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					                                  EAST MEADOW HIGH SCHOOL PTSA
                                    Minutes from January 4, 2012

MEETING was called to order at 7pm.


MINUTES: Submitted November 2, 2011 minutes by Seema Rahman with a correction of the opening
balance from October minutes.
Motion 1- Motion to adopt the minutes made by Hilli Bender and seconded by Kathy Volpe.
Motion was passed.

CORRESPONDENCE REPORT: No report from Denise Severo.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Anne Barracca reported the opening balance of $2051. 16. Credited to the
account was 2885.72 and debited was $1983.78 therefore the closing balance is $2953.10.

HISTORIAN: No report from Cathy Fox Parenti.

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: Mr. Howard relayed New Year Greetings to everyone. The football season was
successful. There were 5 All County Players, Thorpe Award and a Rutgers Cup. The blood drive under
the aegis of FBLA, Bill O’Connor and Bethany LeSueur donated 107 pints of blood to Long Island Blood
Services which will save 321 lives. The last of the Adopt –A-Family gifts were delivered before the
holidays. Thanks to the help of 17 of our clubs and all of our staff members this year we were able to
provide gifts for 14 families with a total of 40 children. The Fall Musical- Bye Bye Birdie was
entertaining and played for 2 days in December. Upcoming events: Midterm Test Week from 1/23-
1/27/12. Winter Concert II will be on 1/31. Method Test Prep company will be offering SAT prep
sessions in the High School. A mailing will be going out giving details and a meeting will be held on 2/1
@7:30 after the PTSA meeting which will be moved to 6:30pm. There will be a Grade 8 into Grade 9
Parents’ Orientation on 2/8.

ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: Mr. Woerner reported that scheduling for next year is starting today.
The English classes will be going to the Little Theatre. The course catalog books just got in. The first 2
weeks will be 10th grade and 11th grade after exam week. There will be an AP Stats course that will be a
2 year course starting this year. The annual review for special Ed students starts in Feb.

GUIDANCE REPORT: Ms. Allen reported that several colleges were on site and gave out scholarship
monies: St John’s- $75,000 to 6 students NYIT- $343,000 to 27 students and CW Post-$ 952,000 to 49
students. On Jan 17 there will be a financial aid seminar at 7pm. Dr. Jackie Nealon from NYIT will talk
thru the FAFSA form. On Mar 13 at 7pm there will be a meeting for Parents of Juniors regarding college
processes. On April 23 at Hofstra there will be the Nassau Counselors Association College Fair. There
will be over 300 colleges and worshops that will be held.

VP’s Report:- No report from 1st or 2nd Vice President.

PRESIDENTS’ REPORT: Cathy Morales reported that Founder’s Day Committee has met and chosen their
honorees. Founders’ Day will be March 19 at Crest Hollow so please RSVP for this worthwhile event.
On Jan 24 The PTA Nassau Region Winter Conference will be held at Mineola HS. There will be
workshops on Nominations and Election Processes. A potential fundraiser would be through the East
Meadow Herald- they are offering for PTA members to subscribe to the Herald and they will give 50%
back to respective schools. Forms were given out and you need to put or circle your school code on the
subscription form. Since this is a new fundraiser, a motion has to be made so we could include this in
our fundraisers.

MOTION # 2- A motion was made by Tracy Allred Pulice for the EMHS PTSA to participate in the Herald
Fundraiser proposed by the PTA council. The motion was seconded by Hilli Bender. Motion passed.
Flyers given out.

   ACCESS- Tracy Allred Pulice reported that there was a workshop on Nov 30 teaching Informative
     thinking before your send that… Teenagers were surprised to find out it may not be another
     teenager on the other side of that screen and to think before sending. Next meeting is Jan 17
     and they will be brainstorming for the next workshop.
   BYLAWS- Deanne Carrick reported awaiting for Tax ID # and progress ongoing.
   CURRICULUM- Denise Severo reported from the Nov meeting. One of the items at the meeting
     was about Guidance from K-12. There are an enormous amount of things that Guidance does
     such as stressing college prep and course selection. They keep students on course for their
     college selection. Art & Music Departments were highlighted.
       ART Department Highlights: Students Art will be exhibited at the Tilles Center from Jan 5-
          Feb 5, 2012; All County Exhibition March 18 at Adelphi; Art League of Long Island will have
          Life drawing workshops for High School advanced Studio Art students; National Art Honor
          Society- will take visits to the NY Botanical Gardens, Heckscher Park and Nassau County
          Museum of Art; Art students will have opportunity to participate in exhibitions such as CW
          Post Advanced Visions, NYSATA Legislative Exhibit in Albany and the Art League of Long
          Island’s “Go Ape” show; there will be High School Field trips to the Museum of Modern Art,
          Metropolitan Museum of Art and Brooklyn Bridge; District Art Show will be in May.
       Music Department Highlights: 15 EMHS students got All State, 198 got All County, Band
          marched in Columbus Day Parade and received honors.
   CEMCO-Deanne Carrick reported from the last meeting that stress was put on shredding
     personal information and don’t put in recycling box. Reports of recycling being stolen from
     curbs. It was also reported that a Bait and Switch scam was going on and that everyone should
     be careful and wary about their surroundings. Next meeting will be end of January.
   FOUNDERS DAY- Hilli Bender reported that nominees were picked for the Founders Day Dinner
     that will be March 19. This is the PTA’s council main fundraiser and monies are donated for
     scholarships for HS seniors. Come for a nice dinner and give back to the community. The
     nominees for EMHS are Liz McLaughlin- Chairperson of Social Studies, John Scerbo-Business
     teacher and Seema Rahman- Parent and PTSA Board Member. Congratulations and come join
     us on March 19.
   HOLIDAY GIFT CARD SALE: Cathy Morales reported that unfortunately there were only 6 orders
     made and minimal amount was earned from this. Same with the Poinsettas sale. Suggestions of
     better PR for these fundraisers from the beginning and for the gift cards sale to publicize it
     throughout the year ie: in May- graduation season.
   LEGISLATION- Tracy Allred Pulice reported that Septa is asking for help in letter writing
     campaign. The local diploma and RTC exams have been eliminated. Sample letter given out.
       Mr. Howard stated that some teachers have said that some of the RTC exams are harder than
       Regents. Next meeting this month and looking for a topic affecting children of the district to
       focus on.
      MEMBERSHIP: Kevin Crinnion reported that membership was about 360.
      PIE SALE: Reported to have made $136.
      PMT: No Dec meeting
      SAFETY: In progress
      YOURS AND MINE: Deanne reported that from the first concert we made $96 and that 3 more
       concerts are coming up. Volunteers are welcome to help out with raffle ticket selling.

at 7:30 pm.

Minutes submitted by Seema Rahman.
Corrected and approved at February 1, 2012meeting.

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