Abilities by lanyuehua


									                                SHARPENING THE IMAGE

          Work through the checklist on this page rating each item on a scale: -

4. I’m good at this           2. I can cope at a basic level
3. I’m fairly good at this    1. this isn’t me

a) Learning, retaining and recalling information.
b) Communicating clearly in speech to others.
c) Perceiving/noticing inconsistencies.
d) Being deft and skilful in using your hands.

a) Being methodical and systematic with data.
b) Having sensitivity, insight, and understanding of other people.
c) Understanding written material.
d) Designing useful things.

a) Following instructions and procedures.
b) Being tactful and diplomatic.
c) Writing clearly, concisely and cogently.
d) Improvising or adapting equipment.

a) Researching and gathering data.
b) Leading or organising people.
c) Thinking quickly, adapting ideas readily.
d) Diagnosing malfunctions or faults in equipment.

a) Checking or making an inventory.
b) Building up relationships with others.
c) Analysing, reasoning, being logical.
d) Producing and making equipment or products.

a) Organising or arranging information.
b) Expressing feelings, conveying warmth or caring.
c) Creating, originating, innovating, getting new ideas.
d) Using tools, making, assembling things.
a) Bookkeeping, budgeting, financial or economic analysis.
b) Persuading, influencing, negotiating.
c) Visualising patterns or shapes, sketching or designing.
d) Fixing or repairing things.

a) Carrying out arithmetical calculations.
b) Getting people involved, drawing them out.
c) Developing and extending ideas, being imaginative.
d) Understanding how things work.

a) Sorting, sifting, classifying information.
b) Explaining, instructing, teaching.
c) Evaluating or comparing ideas.
d) Using tools, assembling or building things.
on a scale: -

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