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Outline for a Marketing Plan by ewghwehws


									Outline for a Marketing

             Prof. Mundy Gonzalez
             De La Salle University
             Professional Schools, Inc.
             Manila, Philippines
      Business Unit
    Strategic Planning
The Business Strategic-Planning Process
  Business Unit Strategic
Business Mission
• A broadly defined statement of purpose that
  distinguishes a business from others of its sort
• Its purpose is to broaden or narrow the playing field in
  which it competes
• It should state:
   –    “What business is the company in?”
   –   “What business does it want to be in the future?”
   –   “What markets is it serving?”
   –   “What needs is it serving?”
   –   “What technology is being used?”
Business Unit Strategic Planning
• SWOT Analysis
  – External Environment Analysis (Opportunity and
    Threat Analysis)
     • Marketing Opportunity
        – Buying opportunity more convenient or efficient
        – Meet the need for more information and advice
        – Customize an offering that was previously only available in
          standard form
   Business Unit Strategic
– Marketing Opportunity Analysis (MOA)
  • Can the benefits be articulated to a target market?
  • Can the target market be reached with cost-
    effective media and trade channels?
  • Does the company have the critical capabilities to
    deliver the customer benefits?
  • Can the company deliver these benefits better than
    any actual or potential competitors?
  • Will the rate of return meet the required threshold
    of investment?
Opportunity and Threat Matrices
 The Marketing Process
• The Value Delivery Sequence
Two Views of the Value-Delivery Process
Factors Influencing
Marketing Strategy
The Nature and Contents of a
      Marketing Plan
–   Executive Summary
     •   Describes major findings and recommendations
     •   Designed to provide busy reader some insight into the report,
         without reading through it

–   Current Marketing Situation

     •   Market Demographics           Market Needs
     •   Market Trends                 Market Growth
     •   Competition                   Services
     •   Keys to Success               Critical Issues
     •   Channels                      Macroenvironment

– Opportunity and issue analysis
     •   Opportunities                 Threats
     •   Strengths                     Weaknesses
  The Nature and Contents of a
        Marketing Plan
– Objectives
   • Mission                        Vision
   • Marketing Objectives           Financial Objectives

– Marketing strategy
   • Target Market                  Positioning
   • Marketing Mix
      –   Product                  Price
      –   Marketing Communications
      –   Distribution Channels    Services
      –   Marketing Research
  The Nature and Contents of a
        Marketing Plan
– Action programs
   • Timetable

– Financial projections
   • Breakeven Analysis Sales Forecast
   • Expense Forecast Contribution Margin

– Implementation controls
   • Milestones           Organization
   • Contingency Plans

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