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    Advertisement Critique
         Roxanna Dehghan
           February 6, 2012
             Michael Jones

       The online advertisements used for this critique will both come from the auto
industry, and both are feature length videos found on YouTube. The first video is
Matthew Broderick for Honda’s CR-V, and the second video is Jerry Seinfeld for Acura’s
NSX. Both were released within a few days of each other and have interesting tactics to
grab the audience’s attention before the release and even after. As of February 6th, both
videos have combined viewership of 28 million. This critique will analyze as to what
each company did to reach that amount in less than a week after both videos went on to
        Since only the Honda was later shortened and placed during the superbowl
commercials, both can be found online and therefore at meant to gouge a younger
audience possibly twenty to forty years of age. The Acura could be toward young male
executives, the car is sporty enough yet the comical manner in which the ad was filmed
make it seem as though its not meant to be taken seriously, hence toward a younger
crowd. I saw both of these advertisements the weeks of January 30th while browsing
reddit.com while procrastinating.
         Beginning with Honda’s CR-V advertisement, approximately two days before the
release of the two minute and twenty five second ad, a teaser was released that showed
Broderick asking for a day off work. Over the course of those two days, social media
sites, community platforms and other websites buzzed about a possible sequel to Ferris
Bueller’s Day Off. An interesting approach by Honda, this attracted a great deal of a
younger viewership (approximately 21-35 years of age), having watched Bueller’s Day
Off, this audience because intrigued by the prospect of a possible sequel awaiting for the
next video. Once the follow up video is released there was excitement and some
displeasure rather than a statement or preview for the sequel, audiences were greeted with
a commercial. The commercial itself was well done but still wasn’t the same.
The textbook mentions an a notable point:
       “When seeding new products and viral campaigns, display advertising can be
       used to reach a wide audience at a low cost. It can expose a campaign to many
       new users, and increase the chance that those who are most likely to pass on a
       message receive it in the first place. Display advertising also supports other
       advertising and marketing channels, such as search advertising and marketing.”
The video did in fact do just that, but unlike the Seinfeld commercial who used social
media to attain more attention it could have garner more attraction to the video.

         The second advertisement is Acura’s, released on January 30th, I found the video
while watching the Honda ad on the sidebar. I watched it and realized how ridiculous the
video was, the car is mentioned and shown only at the beginning and at the end of the
video. Throughout the video Jerry attempts to be the first person to own the NSX by
bribing the original first owner. Acura did do something quite Machiavellian of them; in
the title as you see in the appendix there is a hashtag which states #JerryNSX. Hashtags
are used by twitter to promote trends or sayings, what Acura wanted to do was become a
trending topic and to result in more viewership. Honda did not do this; it could be argued
that this may be the reason why Acura has attained more views in a shorter period of time.

        In terms of if this advertisement was effective? Yes, they caught the attention of
the audience and the celebrity spokespeople poked fun at themselves. However, Honda’s
video consistently showed Broderick driving around town with the CR-V, which is
different than the original film where Bueller drove a Jaguar everywhere, additionally
Broderick who has a wife and children appears to be driving around the town alone,
something that seems unlikely. Acura’s advertisement was completely over the top in
terms of content, it had to barely anything to do with the vehicle it just seems as though it
was a bunch of ideas placed into one, and then gouge the audience for a laughter when
Jay Leno appears at the end and in fact wins the vehicle.


           Note the titles of both commercials,
           how the Acura one ends with a
           hashtag for twitter using audiences.
            Also note that in the Bueller
           commercial the car is not seen until 1
           minute into the commercial where
           are in the Acura it is seen
           immediately at the beginning of the
           video and immediately at the end of
           the video.

Approximately mid way through each video, here we see the many skits through the
Acura commercial, one of which Jerry entertains the man’s family to try and be the first
person to get the NSX.

With Honda, the car is now shown and will continue to be shown till the end of the


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