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									           Seeing a doctor

Useful Words and Expressions
Bread and Butter
The Best of American Idioms

A: Doctor. I have an acne problem, what cause acne?
D: Acne is caused when skin pores become clogged with
   dirt. But other factors such as diet and stress have been
   linked to acne.
A: I’ve have pimples for years. Is there anything I can do to get
  rid of them?
D: Thousands of young people suffer from acne. I can prescribe
   some medicine that will help you.
A: Will this help my oil skin?
D: I’ll give you a special facial scrub.
A: How long will it take this stuff to work?
D: You should start to see some positive results within a week.
A: What if it doesn’t work?
D: There are number of things we can try. We can always give
   you a stronger medication. Be sure to avoid greasy food and
   alcohol and not to pinch your pimples.
A: I will. Thank you , doctor.
                                        ( II )
 D: Now, what seems to be trouble.
M: I’ve been having terrible pain in my stomach and now I feel nausea.
D: How long have you had these symptoms?
M: Since last night.
D: I see. Let’s have a look, shall we? Could you unfasten your shirt?
M: Have you been thrown up at all, or have you had runs?
D: Both.
M: What did you eat yesterday?
D: I went to a barbecue with my classmates and drank a lot of beers--- after that,
      we had pizza, chicken, banana, coke---
D: well, that could be an upset stomach from overeating. I’ll give you some
      antibiotics. Allergic to any drug?
M: No.
D: All right. Take this prescription to the pharmacy. The nurse will help you. Take
      the medicine three times a day and stay in bed for a few days.
M: Thank you, sir.                                                                Back
   Case record           病 历             Sick-leave certificate      请假条
   Emergency room        急诊室             Waiting room                候诊室
   Operating room        手术室              Registration office         挂号处
   In-patient department 住院室              Out-patient department      门诊室
   Medical department 内 科                 Surgical department         外 科
   Cramp                  抽 筋             Flu (influenza)         流行性感冒
   Fracture 骨 折             dizziness   头晕             Insomnia       失 眠
   Sore throat            喉咙痛           Itch 痒         Nausea         恶 心
   Stomach-ach            胃 痛            Blood test                   验 血
   To give somebody an injection to 给某人注射
   Give somebody an electrocardiograph examination 给某人做心电图
   Have an X-ray check up X 光检查
   To take one’s blood pressure 量血压
   To feel one’s pulse 号脉
   To take one’s temperature 量体温
    Pill 药 丸          Tablet 药 片        Capsule 胶 囊             Syrup 糖 浆
   What do you complain of ?
   你有什么不舒服?
   Do you have any appetite?
   胃口怎么样?
   I have a mild/bad cold.
   我患了轻度/重度感冒?
   I have a chill.
   我发冷。
   My head rolls/swims.
   我头晕。
   I have a lot of cold sweat and feel shaky.
   我出冷汗而且发抖。
   Did you have a bowel movement today?
   你今天上过厕所了吗?
   The fever won’t go away.
   烧不会退。
   I have loose bowels/the runs.
   我拉肚子。                                        Back
   I have a stuffed-up nose/my nose is stuffy.
   我鼻塞。
   I have a runny nose/ my nose keeps running.
   我一直流鼻涕。
   A slight infection.
   有点轻微感染。
   Apply this tube of ointment three times a day.
   每天擦三次这管药。
   Put a plaster on the sore once a day.
   把这膏药每日一次敷帖患处。
   These tablets are to keep the fever down.
   这些药片是退烧的。
   This is for oral administration.
   这是口服药。
   This eye drops may improve your eyesight.
   这些药水可以提高你的视力。
   This medicine will give you quick-relief.
   这些药将迅速消除你的病痛。
 At the end of one’s rope
  E.g.: I've take my car to the mechanic for five times this month and it just
  stopped working again. I’m at the end of my rope.
 Bite one’s tongue
  E.g.: Our new client is so arrogant and insulting. I have to bite my tongue
  around her.
  A: Your guest may never leave.
  B: Bite your tongue.
 Go off without a hitch
  E.g.: I hope my birthday party goes off without a hitch.
 Sleep a wink.
  E.g.: I didn’t sleep a wink last night.
 Hang in there
  E.g.: I’ll be over to get you in one hour, so just hang in there.
        Don’t worry. Our oral English class is almost over. Hang in there another
        five minutes.                                                          Back
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