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									                        The 2005 Halsey Gulick Award
                                                   Presented to
                                         David W. Mason
        Dave Mason’s lifetime in camping has been one of innovation, inspiration, and dedication to children. Dave
served as the Director of Camp Agawam from 1955 to 1985. During that time he ensured not only that the traditional
camp population was well served, but he expanded the camp’s reach through an innovative program called the Main Idea
at Camp Agawam. Agawam was founded by Dave’s father, Appleton Mason, in 1919. Ap Mason set high standards for
his camp, and Dave carried these values on when he became director. Dave was incredibly generous with his camp
program. He had a strong belief that Maine summer camps should also benefit children from the Maine towns in which
the camps were located. He knew local boys were without hope of spending time at one of Maine’s beautiful private
summer camps. He put his beliefs into practice when, in 1971, he and his wife Peg established the Main Idea, a free
week of residential camping for deserving but disadvantaged boys from southern Maine.

       Using the concept of the “Maine Idea” program for girls first established by Helen Herz Cohen at Camp Walden,
Dave dropped the “e” and created Agawam’s “Main Idea” camp in 1971 to serve local boys from southern Maine. This
program has been recognized in the Boston Globe, DownEast, The Portland Press Herald, The Bridgton News, and on the
Channel 6 News.

        Working with the Portland Boys’ and Girls’ Club, local school administrators, and others involved with youth
development, he recruited disadvantaged boys from southern Maine for a free week of residential camping. To
Agawam’s alumni and parents he described the needs of the under-served youth of Maine. Their generosity has funded
this program since its inception. In addition to the full-season camp staff, fifteen to 25 alumni counselors take a week
from their “real jobs” to volunteer as counselors. Through the past 35 years, over 2000 Maine boys have enjoyed a free
week of Maine camping because of Dave’s creativity, dedication, and interest. His program is a model that other camps
could easily follow, allowing more Maine families the opportunity to see that “camp gives kids a world of good.” The
Main Idea received national recognition in 2005 when it was awarded the Eleanor P. Eells Award for Program Excellence
from the American Camp Association.

         Dave has been an inspiration to several generations of campers and counselors, through both the Main Idea and
Camp Agawam summer programs. His leadership through the years inspired the creation of the Agawam Council, a non-
profit organization that now runs Camp Agawam. While other camps moved to the auction block, Agawam’s alumni
were so dedicated to Dave Mason and his ideals, that, at his retirement, they purchased the camp in order to maintain the
unique programs of Agawam. One of the first decisions the new Board of Directors made was to continue and to expand
the Main Idea at Camp Agawam. Under Dave’s sponsorship, the program grew to serve 40 campers. Today, under
Agawam Council’s direction, over 100 deserving boys from Southern Maine attend the Main Idea each summer.
Agawam is pleased that Dave Mason is still involved with the program, not only as a key fundraiser and visitor during the
Main Idea week, but also, most importantly, by referring deserving boys for Main Idea. Without Dave’s vision and
continued support and guidance, many Maine boys would not have had the opportunity to enjoy a residential camp

        Dave’s colleagues note that he "has a gift for character education" as well as a gift for mentoring other camp
directors. Many of today’s Maine camp directors have been recipients of his guidance and wisdom. A fellow director
says, “Dave was a conservation pioneer with Saco River clean-up and environmentally sensitive camp facility
construction and practices. His camp was always two steps ahead of the times in conservation efforts and education.”
Dave was also a pioneer in the ski camp business. His efforts to extend the camping season to school vacations resulted
in Agawam Kezar Ski Camp, which set the standard for the many ski camps that followed. Through his numerous
innovative endeavors and lifelong commitment to youth development, Dave Mason personifies the very best in camp

        Dave’s respect and reach is beyond camping. He has been recognized by his hometown, Lovell, ME, for
outstanding commitment to the town’s youth programs, and summer 2004’s Lovell Old Home days were dedicated to
Dave and Peg Mason because of their long-standing service to that community.

                     Presented by the Maine Youth Camping Association
 Past Recipients of the
Halsey Gulick Award
For distinguished service to the organized youth camping movement in Maine

Jay Stager – Med-O-Lark - 2004
          Jay’s unique role in Maine camps has been     Dick Thomas - Camp Chewonki - 2002
salvaging and breathing new life into Maine camps               Dick has been involved with Camp
that were falling on hard times. Included in these      Chewonki since he was a camper in 1970. After
camp revivals are Nashoba North, Hidden Valley,         college, he became the Development Director and
Maine Teen Camp and WorldPeace Camp (now                later Camp Director.
called Omni).                                                   Dick has been an active member of the Board
         Jay and his wife Karen were also deeply        of Directors and is a past President of the Association
involved in the Maine-Soviet Union peace efforts,       in 1997. As President he initiated a major strategic
establishing the WorldPeace Camp in the 1980’s.         planning process to set the course for the future of
Always an innovator, Jay offered an alternative camp    MYCA. Dick has held numerous leadership and
experience at Med-O-Lark in 1967 when he opened a       committee posts with the          American Camping
coed camp that banned color wars, guns, archery,        Association, New England Section as well as serving
uniforms, junk food, and strict regimentation. Med-     as a standards visitor and ACA delegate. He was
O-Lark was an instant success and has continued to      presented the 2002 ACA NE Section Service Award
evolve as a child-centered camp ever since.             at the ACA New England Spring Conference.

Ed Trenner – Kamp Kohut – 2004                          Betty Cobb – Runoia - 2001
         After service in World War II as a decorated           Betty Cobb began her camping years at the
pilot, and college, Ed Trenner began a camp career      age of eight - she was at camp every summer except
that took him from New York to Maine. Ed                during WWII. After working many years as a
eventually purchased Kamp Kohut in Maine, which         counselor, Betty and her husband Phil met at
experienced tremendous revitalization during his        Wyonegonic Camps and later purchased Camp
ownership. He is most proud of mentoring new camp       Runoia in 1960. She spent many years involved with
leadership and of his efforts to “rescue” several       MYCA and ACA as a board member and chaired
Maine camps. Camp Vega, Camp Waziyatah, Camp            ACA’s Membership Committee for New England
Laurel & Laurel South have historical ties to Ed.       ACA for years. She received the ACA Section Honor
         Ed was active in MYCA and National ACA,        Award, and National ACA’s Regional Recognition
and helped establish the first ACA Standards            Award. Betty was one of the original members of the
Program. In his retirement Ed worked in the early       State Trip Leaders and Junior Maine Guide Advisory
years of international student exchange.                Board. Betty passed away in 2003.

                 Pat Smith -                 Camp       Ed Andrews - MYCA Consultant - 2000
                                                            Ed directed camps in New York, Florida and
                 Wawenock – 2003                        Virginia before becoming Assistant National Director
                          Since 1968, Patricia A.       of the American Camping Association (ACA). He
                   Smith, CCD has been with             served on the National Board and National Standards
Wawenock and has been a director for the past 15        Board of the ACA and the Board of both ACA-NE
years. Pat’s lifetime commitment to quality camping     and as Treasurer of MYCA. He was also the Director
includes planning seminars and trainings for MYCA       of Cooperative Education at the University of Maine.
and ACA-New England Section conferences. She            As a tripping consultant for 20 years, he teaches trip
has been a Red Cross Water Safety, Life Guard           safety for Maine Trip Leader Certification. As an
Instructor Trainer, an ACA Standards visitor and a      ACA Standards Visitor, Visitor Instructor and
                                                        Instructor Trainer, Ed serves as consultant to camps
member of the ACA-New England Section Standards
                                                        on health, safety and program management issues. As
Committee for 12 years and was the MYCA                 consultant to the MYCA for over 13 years, he was
membership chair for 13 years. Pat also is an active    responsible for the oversight of the Camping Services
volunteer in local recreation programming for           Project at the University of Maine. Ed Andrews is an
children in Raymond.                                    advocate for Maine children's camps worldwide.
                                                                     Recipients of the Halsey Gulick Award
June Gray - Camp Wawenock – 1999                           Davis and Louise Gulick Van Winkle
     June Gray has been an education “guru,” with a        Wohelo - Luther Gulick Camps – 1995
primary focus on training staff and challenging all of
                                                                   Directors of Wohelo, the Luther Gulick
us to expand our notion of what camp can be and do
                                                           Camps, Davis and Louise have always been the silent
in today’s society. She has been part of the leadership
                                                           leaders and “doers” for Maine camps. Louise was
team at Camp Wawenock, a camp for girls in
                                                           secretary of the New England Camping Association
Raymond, for over 40 years. She began as a staff
                                                           at an early age, and Davis has served as President of
member and now is the owner/director. June has
                                                           the Maine Youth Camping Association. They have
served many years on the boards of the MYCA, and
                                                           chaired the New England ACA Camping Conference
the New England section of the ACA. She also has
                                                           on more than one occasion. Since 1989, they have
served on the Editorial Board for the ACA’s Camping
                                                           edited and published the Maine Directory of
                                                           Children's Organized Camps. They have hosted the
                                                           MYCA Fellowship Meeting many times.
Tim Wilson - Seeds of Peace – 1999
     Tim Wilson’s career in camping began back in
1960, as a counselor at Camp Powhatan. Since then          Joel W. Bloom - Camp Powhatan – 1994
Tim has served as Maine’s First Commissioner on                    Joel held many local and national leadership
Human Relations in 1970, the headmaster of the             roles including President of the New England
Hyde School, and also a teacher in Pittsburgh in the       Camping Association, the Maine Camp Directors
1980’s. Tim was the co-director in 1993 at Powhatan,       Association and Vice President of the American
and later the director of the Seeds of Peace camp in       Camping Association. Joel has worked to encourage
Otisfield. Through a carefully crafted program, Arab       the camping community to support multi-cultural
and Israeli teenagers are taught to put away prejudice     programs and make camping available to all children.
and anger and to learn to live together. Tim’s spirit is   He was instrumental in the creation of the Susan
an indispensable part of the camp.                         Curtis Foundation, and in 1993, brought the "Seeds
                                                           of Peace" program to Maine where children from the
                                                           Middle East camp together to increase the
Bruce A. Chalmers – 1997                                   understanding that leads to peace among people.
        President of Chalmers Real Estate and
Insurance and a business member of the Maine Youth
Camping Association for many years.               His      Carol S. Sudduth - Wyonegonic – 1993
involvement with a multitude of political activities               Carol Sudduth served many years on the
allows Bruce to be on a first name basis with the          board of the Maine Camp Director's Association, and
former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, and         was Vice President when it became the Maine Youth
former Secretary of Defense, Bill Cohen. He has            Camping Association. She has been instrumental in
never hesitated to bring the needs of Maine’s              charting a new course for Maine camping as the chair
children’s camps to the attention of his many friends      of a committee that studied the needs of Maine camps
in public service. Bruce’s presence as an advisor and      and how the Maine Youth Camping Association
friend has been reassuring to camp directors under
                                                           could best serve those needs. Carol Sudduth has been
immense stress during times of disaster. We are
fortunate to have had Bruce’s involvement for four         a member of the New England board for 10 years and
decades.                                                   was President in the late '80s. She has served two
                                                           terms on the national board and has been Dean of
                                                           four Camp Director Institutes, and also served on the
John Paul Erler – 1996                                     National Certification Board.
        Licensed pilot, farmer, woodsman, skier,
father, camp co-director, and currently counsel at
Curtis Thaxter Stevens Broder & Micoleau LLC,              Jean G. McMullan - Alford Lake – 1992
Jack Erler is Maine's most senior camp counselor.                  As director of Alford Lake Camp in Union,
Jack is a vigilant watchdog over legislative incur         Maine, Jean invited Samantha Smith to take greetings
sions that may harm or benefit the camping                 from Maine camps on her history making trip that
community. He has positively and constructively            included visits to camps in the former Soviet Union;
drafted and submitted beneficial alternatives to           thus beginning an incredible increase in the
destructive proceedings in Augusta. Jack answers           worldwide exchange of campers. Jean has been
phone calls from directors, soothing ruffled feathers,     National President of the American Camping
counseling patience and cooperation instead of
                                                           Association but her first love is Maine camps and she
confrontation, and reassuring us that a competent,
successful attorney is on the side of Maine's              has given extensively of her time, energy, and
children's camps.                                          resources collectively and individually to help Maine
                                                           camp directors succeed.
                                                                   Recipients of the Halsey Gulick Award

Helen Herz Cohen - Walden – 1991                           Philip Jackson Cobb - Runoia – 1986
     Helen Cohen created the "Maine Idea" as a                      Ranging from the Council of Community
post-season ten-day camp for inner city children.          Services to the Peace Corps, Phil has been
Contributions from alumnae, parents, and friends           remarkably active in public service continuing in the
cover part of the cost of the program, but Helen never     tradition of his father who was Maine's
allowed the lack of funds to prevent any child from        Commissioner of Fish and Game from 1950-1963.
attending. She often opened her camp facilities and        Phil devotes much of his time to supporting positive
program to the local community and encouraged and          public policy for camps and served as a
provided support to other Maine camp directors who         Commissioner on the State Drinking Water Board. It
needed assistance.                                         was his singular inspiration and hard work that
                                                           originally created the colorful Maine Directory of
John “Moose” Curtis - Winona – 1989                        Children’s Organized Camps and a broad- based
      Moose Curtis, while a counselor at Camp              marketing plan to encourage enrollment by children
Winona, worked closely with Bob Whiting on the             from around the world.
development of the Junior Maine Guide Program.
Whiting passed the directorship to Curtis in 1977 and      Jean T. Dellert - Forest Acres – 1984
Moose has directed the testing encampment ever                   Jean      Dellert    was       the     Executive
since. Curtis was asked by the Governor to help set        Secretary/Assistant Treasurer of the Maine Camp
up the Trip Leaders Safety Certification Program. He       Directors Association from 1965 through 1982. She
sat on the original five-member board and served as        became the first Executive Secretary of the newly
its chair during the critical years of the development     formed Maine Youth Camping Association. In 1984
of the Maine Trip Leader Training Curriculum.              she became a member of the Maine House of
                                                           Representatives and worked closely with legislative
Frank M. Levine - Camp Trebor – 1988                       committees to foster positive legislation in support of
        Frank Levine was the director of the Office        Maine's camping industry. She continues to follow
of Camping Resources at the University of Southern         legislation affecting camping and to make personal
Maine from 1974-1989. As director, he created the          contact with legislators and testify before legislative
design, organization, management and funding of the        committees on behalf of Maine camps.
nation’s first on-going study of Children’s Organized
Camping. He created the Gulick Award to "...honor          Maxine B. King - Fernwood – 1983
Halsey and to give the Maine Youth Camping                         Macky King has been an officer and leader in
Association status in recognizing subsequent,              Maine youth camping for more than 50 years. She
outstanding leadership." Frank served as Executive         was the youth camp representative on the board of
Director of MYCA from 1983 to 1989.                        the Maine Publicity Bureau and served as their
                                                           secretary for several terms. Macky was six years old
Alan B. Ordway - Winona – 1987                             in 1921 when her parents built Camp Fernwood. She
      In addition to regional and national camping         has been in camp every year since, with the exception
leadership roles, Al Ordway has served for over twenty-    of 1936 when she traveled abroad. Fernwood
five years on the Maine Youth Camping Association          celebrated its 75th anniversary season in 1995. That
Board, including three years as President. During his      was her 50th season as Director.
years as Legislative Chair, he created and served as the
only Chair of the Maine State Safe Drinking Water          Myron H. Rogers - Tapawingo – 1982
Coalition for many years.                                           Mike Rogers successfully spearheaded a
      Alan's public service activity is extensive and      drive to provide financial resources to allow the
includes several years of service on town boards and       Maine Youth Camping Association to continue to
committees. He has served for fifteen years as             serve the needs of Maine camps. He and his wife,
President of the Board of Trustees at Gould Academy in     Lenore, were the owners of Camp Tapawingo until
Bethel, Maine.
                                                           they retired and moved to Sarasota, Florida in 1987.
                              MAINE YOUTH CAMPING          Mr. Rogers served on committees of the Sarasota
                                    ASSOCIATION            United Fund Foundation. He has been co-chairman
                               P.O. Box 1861, Portland,    of the Israel Tennis Centers Association exhibit
                                     Maine 04104           programs in Sarasota.
                               Tel: 207-780-4628 Fax:
                                  J. Halsey Gulick
                                         1899 – 1980
     J. Halsey Gulick, educator, public servant, and outdoorsman, was devoted to organized youth
camping and particularly to camps in Maine. He was one of the first camping leaders to call attention to
the value of youth camps to the economy of the state.

     In the fall of 1934 Gulick was elected President of the New England Camping Association which was
the start of many years of volunteer leadership in camping's professional organizations including the
Maine Camp Directors Association. In 1982, the Maine Camp Directors Association created the Halsey
Gulick Award to recognize other leaders who have given distinguished service to the camping movement
in Maine.

     Mr. Gulick was one of very few independent camp directors of his day to reside in the state of Maine.
As the son of Dr. Luther Gulick, founder of the Luther Gulick camps, he was part of a very small group to
be educated with the idea that conducting recreational summer camps for children was a bona fide role for
a professional educator.

     Halsey's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Luther Gulick, were pioneers of the camping movement. They began
the first camp at Gale’s Ferry, CT., in 1888. That camp was continued in 1906 when they began the
Luther Gulick Camps in South Casco, Maine on Sebago Lake. Luther Gulick died during the summer of
1918 due to a strenuous winter of investigating overseas work of the Y.M.C.A. Mrs. Gulick carried on the
camps until her death in 1928 at which time Halsey became director.

     Halsey Gulick was educated at the Ethical Culture School in New York, Phillips Exeter Academy,
and Princeton University, graduating in 1923. He taught physical education at Lehigh University from
1923-1927 and at Princeton from 1928-1929. Mr. Gulick headed the physical education department at the
Fessenden School for Boys in Massachusetts from 1931-33. In 1933 he became the director of the junior
division of the Mary C. Wheeler School in Providence.

     In 1935, Gulick was appointed Headmaster at Proctor Academy in New Hampshire where he served
with distinction for 17 years. In 1953, he left the independent school to devote his full time to the Luther
Gulick Camps.

     Mr. Gulick had many interests including all forms of
outdoor sports like swimming, fishing, motorboat racing,
and skiing. In 1931 he was married to Dorothy Merrill,
from Washington, D.C. Together, they directed the camps
until the late 1960's, when they turned the day-to-day
operations over to their three daughters.

    Today, Halsey’s daughter Louise Van Winkle along
with her husband, Davis Van Winkle, operates Camp
Wohelo, The Luther Gulick Camps.

     Recently, their children, Heidi and Mark, have become
increasingly active in the leadership of the camp. There are
over 5000 alumni of the camps. Many of the older generation of campers           Halsey and Dorothy
and parents have known all members of the Gulick family.
                      The Halsey Gulick Award
                          The Halsey Gulick Award was first presented in 1982       by
                      the newly formed Maine Youth Camping Association              to
                      recognize those people who have distinguished themselves      by
                      giving unselfishly of their time, energy, and resources       to
                      improve organized youth camping in Maine.

                           Recipients are selected by their colleagues in camping for
                      their record of public service to the camping movement in
                      Maine. Anyone may recommend candidates for the award.
                      Candidates need not be members of the Maine Youth Camping
                      Association and their contribution to Maine camping may not
                      necessarily be related to leadership roles within the
                      Association. The award is normally presented at the annual
                      summer meeting of the Maine Youth Camping Association.

The Maine Youth Camping Association
     The Maine Youth Camping Association is a membership organization for camp
directors, staff, parents and supporters of camping and outdoor adventure programs
for children and youth. The Association sponsors the Maine Youth Camping
Project at the University of Maine, which provides support services to all the camps
in the State.

    The association also provides education and training programs for both
professional and volunteer leaders of the more than 200 camps in Maine. It
conducts a Junior Maine Guide program in cooperation with the Maine State
Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Association leaders provide counsel
and support in the development of a State of Maine Program for Trip Leader
Training and Certification.

    Membership dues along with contributions and grants provide the resources for
the programs of the association.        The organization is a 501(c) non-profit
corporation. Volunteers, under the leadership of an elected board of directors,
conduct programs and activities of the association.

                  P.O. Box 1861, Portland, Maine 04104

Phone: 207-780-4628               Email:        Web:

          With appreciation to Garth Nelson in the preparation of the 2005 award

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