohol in the salon
      and spa unless you reserve the whole facility.
   • If you are interested in renting the entire facility for
       your special event; contact our Group Gathering
   Our commitment is to provide a relaxing spa
   environment for all of our guests. Please do not
   bring outside food into Spa Habitude. Inquire about
   us arranging refreshments. Only customers with
   Spa appointments can lounge in the Spa areas.
   Please be quiet and courteous throughout your
   visit...celebrate with whispers!

   Please call to reserve your appointments in
   advance. In order to get your ideal day and time,
   we recommend that you pre-book your next service
   prior to leaving the salon.

   We recommend that you show up 30 minutes prior
   to any spa appointment to relax, drink tea and
   breathe. Keep in mind that your appointment may
   have to be shortened or rescheduled as a courtesy
   to our next guest if you arrive late.

   If you are dissatisfied with any service you receive
   at Habitude, we require that you contact us within
   seven days of the initial service date. We do our
   best to accommodate all of our clients and wish to
   promptly resolve any concerns with your service.
   Contact us at

children	/	pets
   For the relaxation and rejuvenation of all of our
   guests and the safety of your little loved ones,
   please find care for them before your appointment.
   You need a break too! We may need to reschedule
   your visit if you arrive with children or pets.

underage	guests
	 Those under 12 may enjoy     express spa services
   only with parental consent. All guests under 16
   are permitted when accompanied by a parent or

cancellations	/	no	shows
   If you need to move or cancel your appointment,
   we need to hear from you 24 hours in advance to
   avoid a service charge and/or reactivate your gift
   card. Repeated no-shows, cancellations and large
   groups may require credit card pre-payments to
   reserve time.

   Habitude cannot be responsible for lost or stolen
   items. Please leave your valuables at home or carry
   them with you.

cell	phones
    To maintain a peaceful environment for all we
    ask that you please turn off your cell phone while
    visiting Habitude.

    Street parking is available on             surrounding
    neighborhood streets at all locations.

    We have two locations to love and amaze you.
    2801 NW Market Street
    Seattle, WA 98107

    513 N 36th Street
    Seattle, WA 98103

    All Reservations: 206-782-2898

Experience Habitude’s eco-boutiques specializing in
gifts lovingly chosen for their powerful stories, fair trade
philosophy or just plain eclectic whimsy.

You will find spicy imported pottery, exotic jewelry,
handbags and scarves, trinkets and curios from around
the world and an ever changing variety of seasonal teas
and tinctures. Delight in memorable and coveted gifts
and cards for showers, anniversaries, birthdays and all
of your holiday gift giving for your loved ones or yourself.


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