Versatility of Cooktops in Kitchen

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					Built-in cooktops are rapidly gaining popularity in today's kitchen
design. Cooktops may offer more freedom and versatility than other stove
types without sacrificing any features. The placement and productivity of
kitchen appliances, especially cooktops, is very important in designing a
kitchen that will fit the needs of the individuals using it.

 Like traditional ranges, cooktops are available with several burner
configurations to choose from. Smaller cooktops offer standard four
burner options, while higher end cooktops come equipped with as many as
six burners. Some cooktops come with bridge elements that allow the user
to combine cooking surfaces to accommodate oblong or oversize cookware.

 Consumers may also choose from gas cooktops, electric cooktops or
induction cooktops. Many people are not familiar with induction
technology as it is relatively new. Induction cooktops use
electromagnetic energy which transfers the heat directly to certain types
of cookware. Unlike gas cooktops or electric cooktops, there are no hot
elements or flames with these kinds of cooktops.

 Some of the similarities between cooktops and ranges are mentioned
above. The main difference is the fact that cooktops are not directly
attached to an oven, providing much needed design freedom. Cooktops can
be mounted over a wall oven or cabinetry. This offers a vast amount of
possibilities in kitchen design and may yield advantages.

 People who perform a lot of baking frequently install cooktops because
they prefer to have wall ovens at or above waist height, which eliminates
the need to repeatedly bend and lift. These types of cooktops bring ease
to baking as bakers can use the cooktops separately from the oven.

 The space saving design of cooktops also makes them a favorite choice
for those with small or irregular shaped kitchens. Cooktops come in a
variety of sizes, from about 24 inches all the way up to 42 inches wide.
Many homeowners challenged with tight spaces opt to mount smaller
cooktops over cabinets to maximize storage capacity. Cooktops are also a
popular alternative in narrow spaces, such as galley kitchens, where it
may be awkward to open an oven door between cabinets.

 Cooktops are not just beneficial in smaller kitchens, however. Many
people with large kitchens prefer to install cooktops in a center island
rather than place a range against a wall. This layout allows them to
interact with other family members, look out the window or watch TV while
using the cooktops. Placing cooktops in a center island is also very
popular with those who frequently entertain.

 Cooking connoisseurs often like to have the versatility of both gas and
electric burners, depending on what they are preparing, but don't want
two ranges in their kitchen. Cooktops offer a practical solution: put in
an electric range and add a gas cooktop nearby, or vice-versa. Cooktops
also afford you the choice to have a gas burners and an electric oven.

 Cooktops offer the freedom and versatility to design a kitchen that will
fit the demands of virtually any lifestyle. When shopping for cooktops
take your needs into careful consideration and choose cooktops
accordingly. Cooktops can be a wise investment.