Multi Line Policy Claims System – A Case Study by Breathe Carolina


									Multi Line Policy / Claims System – A Case Study
The Client: Our Customer provides a broad range of commercial property and casualty insurance products, which are marketed through highly professional insurance agents and brokers and serviced by strategically, located underwriting and claim offices throughout the United States. Our Customer has earned a reputation for providing top quality products, Policy management claims handling, and loss control services to satisfy the needs of our customers. With the aid of powerful new tools and technology, they continue to meet these needs faster and more efficiently than ever before. The Business Problem: Develop a “state of the art” Insurance system that enables insurance professionals to become more productive and effective in their day-today technical decision-making. In concert with the system development, reengineer the process to eliminate redundant or unneeded activity assuring prompt efficient delivery of service. In the development process, the existing fully functional Legacy system was enhanced to provide web interface, enhancing the functionality by developing the interface modules to the legacy system. The generic system requirement demands, highly configurable system for all lines of business. As a part of enhancing the business required robust claims system that is coupled with the existing policy management system as well as generic policy system. The Solution: To maximize component-based build strategy, the total system has been divided into applications spanning across different layers. As the requirement, needs to reuse the existing stable, fully functional Policy system, a 3-tier architecture system was developed. Developing native interfaces to existing system as a part of business layer reused the existing policy sys-

tem. The industry-standard system flow XML / Servlets / Business beans based middle tier was developed to talk to the back end systems. This enables the system to be configurable for multi customer requirements. This gave the power to use various proven policy management systems as for back end processing with the given time frames. Presentation layer is divided into static components like HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and dynamic components such as Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java Servlets. The Presentation layer delegates business requests to process layer. To achieve scalable, distributed, and reliable solution, J2EE standard components e.g., JSP/Servlets, are used. The application is being deployed using IBM Websphere 3.5 application server accessing any relational database in particular AS/400 DB2/400 IBM Websphere 3.5 transaction control process, data source, connection pooling are used to resolve process dependencies and process monitoring. The Policy application currently in development supports various functions such as new policy issues, Quote, endorsements, cancels, notepad, dairy renewals and reinsurance for different lines of products. Currently system handles the following lines of Business Home Owners Auto Umbrella Watercraft Excess Liability For all states in the United States The claims application currently in development supports various functions such as Notice of Loss, Policy Inquiry, Claim Inquiry, Claim Assignment, Duplicate Claim Check, Claim Feature Setup, Reserve Analysis, Investigation Summary, Benefits, File Notes, Diaries, Financials, Special Handling Instructions, Aggregate Management, Medical Bill Processing, Forms & Letters, Recoveries and Vendor Management

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