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									Veteran Benefits Attorney, Russell T. Doncouse, Helps Veterans With
Disability Ratings

San Antonio, TX, 25-AUG-2012 - Russell T. Doncouse has recently been
recognized as the Veteran Benefits Attorney San Antonio residents can
rely on to help them navigate the complexities of the Veterans Affairs
Department. Mr. Doncouse provides advice and information that helps his
clients to get the benefits they deserve and vigorously represents his
clients when legal issues arise.

When interviewed recently Mr. Doncouse stated, "Many veterans do not
receive the benefits they should as a result of the complexities of the
disability rating system. In some cases, an individual may be unable to
return to their career or lifestyle after serving in the military but are
unable to get the benefits they need to move forward. I feel that it is
very important that veterans receive the help they need to avoid the
frustration and complicated process that can delay the receipt of
benefits for several years."

The disability rating system can be very confusing and cause an injured
veteran to lose money that they are entitled to. This is especially true
when more than one injury is involved and the rating for both
disabilities do not meet the highest rating. When Mr. Doncouse meets with
a client he will review the paperwork that has been received by the
Veterans Administration and ask the individual about the injuries that
have negatively affected their return to civilian life.

Mr. Doncouse gives his clients information about the rating process and
the options that are available to challenge the rating that has been
received. He also advises clients on the time frame that can be expected
for resolution of the case and the steps that must be taken to reach the
resolution that is desired. The attorney represents his client and
advises them of the options that are available when settlements are

To get more information about how the Veterans Benefits Attorney San
Antonio serves individuals who need help with disability ratings and
other issues visit today. Individuals and
members of the press wishing to get more details about this press release
will find contact information below.

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