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					                                                    Gisborne /Tūranganui-a-Kiwa Kindergartens                                          Strategic Plan 2009- 2012
  Mission Statement: (What we set out to do everyday) To provide quality early childhood education using the principles of the Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki as the framework and provide quality leadership and
  management practices to ensure continuous improvement in a bicultural context (reflecting the principles of the Te Titiri o Waitangi).
  Te Kite/Vision for the Future: (What we aspire to…) To nurture the learner of today to enhance the community of the future. To be innovative leaders in the future, building on past and present.

  Te Wāriu /Values:

  Family and Community/Whānau Tangata                            Relationships/Ngā Hononga                                       Empowerment/Whakamana                                                Holistic Development /Kotahitanga

  1. Initiate and sustain positive, reciprocal                       1. Promote collaborative relationships within our               1. Support tamariki, whānau and educators to reach 1. Provide safe, stimulating and challenging teaching
     relationships within our learning community.                       community and beyond.                                           their individual potential through the Curriculum  and learning environments.
                                                                                                                                        Te Whāriki.
  Supporting Strategies:                                         Supporting Strategies:                                                                                                             Supporting Strategies:
  : Utilise Government initiatives to support parents in         : Raise families’ awareness of support services and agencies.    Supporting Strategies:                                             : Ensure teaching resources and environments meet the
 their role: Skip; Incredible Years; Strengthening Families...   : Attend Relevant political Meetings                             : Enhance teaching knowledge and practices through involvement learning requirements of children.
   : Strengthen relationships with schools.                      :Liaison with schools                                           in MoE initiatives including Exemplars and Ka Hikitia.              : Maintain regular self review cycle to ensure information is
: : Regular specific and targeted questionnaires                   : Liaison with Wider early childhood networks ,community        : Transition Planning: between sessions, School, other cultures.  current.
                                                                 and other agencies                                              :Advocacy
                                                                 : Promotion of our position in the community through            :Bi-cultural plan                                                  2. Ensure all stakeholders have opportunities for
  2. Promote and value open lines of                             articulation of our practice.                                    :Parent Interviews                                                     continuity of experience and time to revisit
     communication where committees, parents,                    :Parent workshops                                                                                                                       learning.
     whānau and educational leaders can thrive.
                                                                     2. Celebrate inclusive, equitable and culturally                2. Promote opportunities for children, teachers and              Supporting Strategies:
  Supporting Strategies:                                                appropriate connections.                                        other stakeholders to lead and make decisions                 :Consolidate Professional development that is linked to
  : Conversations with children and parents/whānau                                                                                      about teaching and learning. (Ako)                            appraisal action plans
   (Interviews?)                                                  Supporting Strategies:                                                                                                              : PD Release, non-contact time, staff meetings…
  : Committee, Community Meetings/hui,                            : Ensure inclusion of adults and children with a disability    Supporting Strategies:                                               :Lead Professional development opportunities within the
  : Newsletters, entry and exit surveys…                          and/or special needs.                                          :Building leadership capacity within our Association                 community
                                                                 :Build on relationships with Special Education and other        : Be proactive to promote innovation in practice.
                                                                  support agencies                                               : Celebrate each teachers’ and individual kindergartens area of        3. Ensure that the spiritually (wairua) dimensions of
                                                                  :Build relationships with local te kohango reo ,iwi            strength or interest.                                                       the whole person are valued.
                                                                 : Celebrate Gisborne and market our special community (To       : Reflective practice is an intrinsic part of teachers’ individual and
                                                                  rejoice in our location.)                                      teaching team philosophy.                                              Supporting Strategies:
                                                                                                                                                                                                         : Respect the different cultures and languages within the
                                                                                                                                                                                                         :Value opinions and Respectfulness
                                                                                                                                                                                                          :Access to Counseling support services

 Leadership, Management and Quality Improvement
  1. Continue to build and maintain our resource base to develop and improve services.
  Supporting Strategies:
  Ensure long term financial sustainability through effective financial management systems.
  : Financial Accountability; Risk management: Analyse statistical data.
  Ensure robust Human Resources Systems:
  : Strong Performance Management System: (Staff recruitment, Inductions; Teacher) Roles of the Governing Board, Management, Teachers, support staff teacher and Committee are transparent and regularly reviewed.
   Encourage continuity of Board members
  Monitor and regularly review our Legal Obligations
  : Legislation: Criteria, Regulations, Te Whāriki, Ka Hikitia: Maori Education Strategy, EC Strategic Plan, Policies and Procedures; attend Ministry meetings; Relevant Timelines reviewed and updated.
Ensure Buildings and Playgrounds Safe and well maintained.
:Determine building requirements to meet possible future needs: :Property Management Plan: cyclic maintenance schedule: Building up grades ,Playground upgrade/s, front runner…

2.   Promote sustainable participation by being responsive to the needs of the community.
Supporting Strategies:

3. Multiple opportunities for learning and teaching to promote the practice of continuous improvement.
Supporting Strategies:
: Leaders of ECE in Gisborne
: Professional development at many levels (Board, Management, Individual Teachers, teams, support staff…)
 : ICT Strengthening of knowledge and skills.

4.Cultivate challenges and opportunities that arise.
 : Support other early childhood professionals (REAP, Playcentre...)
: Develop resources for the wider ECE sector and parents. (Transition booklet/ pamphlet/ Parenting Programme).
 : Marketing: What is Kindergarten and other information pamphlets.
 : Growth…

Terms of Reference:
                     Ako: Being a learner; To learn and teach.
                     Bi-cultural: Māori and Non-Māori
                     Curriculum: the sum total of the experiences, activities, and events, whether direct or indirect, that occurs within an environment designed to foster children’s learning and development.
                     Reciprocal relationships: a relationship involving mutual, complimentary reactions and responses between two parties.
                     Responsive relationships: a relationship in which one party (often the teacher) reacts quickly and sensitively to the interests, observations, or experiences of another party (often the child)
                     Te Whāriki: Woven mat
                     Te Titiri O Waitangi: The Treaty of Waitangi: Principles are Partnership (the duty to make informed decisions); Participation and Protection
                     Wairua: Spirit

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