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					                                                 4-H Analyst II

                                      UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA
                                 AGRICULTURE AND NATURAL RESOURCES
                                       Statewide 4-H Program

                              UC DAVIS PAYROLL TITLE: Analyst II
                 SALARY RANGE: $39,792.00 - $71,626.00/YEAR 100% FIXED CAREER


Under the general supervision of the Associate Director of 4-H Program and Policy, provide executive level
analytical support to the Youth, Families and Communities Program leadership (YFC), the YFC Director and the
Associate Director of 4-H Program and Policy (AD), and work in close collaboration with the 4-H program staff
in 57 counties and the statewide office, as well as with volunteers in leadership roles across the state. Provide
research, interpretation, and analysis in the areas of policy, enrollment and 4-H financial reporting. Manage the
4hOnline enrollment system, including a multi-phased project plan for 4hOnline system roll-out. Assess
customer needs, monitor new technical functionality/features, and recommend upgrades/enhancements.
Collaborate with other state 4-H programs. Develop, implement, and evaluate/update 4hOnline training
programs and resource materials. Develop recommendations for State 4-H website design and organization
modifications; improve navigational efficiencies. Oversee and coordinate production and distribution of multiple
state 4-H office communications to 4-H stakeholders.

The Youth, Families and Communities (YFC) Statewide Program consists of the YFC Director and Associate
Director (AD) of 4-H Program and Policy, 7 academics and 16 staff, 30 county-based academics, approximately
100 county-based staff, and over 14,500 adult volunteers and 6,700 youth volunteers delivering programs to
262,000 youth and families and conducting applied research in county extension offices through the state.

This position is the only Analyst II in the 4-H Statewide offices and will provide strong analytical support for 4-
H specific issues. Analytical support will be for the 4-H statewide leadership including, the YFC Director and AD
of 4-H Program and Policy. Position will also solely manage the 4hOnline enrollment system which will include
training users throughout the 57 counties.


- Provide executive level analysis and research for the YFC Director and Associate Director of 4-H Program and
Policy (AD) regarding 4-H policy issues, especially in the area of 4-H unit charter application analysis involving
bylaw and constitution review, regulations and policy development.
- Research policy issues and interpret policy inquiries made by staff and volunteers; clarify and identify issues
identified in complaints or inquires for potential impact on 4-H stakeholders; provide analyses and make
recommendations to AD.
- Establish and maintain confidential system of communications, complaints, financial documents, and other
records for policy-based 4-H documents.
- Conduct analysis of IRS reporting requirements for 4-H clubs and councils under the UC umbrella; oversee
adherence to annual and case-specific 4-H policy deadlines by statewide office and county-based staff.

- Manage the 4hOnline enrollment system, including development and implementation of multi-phased project
plan for counties and state office, completion of remaining phases of 4hOnline system roll-out, analysis of data,
and reporting.
- As 4hOnline administrator and primary liaison with 4hOnline vendor, troubleshoot system-wide issues and
monitor user requests.
- Conduct periodic evaluation of customer needs and availability of new 4hOnline upgrades in technical
functionality/features; recommend upgrades based on analysis of user needs and available budget; ensure
new functionalities are incorporated and within established 4-H and university policies.
- Seek out opportunities to collaborate with other state 4-H programs to partner in the development of new
technologies, trainings, and other support programs/resources.
- Prepare various analyses using data generated by 4hOnline system and from other sources, (e.g., statewide
enrollment trends analysis to provide recommendations regarding areas to target for program development in
future years).
- Establish and maintain contact with external constituents for collection and exchange of data for federal,
university and applicable state reporting requirements.

- Develop and implement 4hOnline training series for county staff, including annual update trainings to
introduce new 4hOnline functionality and system modifications; conduct trainings and conference calls.
- Develop and implement training programs addressing 4-H annual financial reporting system requirements and
utilization of the online system.
- Develop and maintain training manuals and other resource materials for 4-H county staff and volunteers.
- Conduct follow up surveys to solicit feedback in the development of additional trainings; evaluate training
programs, manuals and resource materials regularly; re-offer trainings and other materials as necessary.

- Work with ANR Communication Services & IT Unit and advisory panels to development recommendations for
State 4-H website design and organization modifications for improved navigational efficiencies.
- Oversee updates to policy-based information shared via the website, both public and staff-only access sites.
- Oversee and coordinate production and distribution of multiple state 4-H office communications to 4-H
stakeholders (e.g., newsletters, etc.); in collaboration with AD, assess newsletter effectiveness and recommend

-Operate computer for extended periods of time.
-Work in an area with a high level of noise from heavy foot traffic, ringing telephones, and frequent verbal

-Valid CA driver's license.
-A copy of DMV record will be required as a final condition of employment.
-Position will participate in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Pull Notice System.
-Employee is personally responsible for following health and safety guidelines/instructions.
-Overnight travel may be necessary on occasion, requiring travel by automobile or commercial air, and which
may include overnight lodging.
-Work in high level of noise from foot traffic, conferences, trainings, and meetings.
-Work occasional varied lunch periods, often with short notice.
-Work occasional overtime.

-Experience researching, analyzing, problem-solving and interpreting data and policy, writing clear
recommendations for executive decision-making, and communicating findings both orally and in writing.
-Experience implementing online web-based systems, clarifying and analyzing a variety of
customer/operational/system requirements or problems and proposing creative alternatives and solutions.
-Experience working in a community-based youth development statewide office.
-Experience interpreting and applying policies and procedures of university and youth development statewide
office for participating counties or external units, as well as federal and state laws and guidelines regarding the
501(c)3 non-profit designation and tax exempt status.
-Experience with the principles and procedures for handling, identifying and protecting confidential, personal
and sensitive information.
-Experience using email, internet, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and design software;
experience training and mentoring staff in the use of technology.
-Experience presenting complex technical and legal materials in a clear, concise and professional manner.
- Experience utilizing effective interpersonal and communication skills to develop and maintain positive,
professional relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds and at various organizational levels.
-Experience writing clear, consistent and grammatically correct documents and written communications.

-Experience working with the state 4-H Youth Development Program mission, policies, and political structure
and Cooperative Extension and UC administrative policies and procedures.
-Experience interpreting and applying 4-H, university policy and procedure, and federal and state laws and
guidelines regarding the 501(c)3 non-profit designation of the university and the tax exempt status of 4-H
units statewide.
-Experience with organization and time management to independently manage an extensive and varied
workload, meet multiple deadlines, coordinate simultaneous projects, respond to unexpected job demands,
keep pace with changing priorities, and maintain a high level of productivity.
-Experience with Microsoft Office 2010 in a Windows environment, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and
PowerPoint; Experience with 4hOnline, Sitebuilder and AdobeConnect software.
-Experience promoting UC and ANR affirmative action policies.
-Political acumen, diplomacy and discretion in interactions with others.
-Skill to conduct tactical analysis and make decisions in a politically charged environment.
-Organizational skills to multi-task and maintain a high level of productivity with exceptional attention to detail.

- Read and follow the UCD Principles of Community.

For further information and to apply for this job, please visit the following weblink: on req# 03007751

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