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									     Austin Companies

     Public Companies
     Absolute Software
     Active Power                             42M
     American Campus                          235M
     American Physician Service Group (APS)   74M
     Asure Software                           10M
     Brigham Exploration                      127M
     Buffalo Technology
     Cirrus Logic                             174M
     Citizens Insurance                       146M
     Dell                                     61,000M
     Entorian                                 55M
     Ezcorp                                   457M
     FieldPoint                               6.5M
     Golfsmith                                378M
     GreenBuilders                            9M
     Guaranty Financial
     HealthTronics                            165M
     Littlefield Corp                         11M
     Luminex                                  104M
     Multimedia Games                         131M
     National Instruments                     820M
     National Western Life Insurance          411M
     Perficient                               231M
     Pervasive                                42M
     Silicon Labs                             415M
     Temple-Inland                            3,800M
     Valence                                  26M
     Vignette                                 169M
     Whole Foods Market                       8,000M
     Xplore Technologies                      25M

     Large Tech Companies
     National Instruments
     Applied Science Fiction
     Origin Systems
     Multimedia Games
     ACS Dataline
     Time-Warner Cable
     Prosoft Training
     Activant (fka CCI Triad)

    Company                                   Industry                 Segment                                  Location      Funding     Date     VCs                                                      CEO
    "@hand"                                   software                 wireless                                 Austin                             AV, Oak                                                  Mike Lurie
acq 13 Colonies Software                      software                 EAI/Web Publishing                       Austin                                                                                      Eben Miller
    30 Second Software                        software                 e-commerce                               Austin                                                                                      Dave Sikora
acq 360 Commerce                              software                 e-commerce consumer                      Austin         12M      Q3 2003    Sierra, SSM, Lovett Miller, Hill Partners                Charles Boyd
    7/24 Solutions                            software                 financial, wireless                      Austin                             AV, Oak                                                  John Sims
    Abound Resources                          services                 community banking                        Austin                                                                                      Brad Smith
    Absolute Software                         software                 computer theft, data protection          Austin         public
    Accuwater                                 hardware                 home automation                          Austin                                                                                      Tom Watson
    Acorn Systems                             software                 profit management                        Austin          9M      Q2 2003    AV                                                       Leland Putterman
    ActaCell                                  energy                   lithium ion batteries                    Austin         1.5M     Q3 2008
    Advanced Hydro                            clean-tech               advanced water filtration                Austin                  Q4 2008    Quercus Trust, 21Ventures
    Advent Networks                           communications           cable broadband                          Austin                                                                                      Geoff Tudor
    Affinegy                                  software                 communications software                  Austin                                                                                      Melissa Simpler
    Affiniscape                               software                 on demand                                Austin                                                                                      Brian Cooper
    AGEA                                      software                 energy vertical                          Austin         12M      Q4 2001    Alignment, Milestone, Sun                                Russell Glass
    AirChalk                                  software                 wireless aggregation                     Austin                                                                                      Andy Lewin
    Alchemy                                   semiconductor            edge device market                       Austin         7.5M     Q4 2001    AV, USVP                                                 Jim Moore
    Alereon                                   semiconductor            UWB chipsets                             Austin
    All Web Leads                             Internet                 online lead gen for insurance            Austin          5M      Q2 2008    Tom Hedrick, SSM                                         Jim Waltrip
acq AlterPoint                                software                 network change management                Austin         7.5M     Q4 2006    AV, JK&B Capital, Palomar                                Scott Harmon
    Alve                                      software                 call center                              Austin         110K     Q4 2001    Inman                                                    Russell Wilson
    Anthology Solutions                       hardware                 blade servers?                           Austin                                                                                      Jack Baikie
    Anue Systems                              Networking & Equipment   network simulators                       Austin
    Apollo Endosurgery                        medical                                                           Austin
    Apollo Software                           software                 state/local gov't                        Austin         290K     Q4 2001    First Capital                                            Skip Fulkerson
    Applied Science Fiction                   software                 digital photography                      Austin                             InterWest, CenterPoint, TCV                              Dan Sullivan
    Aquilan                                   software                 insurance regulation compliance          San Antonio                                                                                 Clifford Hagler
    Ascension Orthopedics                     medical                                                           Austin
    Ashley Laurent                            software                 broadband & networking                   Austin                                                                                      Jeffrey Goodwin
    Asuragen                                  biotech                                                           Austin
    Augmentix                                 computers                servers for applied computing            Austin          .6M     Q3 2006
    Austin Logistics                          software                 analytic software                        Austin           4M     Q3 2008                                                             John Carreker
    Banderacom                                semiconductor            infiniband                               Austin                             AV, JatoTech                                             Les Crudele
    Bandspeed                                 Networking & Equipment   wi-fi                                    Austin
acq BarFly                                    Internet                 in-bar media network                     Austin                             Stephen Strauss
    Baseball Express                          Internet                 baseball e-commerce site                 San Antonio
    Bazaarvoice                               Internet                 consumer rating                          Austin          1M      Q1 2009    Austin Ventures                                          Brett Hurt
    Bebix                                     business services        identity protection                      Austin
acq BetweenMarkets                            software                 collaboration                            Austin          3M      Q4 2001    Trellis                                                  Chris Porch
    Bigfoot Networks                          hardware                 gaming network acceleration card         Austin         7.1M     Q2 2008    Venio, Palomar, Northbridge                              Michael Howse
    BioStable Science & Engineering           biotech                  products to treat cardiovascular disease Austin         5.5M     Q4 2008
    Black Sand                                semiconductor            wireless                                 Austin
    BlueSpace                                 software                 security                                 Austin
    Boundless Network                         services                                                          Austin                             AV                                                       Jason Black
    Boxx                                      hardware                 digital content creation                 Austin         300K     Q4 2001    First Capital                                            Rick Krause
    BreakingPoint                             hardware                                                          Austin
    BroadCloud                                software                 wireless                                 Austin          8M      Q1 2002    AV, TL Ventures, Access                                  Marc Hafner
acq BroadJump                                 software                 broadband                                Austin                             AV                                                       Kip McClanahan
    BroadQ                                    software                 digital lifestyle software               Austin
    BSG Alliance                              software                 Enterprise 2.0 technologies              Austin
    B-Side Entertainment                      Internet                 consumer films                           Austin        4.25M     Q1 2009    Valhalla Partners
acq BuildForge                                software                 development tools                        Austin
    Bulldog Solutions                         services                 lead generation                          Austin         950K     Q4 2008
    CALEB                                     software                 decision support                         Austin         600K     Q3 2002    Techxas Ventures                                         Tom Cook
    Caringo                                   software                 content storage                          Austin
    CBCA (Carebid)                            software                 healthcare software                      Austin          3M      Q2 2003    Trident
    CBG Holdings                              software                 banking software                         Austin
    CeditCards.com                            Internet                 credit cards online                      Austin
    Celite Systems                            software                 broadband                                Austin                             AV                                                       Roger Dorf
    Challenge Online Games                    gaming                   online games                             Austin        14.6M     Q3 2008    Sequoia                                                  Andrew Busey
    ClearCommerce                             software                 e-commerce                               Austin         9.5M     Q3 2001    AV                                                       Robert Lynch
    ClearCube                                 hardware                 thin client                              Austin          4M      Q4 2001    AV, SternHill                                            Mike Frost
    ClearOrbit                                software                 supply chain                             Austin                             Triton, JMI                                              Tom Dziersk
    Clearwire                                 communications           fixed wireless                           Austin         20M      Q4 2001    Goldman                                                  James Mansour
    Click Forensics                           software                 click fraud software                     Austin
    Colabranet                                software                 PRM for components                       Austin          5M      Q4 2001    Convergent Investors                                     Alex Gabbi
    Coldwatt                                  energy                                                            Austin
    ColorSciences                                                                                               Austin                                                                                      Mike Frost
    Concero                                   software                 VOD                                      Austin                             Public                                                   Tim Webb
    Conformative Systems                      hardware                 XML processor/server                     Austin         6.5M     Q2 2003    AV                                                       John Derrick
    Conformity                                software                 SaaS                                     Austin         1.8M     Q1 2009
    Convio                                    software                 fundraising                              Austin                             AV                                                       Vinay Bhagat
    CoreTrace                                 software                 Internet security software               Austin          4M      Q4 2008                                                             Tony Jennings
    Cortexa                                   Networking & Equipment   digital home solutions                   Austin
    Covasoft                                  software                 app management                           Austin                             AV, Trellis, Texchas                                     Mike Vollman
    CoVi                                      telecom                  HDTV-quality video surveillance          Austin         15M      Q3 2006    Centennial, Oak, Polycom, Walden                         Barry Walker
    Credant                                   software                 wireless security                        Austin                  Q2 2003    Intel Capital, AV, Menlo Ventures                        Bob Heard
    CSIdentity                                software                 identity fraud solutions                 Austin         1.1M     Q3 2006    undisclosed                                              Bill Morrow
acq D2Audio                                   hardware                 consumer audio                           Austin                                                                                      Brian Wong
    DaVincian                                 software                 supply chain health/biotech              Austin                                                                                      Albert Scarasso
acq Dazel                                     software                 output mgmt                              Austin                             Public, acquired by HP
    Debix                                     business services        identity protection services             Austin         8.8M     Q2 2008
    Digby                                     Internet                 mobile commerce applications             Austin         5.5M     Q4 2008                                                             Dave Sikora
    Digital Motorworks                        software                 automotive                               Austin                             JMI, First Capital                                       Keith Jezek
    edioma                                    business services        language learning                        Austin
    Element Labs                              hardware                 LED video systems                        Austin
    Emergent Technologies                     biotech                                                           Austin                                                                                      Thomas Harlan
    Emerson Process Management                software                 process control software                 Austin                             PlantWeb product                                         John Berra
    Enspire Learning                          services                 eLearning                                Austin
    ePartners                                 software                                                          Austin                                                                                      David Dunnigan
    eRealty                                   software                 online real estate brokerage             Austin          5M      Q2 2003
    Esoterix                                  biotech                                                           Austin
    ESP Solutions Group                       software                 educational software K-12                Austin
    ETI                                       software                 infrastructure                           Austin                                                                                      Kate Hammer
    eVapt                                     software                 on-demand SaaS metering                  Austin                  Q4 2008    Applied Reasoning                                        Divakar Jandhya
    Evergreen Assurance                       software                 availability and disaster recovery       Austin
    Evoke Software                            software                 data conversion                          Austin
    Expertunity                               Internet                 find home experts online                 Austin
    ExpertVillage.com                         Internet                 how-to videos                            Austin
    Expresiv                                  software                 medical transcription                    Austin         4.6M     Q2 2003                                                              Frank Reeves
                                                                                                                                                   Polaris, Eaglestone, Independent Bankers Capital, Eyes of Texas Partners
    eZee                                      business services        mobile marketing                         Austin
    Facilities Technology Group               software                 on-demand healthcare                     Austin                                                                                      Don Cooper
    FactortyDNA                               software                 lean manufacturing                       Austin                             at ATI                                                   Richard Lebovitz
    Factory Logic                             software                 make-to-order                            Austin          2M      Q2 2003    TL Ventures, Adams Capital                               Allan Wilson
    FameCast                                  Internet                 online talent show                       Austin         2.5M     Q2 2008    Austin Ventures
    FiveRuns                                  software                 open source systems management           Austin                             AV, Silverton, Wilson Sonsini                            Steve Marcie
    Fluid Innovation                          services                 IP commercialization                     Austin
    Flvorful                                  Internet                 Internet video ad marketplace            Austin
    Forgent                                   software                 video conferencing                       Austin                             Public                                                   Dick Snyder
    Fortigo                                   software                 Logistics Cost Management                Austin                             self-funded                                              George Kontoravdis
    ForwardVue                                software                 SCM risk management                      Austin        2.85M     Q2 2003    AV, Koch Ventures                                        Marc Surplus
acq Fuego                                     software                 BPR software                             Austin                                                                                      Mark Thielken
    Fuel Marketing Solutions                  services                 consumer                                 Austin          1M      Q3 2002    Private Equity Partners of Ft. Worth                     Steven Rosenberg
    Fundsxpress                               software                 financial services                       Austin          5M      Q3 2002    TGF, Warburg Pincus                                      Brent Warrington
    Fusion Mobile                             telecom                  pre-paid phone service                   Austin
    GalleryWatch.com                          software                 legislative tracking                     Austin                             Triton                                                   Betty Otter-Nickerson
    Gamecock Media                            gaming                                                            Austin                  Q1 2007    Venio                                                    Ash Dhar
    GE Interlogix                             hardware                 security systems                         Austin         public                                                                       Ken Boyda
    General Bandwidth                         communications           equipment                                Austin          22M     Q4 2001    SRFunds, Venrock, Oak, etc.                              Brendon Mills
    Glass Eye                                 software                 game developers                          Austin                                                                                      Kevin Gliner
    GlobeRanger                               software                 supply chain health/biotech              Austin         9.7M     Q3 2002    Sevin Rosen, CenterPoint, HO2, MMC                       John Koenigs
    Graphene Energy                           clean-tech               advanced energy storage                  Austin                  Q4 2008    Quercus Trust, 21Ventures
    Handcloud                                 software                 mobile infrastructure software           Austin          1M      Q4 2003                                                             Mark Shapiro
    Hart InterCivic                           software                 state & local gov't software             Austin         7.5M     Q2 2002    Triton, TGF, Summit Capital                              David Hart
    Heatwave Interactive                      software                 entertainment software                   Austin          4M      Q2 2008
    Heliovolt                                 energy                   next-gen solar power                     Austin                                                                                      BJ Stanbery
    Hillcast                                  software                 wireless/financial                       Austin                                                                                      Andres Carvallo
    Hire.com                                  software                 recruitment software                     Austin
    Homeaway                                  software                 online vacation travel                   Austin         160M     Q4 2006    AV, American Capital, Redpoint, Trident
    Hoover's                                  software                 info services                            Austin                             Public                                                   Jeff Tarr
    Hyper9                                    software                 virtualization software                  Austin          8M      Q1 2009                                                             Chris Ostertag
    HyPerformix                               software                 app performace management                Austin         2.7M     Q1 2009    Lambda Funds, M/C, Morgan Stanley, SVB Capital           Peter Klante
    Impart Technology                         software                 wireless software SDK                    Austin                             AV, Techxas, G51, Convergent                             Gary Pankonien
    Indeed                                    business services        job search provider                      Austin
    iNetProfit                                software                 datamining                               Austin         600K     Q4 2001    G51                                                    Will Coates
    Infoglide                                 software                 data mining                              Austin         4.2M     Q3 2002    Sanchez, InterSouth, MMC, Conning Capital              Michael Shultz
    Infraworks/Pinion                         software                 security                                 Austin        7.45M     Q2 2004                                                            LP and Oak
                                                                                                                                                   SpaceVest Management Group Inc., Convergent Investors, Joyce Durst Tree Investors out of San Antonio
    Innography                                software                 IP asset management                      Austin         6.5M     Q3 2008                                                           Rob Lynch
    InnovaLight                               nanotech                 nanotech                                 Austin          1M      Q3 2002    Triton, ARCH
    Inovis                                    software                                                          Austin
    Inquisite                                 software                 enterprise web survey software           Austin
    Integral Wave                             semiconductor            RF                                       Austin
    Intrinsity                                semiconductor                                                     Austin         35M      Q2 2003    Adams Capital
    Invodo                                    software                 e-commerce                               Austin          3M      Q3 2008
    IronGrid                                  software                                                          Austin           ?      Q42002     Austin Ventures                                          Cliff Sharples
acq Isochron                                  hardware                 wireless                                 Austin                             TL,                                                      Eric Loeffel
    IT Masters                                software                 event management                         Austin         11M      Q4 2001                                                             Jim Duster (US GM)
    iTaggit                                   IT Services              web software managing assets             Austin         750K     Q2 2008    G-51                                                     David Altounian
    ItzBig                                    software                 recruitment software                     Austin          1M      Q3 2006    Rho Ventures, SRFunds                                    Jim Hammock
    Journee Software                          software                 infrastructure                           Austin         10M      Q4 2001    Access                                                   Ben Rouse
    Kimbia                                    software                 website plug-ins, fundraising            Austin
    KMV Technologies                          systems                  video conferencing                       Austin         18M      Q2 2003    AV, Norwest, Redpoint, Sutter Hill                       Craig Malloy
    Kulabyte                                  hardware                 video encoding                           San Marcos
    Lane15                                    software                 infiniband                               Austin         12M      Q4 2001    AV, Convergent, Lighspeed                                Alisa Nessler
    LDR Spine                                 medical                  spinal implants                          Austin         10M      Q4 2008
    Legadero                                  software                 IT resource mgmt                         Austin                                                                                      Greg Rice
    LibreDigital                              Internet                 online publishing (NewsStand)            Austin
    Lifesize                                  telecom                  high def video                           Austin         25M      Q3 2006    AV, Lehman Bros, Norwest, Pinnacle, Redpoint, Sutter Hill Craig Malloy
    Lombardi Software                         software                 BPA                                      Austin                             AV                                                        Rod Favaron
    Luminary Micro                            hardware                 microcontrollers                         Austin
    Manticore                                 software                 demand generation software               Austin
    Media Excel                               communications                                                    Austin
    Medical Present Value                     Internet                 e-healthcare info services               Austin         2.3M     Q3 2008
    Meetrix                                   communications           low cost video conferencing              Austin
acq MessageOne                                software                 email disaster recovery                  Austin         10M      Q1 2002    Impact                                                   Satin Mirchandani
    Metallect                                 software                 web services integration                 Austin         750K     Q2 2003    Apex, TL
acq Metreos                                   software                 IP comm development platform             Austin         3.8M     Q4 2004    Gefinor, Hunt Ventures, STARTech                         Joel Fontenot
    Microstaq                                 semiconductor            fluid control microsystems               Austin        12.5M     Q3 2008
    MindBites                                 Internet                 video learning platform                  Austin          65K     Q2 2008                                                             Jasn Reneau
    Minggl                                    Internet                 social network toolbar                   Austin
acq Mirage Networks                           software                 security                                 Austin         7.5M     Q2 2003    CernterPoint, Adams Capital                              Toney Jennings
    Molecular Imprints                        nanotech                 nano-imprint lithography                 Austin        12.9M     Q2 2008
    Monebo                                    medical                                                           Austin
    Motion Computing                          hardware                 tablet PCs                               Austin          3M      Q3 2008    Compal Electronics, G51                                  David Altounian
    Motive                                    software                 online help                              Austin                             AV                                                       Scott Harman
    Movero Technology                         software                 manages voice/data access                Austin
    Myriad Development                        software                 risk management                          Austin
    Nanocoolers                               semiconductor            cooling technologies                     Austin          2M      Q2 2003    AV
    Nanotechnologies                          semiconductor            engineering nanomaterials                Austin         170K     Q2 2003    Harris & Harris Group
    Nascentric                                software                 EDA for semis                            Austin         5.2M     Q1 2004    AV, Silverton (Bill Wood)                                Jim Clardy
    Navini Networks                           communications           wireless broadband                       Austin         6.5M                AV, Sequoia, Granite, Sternhill (Dallas)                 Roger Dorf
    Ncsoft                                    software                 gaming                                   Austin                             public, based in Korea                                   Richard Garrett
    NetBotz                                   hardware                 monitoring                               Austin          7M      Q2 2003    CenterPoint, Osprey, SSM, AV                             Tom Goldman
    NetcastHD                                 software                 HD content distribution platform         Austin
    NetEffect                                 Networking & Equipment   multi-gigabit Ethernet                   Austin
    NetQoS                                    software                 network performance mgmt                 Austin          5M      Q2 2002    Liberty Partners - NY                                    Joel Trammell
    NetSolve                                  communications           managed network services                 Austin                                                                                      David Hood
    NetSpend                                  software                 pre-paid credit card                     Austin         5.3M     Q4 2001    TGF                                                      Stephen Galasso
    NetStreams                                Media & Entertainment    IP-audio/video for home                  Austin         3.6M     Q3 2006    AV                                                       Kevin Reinis
    Neverfail                                 software                 distaster recovery                       Austin
    NewComLink                                business services        financial services processing            Austin          5M      Q4 2008
    Newgistics                                software                 returns mgmt                             Austin         10M      Q2 2003    AV, StarVest                                             Ray Greer
acq Newisys                                   hardware                 servers                                  Austin        27.9M     Q3 2001    NEA, AV                                                  Phil Hester
    NewMarket IT                              IT Services              computer recycling                       Austin         50M      Q3 2006    Catterton Partners
    NewsStand                                 software                 online publishing                        Austin          8M      Q4 2002    Adams Capital, SSM, Nora-Moseley                         Kit Webster
    NexTech                                   semiconductor            automation solutions                     Austin
    NextIO                                    hardware                 servers                                  Austin
    NextiraOne                                services                 outsourcing                              Austin                             Platinum Equity                                          Bob Wentworth
    Novacentrix                               semiconductor                                                     Austin                                                                                      Steve Leach
    NovusEdge                                 software                 security solutions                       Austin                                                                                      Michael Cation
    N-trig                                    hardware                 input devices                            Austin
    Nuventix                                  semiconductor            thermal management                       Austin         14M      Q3 2008
    Object Reservoir                          software                 petroleum analysis software              Austin         4.2M     Q32 2003 Roser Ventures, Sutter Hill
    OmegaBand                                 hardware                 infiniband cards                         Austin         6.5M     Q1 2002 Telesoft                                                    Wendy Vittori
    OneSpot                                   Media & Entertainment    aggregation                              Austin         4.1M     Q1 2009 Silver Creek                                                Matt Cohen
    OnFiber                                   communications           metro optical fiber                      Austin                           Kleiner Perkins                                            Danny Bottoms
    OnNetworks                                Internet                 media company                            Austin
    On-X                                      medical                  heart valve                              Austin
    Open Labs                                 hardware                 digital content creation platform        Austin          4M      Q2 2008                                                             Hank Coleman
    OTO Software                              software                 network monitoring software              Austin                                                                                      Chris Basham
    Pavilion                                  software                 neural net optimization                  Austin                             AV                                                       Pete Perialis
    PDC Corporation                           software                 feedback software                        Austin                             AV
    Pegasus Solutions                         software                 hotel reservations                       Austin
    PeopleAdmin                               software                 educational software                     Austin                             Jack Long                                                Jeff Carpenter
    Perceptant                                software                 banking industry                         Austin                             AV                                                       Miles Grody
    Perception Software                       software                 EDA                                      Austin                                                                                      Joe Dalton
acq Performance Retail                        software                 convenience retail software              Austin         25M      Q1 2002    Venrock, USVP                                            Marc Hafner
    Permeo                                    software                 secure applications                      Austin         12M      Q2 2003    AV, Sierra Venyures                                      Joe Pollard
    Pervasive                                 software                 database                                 Austin                             Public                                                   Dave Sikora
    Phurnace Software                         software                 development tools                        Austin          5M      Q3 2008                                                             Larry Warnock
    Pixel Magic Imaging                       software                 digital photography                      Austin         600K     Q2 2003    Southeast Interactive Technology Funds
    PlanView                                  software                 IT governance software                   Austin
    Pluck                                     software                 collaborative search                     Austin                             Dave Panos                                               Andrew Busey
    PointOne                                  communications           VoIP                                     Austin                                                                                      Michael Holloway
    PointServe                                software                 SCM services                             Austin                             Tech Impact Partners, Murphree                           Ed Powell
    Polycom                                   video                    video conferencing                       Austin
    Powered                                   software                 eLearning                                Austin          9M      Q2 2002    AV, Liberty Mutual, TL Ventures, Access                  Tony Reed
    PowerTube                                 energy                                                            Austin         300K     Q4 2001    AV Labs                                                  Glenn Lovelace
    Prefinery                                 software                 testing                                  Austin
    Prismiq                                   video                    video conferencing                       Austin
    ProspX                                    software                 commercial insurance software            Austin         6.5M     Q4 2008
    Psionic                                   software                 security                                 Austin         750K     Q4 2001    G51                                                      Sada Cumber
    PulseWave RF                              energy                   power module                             Austin
    Pyxis Technology                          software                 EDA                                      Austin
    QuickArrow                                software                 PSA                                      Austin                             AV, Access                                               Elizabeth Davis
    QuickShift                                software                 server acceleration                      Austin         5.3M     Q2 2005    CPoint, InterWest, STARTech                              Dan Keelan
    QuiXoap                                   software                 real-time enterprise                     Austin                  Q2 2003    Austin Ventures
    ReachForce                                IT Services              sales/contact leag generation            Austin          1M      Q3 2006    G-51                                                     Suaad Sait
    REAL Software                             software                 development tools - RealBASIC            Austin
    RealManage                                services                 proerty management services              Austin
    RealVue                                   software                 simulation                               Austin          4M      Q3 2002    Walden VC, SI Ventures                                   Phil Ellett
    Remanage                                  software                 property management software             Austin          3M      Q2 2003    Novus Ventures
    Renew Data                                software                 data recovery                            Austin         31M      Q3 2006    ABS, CIBC
    Resolution EBS                            software                 decision processing platform             Austin                  Q2 2003    CenterPoint, InterWest                                   John Andrews
    RF Code                                   software                 RFID                                     Austin
    Ridgeway Systems                          video                    video conferencing                       Austin
    RLX                                       hardware                 blade servers                            Austin         23M      Q2 2003    Sterhill, Soros, AV, ComVentures, Ignition, General Motors Doug Erwin
    Rocksteady Networks                       software                 communications software                  Austin
    ROME Corporation                          software                 energy risk management                   Austin                             Poweshift, Azure Capital Partners                        Jan Ryan
    Rules Based Medicine (RBM)                biotech                  biomarker testing                        Austin                                                                                      Craig Benson
    SailPoint                                 software                 identity management                      Austin         6.5M     Q3 2008                                                             Mark McClain
    Salion                                    software                 revenue acquisition                      Austin         10M      Q4 2001    AV                                                       Rich Hahn
    Santera                                   communications           switches & com infrastructure            Austin         12M      Q2 2003    AV, Meritech, Redpoint, Sequoia
    SecureLogix                               software                 data & voice security                    Austin         4.2M     Q2 2003    Series C - Castletop, First Capital Group, Symantec      Lee Sutterfield
    SensorTran                                computers                fiber-optic sensors for asset monitoring Austin         3.5M     Q4 2008    Expansion Capital, Stonehenge, WHEB
    ShangBy                                   Internet                 shopping services                        Austin
    Silicon Metrics                           software                 EDA software
    Simplified                                software                 telecom billing                          Austin                             Vector Capital                                           James Cashiola
    Site Controls                             software                 energy/asset management solutions        Austin
    SiteStuff                                 software                 real estate procurement                  Austin          7M      Q4 2001    Sevin Rosen, CenterPoint, CB Richard Ellis               Bill Sullivan
    Slacker                                   Media & Entertainment    online radio                             Austin
    Small World Labs                          Internet                 social networking software platform      Austin
    Smarte Solutions                          software                 security                                 Austin                                                                                      Bali Vishwanath
    SmarteSoft                                software                 software testing                         Austin                             Daylight Partners, CTAN                                  Gordon MacGregor
    SmartPrice                                software                 telecom services                         Austin         3.5M     Q4 2001    SSM                                                      Jeff Hoogendam
    Smartswing                                consumer                 golf clubs                               Austin
    SolarWinds                                software                 network management software              Austin          IPO     Q1 2009
    SoloMio                                   software                 wireless                                 Austin         6.5M     Q2 2003    AV, Techxas, Koch, Partech                               Richard Schwartz
    Spatial Wireless                          communications           distributed wireless switching           Austin         27M      Q2 2003    AV, Sequoia, Genesis Campus, Dali Hook, Qualcomm         Pardeep Kohli
    Spiceworks                                software                 x-Motive                                 Austin                                                                                      Scott Abel
    Spinal Restoration                        health                   treatment for lower back pain            Austin          8M      Q4 2008
    StoredIQ                                  software                 storage management software              Austin        12.2M     Q2 2008
    StorSpeed                                 software                 network storage performance              Austin         6.5M     Q2 2008    Palomar, Vestbridge, El Dorado, Hunt                     Mark Cree
    Supercircuits                             retailing                video surveillance                       Austin        16.5M     Q3 2006    Carlyle Group
    SupportKids                               software                 child support enforcement                Austin                             AV                                                       Casey Hoffman
    Surgient                                  telecom                  scalable content delivery                Austin          0M      Q3 2006    Seaport Capital
    TechSkills                                services                 training                                 Austin         5.5M     Q1 2004    Chrysalis Ventures                                       Kevin Paulsen
    TechSolve                                 software                 managed services                         Austin                                                                                      Susan Vandament
    TechTurn                                  software                 removal, recycling of PC assets          Austin
    Telantra                                  software                 wireless services                        Austin         400K     Q4 2001    AV Labs                                                  Phil Siegel
    Tellicent                                 software                 telecom/networking software              Austin         2.5M     Q2 2003    Sevin Rosen                                              Ron Anderson
    Ten Rivers Technology                     software                 contract management                      Austin                             Austin Ventures                                          Greg Hood
    TengoInternet                             telecom                  wireless Internet provider               Austin
    TeraVicta                                 semiconductor                                                     Austin
    Thinkshed                                 software                 organizational analytics                 Austin                                                                                      Keith Jones
    Thinkwell                                 Internet                 book publisher                           Austin          4M      Q3 2001                                                             Carl Tyson
    TicketCity                                Internet                 online tickets                           Austin
    Tipping Point                             hardware                 defense security                         Austin                             Public                                                   John McHale
    TK20                                      software                 software for colleges, universities      Austin
acq Tmanage                                   communications           remote network solutions                 Austin                                                                                      Carey Balzer
    Tonic Software                            software                 apps mgmt                                Austin                             Sevin Rosen                                              Don Pate
    TorchQuest                                software                 ASP                                      Austin
    Tower Technology                          software                 Java platform                            Austin          2M      Q3 2001    Intel Capital                                            John Langdon
    TRAQ/Tangoe                               software                 wireless mgmt                            Austin                             Sevin Rosen, HO2, Convergent                             Jim Offerdahl
    TriActive                                 software                 systems mgmt                             Austin         3.8M     Q2 2003    Sierra                                                   Sol Suberi
    Trillion                                  communications           comm for education                       Austin
    Troux                                     software                 IT governance software                   Austin         4.8M     Q3 2006    AV, Eqvitec Partners, Four Seasons VC, Greylock          Hank Weghorst
    uControl                                  hardware                 home security systems                    Austin
    UnboundID                                 software                 identity management software             Austin          2M      Q4 2008                                                             Steve Shoaff
    United Devices                            software                 meta-computing platform                  Austin        18.2M     Q3 2001    GE Equity, Softbank, Oak                                 Ed Hubbard
    UnWired Buyer                             Internet                 e-commerce services                      Austin         6.1M     Q3 2006    DFJ, Gefinor, Accent                                     Indy Gill
    UpLogix                                   software                 systems management                       Austin         820K     Q3 2008
    uShip                                     Internet                 e-commerce for shipping                  Austin
    USOL Holdings                             communications           broadband to multi-family                Austin                             Public, Nasdaq                                           Jim Livingston
    VCON                                      video                    video conferencing                       Austin
    ViaVideo                                  video                    video conferencing                       Austin
    VIEO/Cesura                               software                 systems mgmt, infiniband                 Austin         5.5M     Q2 2003    INVESCO Private Capital                                  Bob Fabbio
acq Vignette                                  software                 web mgmt                                 Austin                             Public                                                   Greg Peters
    Vincera                                   software                 BPA                                      Austin                             Triton, Draper, Access, Origin                           Dave Malmstedt
    Vital Insight                             software                 SOX compliance                           Austin                             Jack Long
    Vizionware                                hardware                 audio video enhancement                  Austin
    VocalData                                 software                 hosted IP telephony services             Austin        12.5M     Q2 2003    AV, Trinity, Seed Capital, Hickory, JP Morgan
    Voxpath                                   communications           HW & SW platform                         Austin         7M       Q4 2001    TIP, Dell                                                Kalvi Mani
    Voyant                                    Media & Entertainment    digital content                          Austin
    Waveset                                   software                 identity mgmt                            Austin         13M      Q3 2002    AV, Origin, Lightspeed                                   Mike Turner
    Wayport                                   communications           wi-fi in airports                        Austin         15M      Q1 2002    Sevin Rosen, NEA, Trellis                                Dave Vucina
acq Webify Solutions                          software                 BPR software                             Austin
    Westlake Products                         business services        subscriptions for products, web services Austin         1.1M     Q2 2008
acq WhisperWire                               software                 call center                              Austin                             AV                                                       Michael Heflin
acq WholeSecurity                             software                 security                                 Austin         3.7M     Q2 2003    Venrock, NEA, Trellis                                    Peter Selda
acq Wireless Valley                           software                 wireless                                 Austin                                                                                      Ted Rappaport
    Works                                     software                 spend mgmt                               Austin         8.1M     Q2 2003    Trellis, Adams                                           Jerry Lester
WSNet                      communications   programming services      Austin   30M    Q4 2001                           Stuart Lefkowitz
Xaffire (fka Matrix.Net)   software         web performance mgmt      Austin   4.9M   Q2 2003   Meritage                William Palumbo
Xplore Technologies        hardware         mobile rugged computers   Austin
Xytronics                  semiconductor                              Austin
YukonSoft                  software         small business apps       Austin                                            Michael Gagliardi
Zebra Imaging              computers        digital hologram          Austin   6M     Q3 2006   SAIC, Sierra, Voyager   Al Wargo
Zibadoo                    Internet         coupons on cell phones    Austin
Zilker Labs                semiconductor    power management ICs      Austin    3M    Q2 2008   SRFunds
Zilliant                   software         pricing optimization      Austin   2.5M   Q2 2003   AV, Trellis             Greg Peters
      AirBand Communications               communications          wireless broadband                        Dallas
      Airimba                              telecom                 high-speed Internet access                Dallas
acq   AirWalk                              telecom                 wireless CDMA                             Dallas
      Argyle Solutions                     software                bad debt collection for hospitals         Flower Mound
      BIAP Systems                         software                AI for broadband                          Plano
 x    Bluestreak Network                   software                digital entertainment middleware          Dallas
acq   Enfora                               telecom                 wireless                                  Dallas
acq   GenBand                              software                IP multimedia infrastructure              Dallas
      Global 360                           software                BPM                                       Dallas
      GlobeRanger                          software                RFID software and solutions               Dallas
      Handango                             telecom                 mobile downloads & software               Dallas
      Indoor Direct                        business services       digital out-of-home media network         Dallas
      InnerWireless                        software                in-building wireless                      Dallas
      iTKO                                 software                web services QA software                  Dallas
      Mavenir Systems                      software                mobile infrastructure software            Dallas
      NetSocket                            communications          IP service assurance                      Dallas
      Pintail                              software                test management for semiconductors        Plano
      QuickOffice                          software                mobile Office platform                    Dallas
      RipCode                              Internet                video processing for Internet video       Dallas
acq   River Logic                          software                enterprise optimization                   Dallas
      Samsung Telecommunications America   telecom                                                           Dallas
      SensorLogic                          telecom                 private label M2M services                Dallas
      Sipera                               software                VoIP security software                    Dallas
      Skywire Software                     software                                                          Dallas
      Worksoft                             software                software quality assurance                Dallas
      Xpressdocs                           media & entertainment   on-demand marketing & printing services   Ft. Worth

      NewMarket Technology
      Accudata Technologies
      Pinnacle Technical Resources
      Tango Networks
      Eltek Valare
      OxySure Systems
      Affiliated Computer Services
      Elcan Optical Technologies
 3M     Q1 2009   SRFunds, Crescendo, PacRim Venture Management               Andrew Lombard
 5M     Q3 2006   Harbert Venture Partners
11M     Q3 2006   TL Ventures
7.4M    Q3 2006   Blue Chip Venture Company
11M     Q4 2004   SCP Private Equity Partners is lead investor                Timothy Peters   Winston Churchill
 8M     Q3 2006   BDC, First Capital Group, Solidarity Fund, QFL
19M     Q4 2006   Adams Street Partners, Kodiak
15M     Q1 2007
                                                                              Williams Oates   Michael Crosno is EVP
8.3M    Q1 2009
 60M    Q3 2006   ATV, CenterPoint, Institutional VP, NeoCarta, Pharos, SSM
22.5M   Q1 2009
  2M    Q2 2003   Genesis Campus                                              Ed Cantwell

                  AV                                                                           x-IPmobile founders
 6M     Q1 2009   Sevin Rosen, Silver Creek                                                    Jon Bayless, Michael Segrest
 3M     Q3 2006   AV, Duchossois

3.5M    Q3 2006   ATA, El Dorado, Hunt, Vesbridge                                              Jeff Williams, Scott Irwin
                                                                                               Carlos Centurian

 1M     Q1 2009   Hunt, SRF, SVM STAR, UPS
300K    Q1 2009
                                                                              Patrick Brandt
 7M     Q1 2004   AV                                                          Mike Dager
280K    Q1 2009   Polaris
, Michael Segrest
      Alert Logic                        software                 security software                        Houston
      Asset Optimazation Group           software                 IT decision support                      Houston
      Berggi                             software                 email/IM for cell phones                 Houston
 x    Commerciant                        communications           handheld wireless payments               Houston
      DataCert                           software                 legal e-billing                          Houston
      EquaTerra                          business services        global outsourcing & insourcing          Houston
      FSV Payment Systems                financial services       prepaid technology                       Houston
      FuelQuest                          software                 energy SCM                               Houston
      Gimmal Group                       consulting               content management systems integration   Houston
      Infrastruct Security               software                 security                                 Houston
      Internet REIT                      Internet                                                          Houston
acq   Kinesix                            software                 Human-Machine Interface software         Houston
      MEDeCOACH                          Internet                 online medical coaching                  Houston
      P.O.P. Broadcasting                advertising              in-store pop ad displays                 Houston
      Paymetric                          software                 payment services                         Houston
      Pivot3                             software                 storage                                  Houston
      Public Games                       games                    online game developer and publisher      Houston
      Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS)   software                 mortgage loan services software          Houston
      RigNet                             telecom                  ICT solutions                            Houston
      SolArc                             software                 ETRM                                     Houston
      Spring Medical Systems             software                 electronic health records                Houston
      Syntex Management Systems          software                                                          Houston
      TenantMarket                       Internet                 online service for landlords             Houston
      TNR Entertainment                  Media & Entertainment    DVD rental kiosks                        Houston
      TradeCapture                       software                 ETRM                                     Houston
      VeriCenter                         Networking & Equipment   IT infra and managed services            Houston
      Viverae                            business services        health & welness consulting              Houston
      Vnet World                         software                 remote learning platform                 Houston
      WorldTelemetry                     communications           safe network tech monitoring             Houston
5M     Q3 2006   Hunt, Access, DFJ, OCA Ventures

3M     Q1 2006   Adara Ventures                                                                 Babur Ozden
                 Aegis, Accent                                                                  Tim Davis
                                                                                                Eric investment management firm, and individual shareholder
                 UPS, Palmetto Partners, and a group of regional investors including JMI, a personalElfman
4M     Q1 2009
6M     Q1 2009   Ballast Point, North Hill

                                                                                            Michael Alsup
7M     Q1 2009   Murphree Venture Partners, Jemison Investment Co., Louisiana Fund I, and Stonehenge Capital
                                                                                            Bob Martin
                                                                                            Russ Jamerson
                                                                                            Allyson Faist

                 AV                                                                           Steven Putney
                                                                                              Bob Fernander

10M    Q1 2009
23M    Q3 2006   Altira

3M     Q4 2004   Sanders Morris Harris                                                        Drent Derr

10M    Q3 2006   Celerity, DE Shaw, Laminar, MCG                                              Richard Cohen

 7M    Q3 2006   Pharos
6.5M   Q1 2009
x-CEO is Steve Kahan
Michael Sklar

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