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									                    Donations for Agros Auction Needed.
                    The sky's the limit! There are so many ways to help our partnership vil-
                    lage in Mexico through donations to the upcoming Agros Auction. We're
                    looking for any items that are "auctionable" at the event on May 22 from
                    6-10pm at the Sahalee Country Club. Please take a moment to consider
                    how you can donate to the auction. If you have a question about whether
                    an item is “appropriate”, contact

Personal talents or services you can offer:
  • Do you like to cook meals? Bake cakes? Cater? Bartend?
  • Do you like to garden? Mow the lawn? Rake leaves? Plant flowers? Plant containers? Plant
    fall bulbs?
  • How about babysitting? Pet sitting? Dog walking?
  • Are you a handyman? A painter? Computer savvy? Do you enjoy detailing your car?
   Creating organization out of chaos?
  • Do you enjoy scrapbooking or making gift cards? Photography? Gift wrapping? Holiday
  • Do you make jewelry? Hand bags?
  • Do you enjoy organizing theme parties?

Professional services you can offer or procure:
 •   Cosmetic Dentistry
 •   House Cleaning
 •   Landscape services
 •   Computer Consulting
 •   Salon & Spa services
 •   Tutoring
 •   Birthday parties
 •   Piano lessons, golf lessons, swim lessons, tennis lessons
 •   Golf packages
 •   Dance, Karate
 •   Photography
 •   Catering/wine tasting
 •   Limousine services

Do you have any items you can donate?
 •   Vacation rental
 •   Frequent flier miles
 •   Hotel packages
 •   Sporting tickets, theater tickets
 •   Sports memorabilia
 •   Jewelry
 •   Gift Cards
 •   CASH donations to help support this event are also welcome!

Please complete a procurement form (available in the Sanctuary Hall or at the SPC main
office) with the items, talents or services to be donated. Contact for
information about dropping your items off.

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