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Dinner Meeting _ Tour Membership Student Night Wednesday


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									                                                                   The British Columbia Totem
                                                             Vol. XLIX, Number 5 January 2002

                          Dinner Meeting & Tour
                        Membership / Student Night
                        Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Topic:             Tour of Canada Place,

Location:          Dinner at the 1066 Restaurant,
                   1066 West Hastings Street,
                   then short walk to Canada Place
Time:              5:30 PM: Social Hour
                   6:30 PM: Dinner
                   7:30 PM: Tour

Cost:              $30 Chapter Members
                   $33 Society Members & Guests of Members
                   $10 Students

To register contact Charlie Sabean at (604) 588-1030, fax (604) 588-1012
or e-mail:

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                                                                                   The British Columbia Totem
                                                                             Vol. XLIX, Number 5 January 2002

                                                                              President’s Message
                                                                              Eric Bradley

                                                                              Welcome to the New
                                                                              Year. I hope all of the
                                                                              members and their
The B.C. Totem - The B.C. Chapter of the                                      families had a good
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating                                    Holiday Season and are
and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)                                       starting out this year with
publishes the B.C. Totem eight times per                                      some new resolutions.
year. Statements made in this publication are
                                                                              Your first resolution
not expressions of the Society or the Chapter
and may not be reproduced without special                                     should be to attend the
permission.                                                                   next ASHRAE Chapter
  To contact the Chapter write to:                                            meeting.
  ASHRAE – BC Chapter (#020)
  P.O. Box 4291 Vancouver, BC. V6B 3Z7.
                                                We have an excellent Chapter meeting program for the
For further information concerning this
publication you can contact Keith Jordan at     coming spring.
                                                The January meeting (on January 9) is a tour of Canada
  Chapter Officers                              Place. It has been many years since we last visited this
  President:               Eric Bradley
                                                location. With the number of changes to this facility
  President-Elect:       Kim LaBreche
  Vice-President:             Rod Yeoh          and the importance of the location to the Vancouver
  Treasurer:             Norm Grusnick          Region, this should be a very interesting night. The
  Secretary:             Peter Horwood          original tour of this building, just after it opened,
  Governor:           Wayne Borrowman           featured a state of the art building automation system
  Governor:             Trevor Lindwall
                                                for 1986. It will be interesting to compare the new
  Governor:                 Bob Mackie
  Past President:      Brian O’Donnell          building automation system to the original concept.
                                                The January meeting is also student night. The meeting
  Committee Chairpersons                        date is one week earlier than usual to avoid a conflict
  Attendance            Charlie Sabean          with the ASHRAE Society meeting in Atlanta.
  Chapter Programs           Rod Yeoh
  Historian                  Gary Way
  Honours & Awards       Robert Flipse          February’s meeting (On Valentine’s Day, Thursday,
  Government Affairs         Toby Lau           February 14) provides an opportunity for you and your
  Membership                                    significant other to enjoy a dinner and play on Granville
    Promotion           Peter Horwood           Island. Kim LaBreche and Rod Yeoh have arranged a
  Newsletter              Keith Jordan
                                                special meal at the Pacific Culinary Institute followed
  Refrigeration      Wayne Borrowman
  Research Promotion Brian O’Donnell            by a play at the Arts Cub. Check the January Totem for
  Student Activities    Doug Harwood            the sign up.
  Technical, Energy &
    Government Affairs Norm Grusnick            The March meeting will be a special night for the
                                                Chapter. This meeting will celebrate the 50th
Refer to your copy of the Chapter Roster for
contact numbers.                                anniversary of the Chapter. We have planned a special
                                                speaker and will also be honoring those Presidents who
                                                have served the Chapter in past Years.

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                                                                             The British Columbia Totem
                                                                       Vol. XLIX, Number 5 January 2002

President’s Message, cont…
Eric Bradley

I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate Gary Way who has been appointed to the
position of Chapter Auditor replacing Bob Cawker. Gary’s role will be to provide accounting of
the budget information to the Treasurer and reports to the Audit Committee and Board of

Bob Cawker has finally decided to take an “early” retirement after forty years of service to the
Chapter. His support of the Chapter has been much appreciated.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the October meeting.

Eric C. Bradley - Chapter President

January Dinner Meeting & Tour
Wednesday, January 9th, 2002.

5:30 pm               Social Hour
6:30 pm               Dinner at the 1066 Restaurant, 1066 West Hastings Street.
7:30 pm               Tour of Canada Place

Canada Place – This $120,000,000 project was built as the Canadian Pavilion for Expo 86. The
1,000,000 square foot structure consists of a convention hall, ship terminal and a 450 room, 20
storey Hotel. Seawater is effectively used as cooling water in the condenser. A four pipe fan coil
system serves the hotel and VAV systems serve the convention center.

Editor’s Note
Keith Jordan

If you have any questions about submissions for the Totem please contact me at:
Tel: (604) 735-2700 Fax: (604) 793-9958 e-mail

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                                                                             The British Columbia Totem
                                                                       Vol. XLIX, Number 5 January 2002


Spouses Night, Valentines Day, Thursday, February 14th, 2002.

Dinner theatre at the Arts Club Theatre, Granville Island, with Dinner at the
Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.

The play will be Dames at Sea, a good old fashioned musical.
Set in big time New York, a delightful musical spoof of 1930's Hollywood films, where a sweet
little girl from a faraway Hometown comes to make it big on Broadway - and teams up with a
sailor who just happens to be an aspiring songwriter. Although Hometown Girl makes it to the
chorus, she has to look out for the show's female lead, who decides to rock the love boat! Tap
dancing, spooning and crooning, glitz and glam make this show a totally uplifting musical treat.

By George Haimsohn and Robin Miller. Music by Jim Wise. Directed by Bill Millerd.

Cost for the Dinner and show will be $65.00 per person ($52.25 for students with valid ID),
including all taxes and service charges (gratuity and alcohol extra). Sign up now, as there are a
limited number of seats available.

Gary Way, Chapter Historian

Come celebrate with us! Our March meeting will mark the 50th Anniversary of the British
Columbia Chapter of ASHRAE.
That's right, 50th Anniversary!
Our Chapter was chartered in 1952, before most of our members were born. We plan to have a
grand celebration, which will include our annual Past Presidents night, a historical display, and
other activities to mark this milestone event. This is an advance notice to mark March 13th, 2002
on your calendar (especially Past Presidents and Charter Members) so that you can attend this
special meeting. It only happens once every 50 years or so.
If you have any questions or have some special memorabilia,
please contact the chapter Historian Gary Way at 604-576-7139. More details as we get closer to
the date.

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                                                                              The British Columbia Totem
                                                                        Vol. XLIX, Number 5 January 2002

ASHRAE Research Promotion
Brian O’Donnell, Past President

Last month I told you about two projects being done in our Region under ASHRAE Research
funding. I did this because I want you to know how your research donations are spent, and I
wanted you to know that organizations in our region are successful in bidding on ASHRAE
Research projects. This month I want to continue with two more examples of ASHRAE
Research Projects that are being done by organizations in our own Region. Five research
projects are currently underway in our Region, three with Canadian organizations and two by
American companies.
RP-1134 Improved Ways to Measure Residential Duct Leakage
Ecotope Inc., Seattle Washington
Duct leakage is a subtle yet significant cause of energy inefficiency in residential heating and
cooling systems. ASHRAE’s role to identify, measure and quantify these energy losses in a
definitive sense will enable others to implement real world solutions to this element of the
energy problem. ASHRAE research on duct leakage testing is very much needed to ensure
adequate coverage of this vital question.
The objective of this research project is to develop faster, better, cheaper residential duct leakage
test procedures. The criteria for judging the merit of the test are indicated by the three
adjectives: faster = minimizing labor hours, better = maximizing reproducibility and accuracy;
and cheaper = requiring the least capital outlay for test equipment.
Scheduled completion: October 2001

RP-1169 Field Testing of Building Envelope Heat Recovery During Infiltration/Exfiltration
University of Alberta
Thermal coupling between conduction and infiltration/exfiltration airflows has been found to be
significant in building envelopes under controllable conditions by several investigators. On
average, 20 –40% infiltration/exfiltration heat recovery has been reported. However, field tests
for real buildings under uncontrollable conditions, where both infiltration and exfiltration can
occur simultaneously, do not exist.
The objective of this research project is to determine a method to measure the energy impact of
infiltration/exfiltration airflows in residential buildings subject to natural weather conditions,
which include a wide range of driving forces (wind and indoor/outdoor temperature differences)
and to apply the method to a test sample. This work will produce a test method, Infiltration Heat
Recovery (IHR) data, and an analytical procedure to characterize IHR. The IHR data and
analytical method will be suitable for inclusion in the ASHRAE Handbook – Fundamentals.
Scheduled completion: June 2002

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                                                                          The British Columbia Totem
                                                                    Vol. XLIX, Number 5 January 2002

Building Automation Technology
Bob Mackie, Chapter Governor

“If the home technology market place isn't concerned with HVAC, why should our industry be
interested in home technology?
Home automation technology includes home computers and computer networks, home security,
home control, streaming audio and video, interactive TV, email, web access, connected home
offices, web enabled appliances, lighting control and generally anything that involves home
computers, home internet use and connected computer technology in the home. It is a huge field
and parts of it are growing quickly.”
Bob’s article considers whether home automation technology will converge with building
automation technology within your working life.

                             The complete article can be found at:…

Chapter Membership Update
Peter Horwood

On behalf of the Chapter I would like to welcome the following new members to our Society.

Roger Sjodin of Dennis D. Kiselbach Ltd.
Milford Crocker of Air Test Technologies Inc.
Francis Chong of Circon Systems Corporation

I would also like to welcome existing member Annabel Edge of BKL Consultants who has
recently been transferred to the BC Chapter.

On other news we have four folks who, although still members of our Chapter, have been
fortunate enough to have found more time to work on their golf swing. These lucky people are
Mike Burke of Earthtech, Tom Rogers and Bob Wallace of Allied Air Conditioning and George
Pinch of BC Hydro.

Our Chapter membership currently stands at 407 not including students.

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                                                                          The British Columbia Totem
                                                                    Vol. XLIX, Number 5 January 2002

                                YEAR AT A GLANCE
                                B.C. Chapter 2001/2002 Activities

Membership Meetings
Date                 Event / Topic
 September 12, 2001 Dinner Meeting & Tour Night – Surrey Memorial Hospital
 October 10, 2001   Membership Night & Dinner Meeting - Ground Source Heat Pumps
                    with Jeff Quibell
 November 14, 2001 Dinner Meeting - Ventilation for multi-story residential with CMHC
 December           No Meeting
 January 9, 2002    Membership and Student Night – Tour of Canada Place – Seawater
                    cooling and new energy management systems. Student Night – Students
                    get reduced dinner meeting costs.
 February 14, 2002  Spouses Night –Dinner at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.
                    Theatre – ‘Dames at Sea’ at the Granville Island Stage.
 March 13, 2002     Past Presidents, History Night & Research Night
                    50th Anniversary Month!
 April 10, 2002     Dinner Meeting (Italian Cultural Centre) and Refrigeration Night - Heat
                    Recovery from refrigeration systems.
 May 8, 2002        Event/Topic TBA
 Tuesday, May 28    Golf Tournament at Morgan Creek
 June               No meeting
 July               No meeting

* Dates and events are subject to change and will be updated on a monthly basis as required.

Board of Governors
Meeting Dates

 October 3, 2001
 November 7, 2001
 December 5, 2001
 January 2, 2002
 February 6, 2002
 March 6, 2002
 April 3, 2002
 May 1, 2002
 June 5, 2002
 July 3, 2002
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                                                                      The British Columbia Totem
                                                                Vol. XLIX, Number 5 January 2002

                    VANCOUVER ISLAND CHAPTER

                         "ISLAND 2002" TRADE SHOW

                                  April 12, 2002
                                  Crystal Garden
                                713 Douglas Street
                                   Victoria, BC

    Register for a booth and or attendance call Mike Dean Committee
   Chairman (250) 475-3670 or Gail Hutchison Manager (604) 924-3940.

                    Register early for a good booth location.

Membership Renewal Form

Address Update___                        Change of Company___

Fill out this form and send to: Peter L. Horwood, Membership Chairperson
 #100 – 1060 West 8th. Ave., Vancouver, BC. V6H 1C4 Fax: (604) 683-2320

Surname_____________________________ First Name___________________ Initials_____
Preferred mailing address for Totem:
_________________________________________________          ______        __________
______________________________________________________            ______       ____
City:                                  Postal Code: ______________
Tel: ___________________________ Fax: ___________________________
Please Note: This form is for local Chapter records only. It is your responsibility
to inform ASHRAE at 1791 Tullie Circle N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 30329 of any address changes
(fax 1-404-321-5478) or phone toll free 1-800-527-4723

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