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Public Puzzles


									Public Puzzles
 Prototyping: Round 2
            •9 pieces
            •36” x 36”
            •Neutral colors
            •Obvious iconic image

Version 1
•30 pieces
•88” x 42”
•Brighter colors
•Full map of the future park

 Version 2
•Added B&W version of image as guide

 Version 2
•Box platform

 Version 2
•Red path on puzzle leading to NW corner (game corner) of park

 Version 2
            •Small Mr. Arch icons in front of
            Holley statue and at end of path

Version 2
•Material: type of cardboard was difficult to cut
and did not take well to adhesive

•SIZE: carrying it was cumbersome

•Bigger and more colorful puzzle stood out more, caught more people's
attention, did not appear to be trash

•More pieces allowed/required more people to interact and work together

•Map sparked conversation about the future park (or past park)

•Guide made it easier for people to get started working on puzzle

•Some people looked in the direction of where our path led but
weren’t really willing to go over

•Mr. Arch icons made people take notice of Holley statue and the
written history

       Ideas for Final
  – Stronger materials (plywood?)
  – Use laser cutter to make pieces cleaner
  and more precise
  – Think about what type of adhesive is
  best for material
         Ideas for Final
   – Instead of path, add 3D pieces to key parts
   of the park and make people aware of what
   park has to offer
   – Possibly prop puzzle up against something
   and make velcro pieces
   – Make it more of an event by playing music
   and wearing Mr. Arch t-shirts, possibly
         Ideas for Final
   – Place large Mr. Arches by key parts of the
   park: game area, playgrounds, fountain, arch,
   Holley plaza
   – Medium/large Mr. Arches by each entrance
   to Holley plaza to define space
   – Possibly add footprints or something to
   indicate that multiple users of any age or size
   can play

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