A Wkst by lanyuehua


									                                                                                    Name: ______________________
                                                                                     Date: ______________________
                                                                                     Hour: ______________________

_____1) That is a secret between ______.                   _____ 11) Can a person be an attorney without being a
 a. he and me                                              lawyer?
 b. him and I                                               a. No.
 c. he and I                                                b. Yes.
 d. him and me
                                                           _____ 12) He is a __________ alcoholic.
_____ 2) Then they changed the order to _____.              a. reformed
 a. 747Bs                                                   b. recovering
 b. 747B's
                                                           _____ 13) The rooster shakes ____ wattles; the dog lifts
_____ 3) Which is correct according to AP Style?           ______ nose.
 a. American Medical Assn.                                  a. his, his
 b. American Medical Association                            b. its, its
                                                            c. its, his
_____ 4) Which three can be abbreviated in AP Style?        d. his, its
 a. Avenue, Boulevard, Street
 b. Drive, Circle, Boulevard                               _____ 14) He was arrested _________ murder.
 c. Road, Terrace, Avenue                                   a. on a charge of
 d. Street, Drive, Avenue                                   b. for

_____ 5) He also plans to stay _________ in Minneapolis.   _____ 15) About 50 cars each day ______ towed for illegal
 a. awhile                                                 parking.
 b. a while                                                 a. is
                                                            b. are
_____ 6) What is the median of 1, 3, 5, 6 and 30?
 a. 5                                                      _____16) He seemed to be angry ____ the world.
 b. 9                                                       a. with
 c. 12.5                                                    b. at
                                                            c. either is correct
_____ 7) She was ____________ embezzling funds.
 a. arrested and charged with allegedly                    _____ 17) A murderer is:
 b. arrested and charged with                               a. Someone charged with murder.
                                                            b. Someone convicted of the charge of murder in a
_____ 8) The master of ceremonies then called out,         court of law.
"_____ Bush and _____ Jacobs have finally arrived!"         c. Someone who has killed someone and been caught.
 a. Gov., Dr.                                               d. Someone who has killed someone.
 b. Gov., Doctor
 c. Governor, Doctor                                       _____ 18) "Assault" means ______________.
 d. Governor, Dr.                                           a. to commit physical violence
                                                            b. to threaten violence
_____ 9) Which is correct according to AP Style?
 a. Arctic fox; Arctic Ocean                               _____ 19) Which is correct according to AP Style?
 b. arctic fox; Arctic Ocean                                a. West 42nd Street
                                                            b. West 42nd. St.
_____ 10) She stood ______ the flowers                      c. W. 42nd St.
 a. amid
 b. amidst                                                 _____ 20) If a negotiator hears the evidence, then hands
                                                           down a decision, that person is:
                                                            a. an arbitrator
                                                            b. a mediator

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