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					                                              THE RULES

The Gems will have monthly meetings/seminars with topics and activities to address education, leadership
development, cultural arts, community service and health wellness.

If a Gem has three absences, she will be asked to discontinue participation in the program. A Gem from the existing
waiting list may be moved up as a replacement.

The Gems represent a program sponsored by Youth Development Foundation of the Zeta Upsilon Omega Chapter of
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Gems must present themselves appropriately at all times (dress appropriately for the
occasion, avoid the use of profanity or other offensive language) and follow directions and courtesy rules.

Gems must inform parents of all program activities before they occur. This includes financial obligations. Parents are
encouraged to attend Parent/Daughter activities and may participate in JWB training sessions.

Any Gem displaying behavior that would place them in the position of being viewed as disrespectful, and/or portraying a
negative image of themselves or others will be placed on probation. Such behavior is defined as profanity, profane
gyrations with the body, fighting, being seen frequently in the company of peers who abuse drugs or alcohol, and/or
being caught in an "uncompromising position" or “inappropriate location”.

Gems who are placed on probation will remain on probation for a length of time to be specified by the AKAdemy staff
and will not be allowed to participate in any of the planned program activities.

In the event a Gem becomes pregnant, she will not be allowed to participate in Exquisite Gem activities during her
pregnancy and will be referred to a JWB agency. She will be ineligible to participate in AKA Debutante activities.

All Gems are required to provide consent for the AKAdemy/JWB to review school progress and must submit a copy
of their report cards after each grading period. Gems are encouraged to maintain a 2.5 GPA.

All Gems are required to adhere to the goals established by the AKAdemy in the areas of leadership
development, community service and educational development.

Failure to participate in planned program activities or submit grades as requested - may result in a Gem not being
eligible to attend the college tour or cultural or entertainment activities.

The aforementioned program activities and rules are designed to assist Gems to develop the key aspects of "finer
womanhood", become knowledgeable about the local community, empowered and self-assured in order to become
positive contributors to society.

I understand the goals and rules established by the AKAdemy - Exquisite Gems Program. I agree to attend and
actively participate in the program activities. If I cannot attend an activity, I will notify the AKA Hotline at 866-
9436 prior to the activity. I understand that if I miss three (3) activities, I will be asked to discontinue
participation in the program.

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