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					BIL101, Introduction to Computers and Information Systems
                         Chapter 7

 Microsoft Word
   This chapter is based on the Turkish documents written by
                          Fahrettin Önal
     Reformatted and ornamented with screen snapshots by
                         Metin Demiralp
                 Istanbul Technical University,
    Informatics Institute, Maslak -- 80626, Istanbul/ Türkiye
                           Version 0.60

                Reformatted for presentation by
                       Hüseyin Toros
Microsoft Word is quite capable of doing a lot of
important things like using different fonts in size
and shape for the document preparation in a easy--
to--get approach. It has a lot of tools to be
provided for various user demands. Generally, the
term Word recalls the Microsoft Word which is a
part of Microsoft Office Suite.
Word documents are maintained in a file
format which is specified by the suffix .doc in the
name. However it can handle the documents by
reading from or saving into the other file formats
like text files .txt or rich text format files .rtf. Since
1997 Word is able to manipulate the HTML files.              3
  •The word window contains 9 main menus.

• File:
This menu controls fundamental file
  operations. You can get an access
  for the operations like file opening,
  file closing, file saving, managing file
  margin settings, printing from this

When a new documents is tried to be created a new
file whose extension is doc is opened. The document
is prepared by using the existing tools of Word and
then File--Save option of this menu is selected for
saving the document file. A new window is opened to
get some information about the file where the recent
for of the document will be saved. The necessary
information is given through this window to complete
the saving procedure.

One of the important options is Page Format. The
spaces for the left, right, top and bottom margins
can be set via this option. The selection between
the landscape or portrait forms of the paper can also
be accomplished through this option. That is the
paper is used either in vertical or in horizontal

• Edit:
The editing operations which are needed to
  be done on the content of the document
  are accessible from this menu. Cut -- Paste
  operations which are available in all
  window structured operating systems,
  search and replacement operations,
  undoing operations which recover from
  an executed operation, repetitions can be
  realized by using the tools which are
  accessible from this menu.

    It is possible to find a word in the text
   and to replace it with some other word.

For this purpose Edit--Change Menu
is used. First the information for the term to
be searched and then the information about
the new string which will be replaced with the
searched one are given. After this step the
replacing operation can be realized for either
just a single or multiple replacements.
  The medium for editing the document
can be chosen via this menu. On the
other hand the toolbars which are
perhaps most important features of
Word like programs can be hidden or
made appearable through this menu.
There are two fundamental toolbars:
Standard Toolbar which enables file
and edit operations,
Formatting Toolbar which operates on
text and paragraphs.                9
Add In:
   This menu enables us to add the
objects like footnote, page number,
date information, symbol, picture,
caricature, ready--to--use figures,
files. Caricatures include some
small pictures which comes with

    Add In menu makes it possible to write some
 symbols which are not directly available from
keyboard. The Add--Symbol option enables us to
choose some existing symbols from this menu and
add them into the document in a desired number.

 There is a Word specific picture writing
capability which is called WordArt. The
   following snapshot illustrates this.

   The color, type, style, size
and paragraph management of
our text material; itemization
operations, shading and
margin design, column
strutures, the creation of
special writing formats and
their utilization are available
via the tools of this menu.

All types of settings
which are related to
  the characters to
be written into the
    document are
 adjusted from this
      menu. For
    this purpose
Format--Font Type
option can be used.
 In this menu, font
   type, font style,
font size, font color
     can be set.     14
• Format--Paragraph option
  can be used to set a
  paragraph left or right
  justified or centered. The
  spaces from the left and
  right margins can also be
  set via this option.

On the other hand we can use the Format--Item and
Enumeration options for the creation of an itemized text.
Format--Format option enables us to create a specific text
type at our disposal. This can be considered as our hand
   This menu is used for the
applications of some
grammatical procedures,
envelope and label creation,
utilization of macros
and some small subroutines,
the adjustment of the general
settings of Word.

    Tools menu permits us to make settings on the
   defaults of Word. For example, to set the time
period for autosaving procedure to a desired value, to
set a password, to set warnings for macro viruses, to
      set default file type we can use this menu.

   This menu provides the tools
for the construction of tables
which are composed of cells such
that each cell may contain
different text material.

                       Window: This menu
                       enables us to work with more
                       than one documents at
                       the same time.

Help: As can be concluded
from its name this menu gives
some information about
various facilities of Word.

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