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Banners Broker is a company which provides the service of ADVERTISING anything online. Much
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Banners Broker does essentially the same thing BUT with a difference. They provide you the
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            Getting Your Banners Broker Business UP & Running fast ;-)

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NOTE: BB works a little different for some countries as they are focused on being
compliant and therefore there might be a small tax (vat) charge with your purchase.
Countries affected are shown in the image below. This just proves even further the
legitimacy of Banners Broker.
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               Quickly purchase your first PACKAGE:

                               Step 4
                 Redeem your package / panels!
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                     How to redeem your panels:

                               Step 5
 Getting your account setup to receive payments from Banners Broker!

          You can receive and use the funds you make in your
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Check out this video which cover’s some real “Jame’s Bond’ kinda stuff:

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Your mentors and partners

Lourens & Heila
PS. Your success counts and without you this journey would be boring to us!
PPS. Stay focused… don’t treat this as a hobby… this business will change your life!
PPPS. Support
Hi Lourens and Heila,

8 months ago my wife and I were contemplating bankruptcy due to some terrible investment
decisions on my part. It was the easy option for us.... but my parents taught me a motto which has
become the raison d’etre for my life, and that is to “Pray like its all up to God, but work like its all up
to you”

And so I decided to give it one last shot.... in the process I stumbled upon you and Heila, and I can
honestly tell you my life has never been the same.

We now earn in excess of $30k a month just through the things you have taught us.

Not only have I made a new, dear friend and business partner, but we also share the same values
and goals for ourselves, our families and the people we are leading.

When you introduced me to Banners Broker just over 3 months ago.... I was sceptical, but on the
strength of your friendship and credibility I joined ... and 3 months later we have over $24,000 worth
of panels sitting there... this is in addition to the incredible income we are earning from the other
opportunities you and I are involved in.

I look back over the past 8 months and tears well up in my eyes as the financial pressure each month
becomes a distant memory...

To say ”thank you Lourens and Heila” would not do the gratitude I feel inside of me justice .... you
guys are changing lives ... genuinely so.... and I am humbled to be walking that journey with you!.

Our heartfelt love and gratitude

Alby and Rachael Koster

Coffs Harbour


OK, so my cup is almost always half-full and am open to at least looking at money-making offers.
However, several decades of disappointments were beginning to get me down. Then, I heard Lourens
speak on video and I instantly had a good feeling about him. That, along with his obvious honesty
(sometimes brutal, LOL) have helped me to see him as a real Mentor! For the first time, ever in my life
- and I'm older than my picture looks, LOL. The training and support is higher than #1 ! Lourens
knows how to motivate and get you moving (you know we humans are all lazy, don't you?). You know
how rich people, when they've really made it, (and they are good people,) they look to 'pay it back' and
help others. This is how I see things with Lourens and Heila. My previous two decades (or however
long ago it was back to the beginning of the Internet), were in the main, unsuccessful and now, for the
FIRST time, I believe I've found a good one! I've actually seen, with my own eyes, the money it's
possible to make with this business.

Don't hesitate, have faith, try just once more!


Lourens and Heila are the first people I have been exposed to online who exhibit a true care and
concern for each and every member of their team and back it up with action. After years of failure
online and the loss of thousands of dollars, I somehow came across Lourens and Heila. Banners Broker
is the second program I have become involved in with Lourens and Heila as my sponsors.

PRAISE is the only thing I have been able to bestow upon them since having had access to their
lives. Lourens is by far the best mentor I have ever had. Straight forward... honest...caring...excellent
teacher...wise and experienced. Simply stated, everything he tells you to do WORKS! There is only
one thing I have experienced under his tutelage, and that is...SUCCESS! I have literally made money
EVERY DAY since being associated with him and Heila. I am deeply thankful to both of them for
what they have done for my life.

Steven D – USA

Dear Lourens and Heila,

Fotini and I would like to express our gratitude to you guys for an amazing job putting together all the
expert step-by-step training on Banners Broker.

Only having joined a few months ago, your training and support managed to get us up and running with
both our Banners Broker accounts in no time flat.

We were making money within 2 days of getting our account up and running. It could not have been
easier and I could not be happier.

The returns on our purchases within our Banners Broker business is way better than what we have
experienced before and is well beyond my expectations.
Only in recent weeks have we double our purchases as we can see how big this business is going to be
for us. We are now looking at $10K plus a month in just a short space of time. I can’t find any other
business like it online or offline. Oh, did I mention that it’s only taking me at most 5 minutes a day to
run this business.

And I love that I can even mange it on my Smart phone. I recently took a trip to Sydney and I made
$400 in just 2 days on one of my accounts. And I managed it all
from my mobile phone… now that’s freedom.

You make what seemed like a complex process just so simple and easy to follow and I appreciate the
one-on-one support you have given me when questions needed to be answered.

Now I’m getting my team into Banners Broker and due to your dedication and hard work, all the
training is done and people are getting started, and making money in a matter of days, not weeks!
You know we have been kicking around on the internet for years and really not getting ahead. In fact I
had given up, really I had. However, through your mentoring you have completely turned this around
for us. We started making money in just a few days, we didn’t have to sponsor any one and we make

Now I just love sharing this business with everyone I meet as it is so simple, highly profitable and only
takes me a few minutes every few days to manage. This is truly giving us both the time and financial
freedom we have been seeking, and the opportunity to help others follow in our path, there is no point
having money and time if you don’t have friends who also have this freedom.

Thanks Lourens and Heila for doing what most others are not willing to do and that is to be true leaders
and mentors and care about the people in your business.

We love sharing this journey with you and look forward to growing our wealth with you and those we

Kinds Regards,

Scott & Fotini

Hello All:

I can only say good things about BB. I have consistently earned an average of $100 a day since I
started with the company. I have been with the company going on 2 months and have earned more than
any company I have ever been with. This company is the light at the end of the tunnel. My account is
over $5000.00 rt now, keep in mind I started with the Red panel and have done a 100% reinvestment
when cycled. Louren's and Halia have been awesome with company updates, guidance and any
questions or concerns I have, they answer. Lourens is truly a leader and visionary and I am glad to be
part of his BB team. The most important and amazing thing about this journey with Lourens and Heila
has been trust and belief. Prior to joining them I was confused, upset, bewildered, frustrated and had no
hope for a financially free future. My wife like some of you did not believe in earning money outside
of the traditional way (JOB). It’s amazing and satisfying to now hear her ask about what our team is
doing and how much have we earned in our BB account.. Did you get the word OUR, we are actually
finally working together on our financial freedom. To me that is priceless!

Thank you for giving me hope again…


…first ever testimonial for anyone…

I have been struggling to make money online since the internet was invented and never made one
dollar. I spent lots of dollars on courses, gurus, programs, software and how to be number one on
Google, etc. Lots of hours studying, email marketing, how to blog, SEO, affiliate marketing, and so
on. I am sure most of you out there know exactly what I am talking about! But while doing some
research on YouTube, I accidently ran into Lourens and Heila videos. I listened carefully and intently
to some of Lourens YouTube presentations and just got the feeling that this is someone that is genuine
and sincere. Not only that, but the Banners Broker advertising he was promoting was a product I never
heard about. It was a completely different business model that showed promise and profits were there
to be made. By now we all know how important it is that someone can show you the best ways to
profit with a program. Lourens and Heila are those people! With more than 10 years of successful
online business experience, they know what works and what does not work. Lourens and Heila will
show you exactly what to do to be successful in this business. Bottom line for me is that since I joined
with Lourens, I am now (for the very first time) actually making a decent income. I am only at the
beginning stages and am looking forward to a very substantial increase in daily earnings in the next few
months. Join us and change your life today. Let's all work together for our success.

Thanks, Lourens and Heila for showing me the way.
J. Thompson, USA

We have been involved in a number of Internet programs over the last few years. Most of them did not
last, and in those that did last, we found ourselves subjected to requests or demands to either spend
more, bring in more people or both – In such a situation, everyone has a breaking point, which
ultimately results in a break down! As a result, we chased every new shiny opportunity that came our
way, desperately hoping for success.

Then we met Lourens and Heila – what a difference – this couple really care about your success, they
do more than is required of them as leaders and they significantly over deliver. Also, they ask for
nothing material in return, only that you follow their advice and guidance. Their training and support is
outstanding, and you are never further away from them than a Skype chat.

Lourens and Heila introduced us to Bannersbroker (BB) – I can only say that this changed our lives! In
the two months we have been in BB, we not only recovered the initial amount we paid in, but following
Lourens and Heila’s guidance, we have already earned much more than that – more than we earned in
ANY Internet program in the past. Before we met Lourens and Heila, we were ready to throw in the
towel and give up any hope of earning a living on the Internet. We are not quite there yet, but we have
new hope and excitement as we have seen and experienced what can be achieved in a very short time.

We are so thankful that we are part of Lourens and Heila’s team and BB is but the beginning.

 “Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.”
- John C Maxwell

Fernando and Shireen Bonegio
South Africa


I love Banners Broker, I have learned so much through the videos and the training that is offered by
Lourens and Heila. I have belonged to other organizations and even paid monthly for training. I
cannot say that it was wasted money because you can always learn especially in the Internet world.
But I must say that the training I am receiving on a daily basis FREE is outstanding, and so very much
appreciated. I am striving to become an outstanding Internet marketer and have a ton of money in my
bank accounts just like Lourens, and he says if you want ordinary this is not the place for you. Now
maybe he doesn't say it exactly like that but that is the way I take it. I do not want ordinary I want the
very best and I will give my best to achieve that.
Thank you Lourens and Helila and also Thank you L.B. for sharing the business with me and giving
me an opportunity in this new business world I am experiencing. It is great.

God Bless you all
Shirley Burgess

hi lourens,

its great to get the opportunity to really thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the guidance
from you and heila.
i too have wasted tonnes of time & money chasing the elusive online buck & spent thousands of hours
going through many online & offline web training courses. eventually i was going in circles,
overloading my brain and my inbox. i have had to desert that email address with its now 13,874
unopened emails!
after all that time & effort i just gave up having no idea how all these things tied together.

then by chance i stumbled upon one of your training videos and was blown away by your clarity, drive,
passion to help people and your ability to explain things to complete nubies in a way that makes you sit
up & take action. i have never felt so motivated by any mentor - you have an amazing talent.

next i joined banners brokers as i knew i had to follow your instructions and advice if i was going to
succeed in this. while my brain nearly shut down when i first saw the sites introductory webinar, i was
quickly guided into your awesome training video's that lifted the fog immediately. you are a master
motivator and a fantastic trainer. this business opportunity is so simple & so powerful i am truely
blown away.

i have really enjoyed all your training videos - both the banners brokers and the marketing training. this
is priceless stuff that cuts through all the confusion of getting an online business up and running and
breaks it down into easily digestible packages of information. the support you have offered and give is
fantastic. you make yourself available to your team which is so impressive.

i feel empowered by the information you are giving me and an already seeing results. i look forward to
the next year.
thanks lourens for changing my life.


Hello to anyone even thinking about joining this team!
Here's our experience:
Becky and I have been on-line for about 14 years (no joke), knowing that there really are people
making money there and wanting to be a part of it.

We have learned a lot, gained a great deal of valuable experience in how it works, tools, etc., BUT
... until recently, had spent literally $1000's and if we've cleared $150 total in all that time I'd be
Meanwhile we've barely been scraping by with a cleaning business, now practically shattered by the
current economy.

We have dealt with Guru Schmucks, Con -men, and
also some (we are certain) truly caring people who want to put out
viable product(s) to help folks. But they didn't work for us...
usually requiring special skill sets or circumstances,
or resources that average "little guys" just don't necessarily have.

And so, we still had not made money.
We are educated, intelligent go-getters, but were getting ‘nada’ results.

In February we connected with Banners Broker and Lourens and Heila.

We are now making real money and are
well on our way to finally achieving needs met
and goals not quit upon that we've hung onto for years.

We most sincerely believe, no, we KNOW!, that it's because

1. Banners Broker is an incredible opportunity!
The system is sound, solid, well protected,
user friendly, continually being tweaked and improved upon and
extremely well thought through from an
entrepreneurial standpoint.

2.Lourens and Heila ARE who they say they are... folks who've been at the bottom of the barrel, risen
to the top, and truly want to help.
In addition, and quite importantly,
they know how to teach and have tremendous savvy on how to gear their team's program
to take care of us as individuals. They have heart, courage and commitment that goes way past the

Needless to say, the training and support are THE BEST!
We thank God for His answer to prayer and honouring their faithfulness
to finally arrive here with and for us.

Thanks for letting us share!
God Bless and God speed to your victories as well.

Wilie and Becky Thomas
Ames, Iowa, USA

Lourens & Heila is our mentors and we are very glad to have people like them to help us with BB, to
make a success and if it was not for them we would not have a reason to live with positive thoughts and
dreams for the future.

I think that 2012 will be the best, because of BB. BB is a very successful business and if you treat it
like a business it will make money. That is the reason we have joined BB.
It is growing every day and we are very fortunate to have BB in our lives. It will make a difference.

Lourens & Heila thanks a lot for all the time and effort you put in to make all the training/support
videos. Once again if it was not for you, we would not see life in a better way!
Without the videos, we would not understand all of this.

Our experience before: Before Lourens gave us the opportunity to join the business, we had no money,
we were very negative about all our expenses.
After joining: BB is making us positive and as we see the business grow every day it is making us very
excited for the day. For us reaching our goal it will be very soon.

Derick & Alida & Jean-dre


Dear L&H,

The turning point in the life of any person who strives towards future success is correct

Napoleon Hill laid great emphasis on this aspect in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and called it the
‘Master Mind Principle’.

Others in the past have referred to it as the ‘Inner Circle’, ect.

And without it, you are simply lost within a world out there where...

     -    You are bombarded with an overwhelming array of useless information all day long.
     -    Most promise you the moon is made of cheese and you end up discovering it is only pie in the
     -    Scavengers prey on you awaiting the smallest opportunity to con you out of your last hard
          earned sent, and so your livelihood.
     -    You eventually end up in a rut: Giving up hope and just barely scraping by from day to day in
          quiet desperation on your way nowhere being miserable and frustrated.

Let me share these vital important facts with you.

Since the first day of joining your team L&H all the points of concern above CHANGES dramatically
and permanently overnight:
    -    The knowledge and insight you share with us is worth more than its weight in gold: And to be
         cherished and treasured at all cost.
    -    You do not make promises you cannot keep: Everything you share with us have thoroughly
         been tested and it works.
    -    You are among the most decent, sincere, honest and kind people I have ever met: I admire the
         standards you set and use it as an example to live by every day.
    -    You provide hope and instead of giving people fish, you teach them how to fish and take care
         of themselves in a world ridden by turmoil and degradation.

And now, for the rest of you who are reading this:

In my personal opinion, the BB2 Master’s team curriculum* is made of ‘stuff’ people spend an entire
life-time searching for but never find.

It is the ‘right stuff’ – The kind of ‘stuff’ with which millionaires are made.

Hardly a day goes by without going on my knees and expressing my gratitude for having been selected
to be a part of the BB2 Master’s Team.

To me it has become a matter of Grace.

You know, the greatest gift is the gift of FREEDOM.

But you have to earn it…!

With FREEDOM (and the power that accompanies the riches you will be taught to acquire) comes

You must be willing to lead, follow (or get out of the way) and you must learn to manage your life, and
your circle of influence, accordingly.

Right here, in this team, we work HARD and SMART – Every day!
And when we play, we play the game of health, wealth and perfect expression.
All I can say to you is that: Many are called but few are chosen.

When you are ready, the opportunity puts in its appearance.

And if it (ever) does, should you be fortunate enough to read this, grab hold of it with both hands, as if
your life depends on it – Because it will!!!

The time has come for you to leave the rat race and join the fast track.

Are you ready for a REVELATION?

Then, I bid you welcome to OUR world - See you on the other side.

As a BB2 Master’s Team Member nothing falls beyond your realm of possibility.

Yours Truly,
Iyun Smith
South Africa
(Author ‘The Ultimate Wealth Creating Opportunity’)
Hi there

I cannot thank Lourens and Heila enough for introducing me to Banners Broker! I have only been in
Banners Broker a short time and have already doubled my initial investment. My wife, Jennifer, and I
can't wait to follow B.B. into the future because it is true what Lourens told me when I first started-
Banners Broker will change your life! The training that was provided to me is invaluable, especially to
someone like me who is new to online marketing. I am sure that I am light years ahead of where I
would have been on my own. Thanks to Lourens and Heila again, and rest assured we are with him for
the long haul!

Rick Young


I am delighted to be able to tell anyone how glad I am of finding you on the internet to be my mentor.
You are the best of the best of them all. Please keep up the good work.

As for the BB business it is still new to me but I believe it will be the best internet business going.
I am very happy with the training I am receiving although I have only received the 1st one till now.
I have 15 years of online experience and have had my failures and successes. I have an open mind and I
know that we have to experience losses along the way.

Kindest Regards

Andrew Van Niekerk

I am so thankful to have come across Lourens on Youtube when I was doing some research on
different business opportunities. After watching a couple of his videos you come to find that he is a
genuine individual who really cares about helping others succeed at making not just a little, but A LOT
of money. No gimmicks or hype. Just plain value in his teachings. He knows the questions I have
while I'm watching the videos so I don't ever really need any support. I feel sorry for the people that
pass up the Banners Broker business because they think it's too complicated. All you need to do is
watch the detailed videos on the bb2masters channel and you'll find there's no easier way to generate
serious money online without a website of your own. Lastly, I just want to say how grateful I am to
Lourens and Heila for their leadership. Before joining forces with them I was wandering around from
biz opp to biz opp making no money. Now I have a plan and can see the results that are practically
guaranteed from my multiple internet businesses they have helped me start.

Todd Miller


I consider myself to be very lucky indeed to have found Lourens and his wife Heila as my sponsors in
BB. They are a genuinely dedicated couple who having made and currently making serious money in
their business, they are still concerned enough about the rest of us (98%) who are yet to make it.
They must have spent hours planning and making their amazing training videos to help people all over
the world. Even though they have 3 young children they still find time to act as my mentors and help

It is not often that I have come across people like them who are prepared to help others when they are
doing so well themselves. So a great hug for both of you and your kids my friends. I am more than
pleased with BB which I joined on 16 March 2012. Guided by the "fabulous pair" I have had little
trouble understanding the concept, it just took a little while to remember all the bits and pieces. I think
that I have it now and am looking forward to a very pleasurable way of making a ton of money whilst
some of my friends are still preferring to work their little buts off in dead end jobs.

I have given up trying to help those who don’t want it. I concentrate on those that do and there are still
many that are willing to move with the times in one of the largest industries in the world, namely
internet advertising and marketing. I like it too because I now have no hesitation travelling overseas for
2 to 3 months at a time whereas in my past business I was stuck. I could not even join my family (when
I had one that is as I am divorced now) on holidays at times! This freedom of having an internet based
business is immeasurable, believe me. I am now buying panels and traffic packs with confidence and
seeing the panels mature in no time. What a feeling!!!!

BB is a great business and anyone who does not treat it as a serious life changing business is a fool.
Good luck to all, I hope to meet my sponsors and you in the near future somewhere nice in the world.

Noel Avice

Hi Lourens,

I want to thank you and Heila for your help in getting me started in Banners Broker.

I have only been in Banners Broker for a short time but your detailed and user friendly step-by-step
videos has got me off to a good start and now I have a clear path in Banners Broker to give me a
comfortable lifestyle.

I am 80 years old and have been in network marketing, direct sales and online marketing for 42 years.
Some of that as CEO of MLM and direct sales companies.

Those years have brought successes and failures but more importantly lots of experience.

I see Banners Broker as the best established online business available today with its unique marketing
plan, enormous market and good hands on leadership.

Being part of the Banners Broker2 Masters team and with your guidance gives me great confidence to
know that my financial future is assured.

David Johnson


Since I joined under your team my eyes are double open and I learned a lot about how to listen and
follow the best Team leader in my life, which I have not met personally but I hope it will come a time
when we as team members see each other in some way.., just we all as a team have to work hard to
achieve that, but we will. What the training and mentoring… the best that I ever heard with so much
passion just brings me back in memories few years back in my life in grade 1 in school...Thank you for
everything to putting us in right direction in our business to follow our goals...

Istvan Vukovic

Hi Lourens and Heila,

Although I have just started I want to tell you how enthusiastic I am. A while ago I was introduced to
BB through a friend and I bought a few panels. Like many online programs it's difficult to understand
if nobody is telling you properly how it works. So I had no idea what I was doing in BB as I didn't
understand the business and I had no strategy. Luckily I found you on YouTube. After joining your
team and watching the videos I now understand how BB works. I can't wait to build my business and
finally be successful online! Lourens is making it easy by explaining everything step by step and taking
time to help with all my questions. Looking forward to the next video and next step!! Thanks for
sharing your expertise!

Marjo VK

For many years, I had been trying my luck on the many online businesses I purchased, tried and failed
in. Even though it was a frustrating and expensive exercise, deep inside me, I knew that online business
was the way forward for me.

I found out about JBP about mid-February, researched it for about two weeks and concluded that this
was the way forward for me. I funded my new account and started watching it grow. I knew of the
High Risk involved in these high yield programs so deep within me, I was sure that I need to do more
than just JBP.

In learning more about JBP I happen to keep stumbling across videos of JBP created by Lourens and
Heila. What differentiated their presentation from the rest of the video presenters was that they did not
only promote JBP but had other programs and Investments that they were introducing. This was very
much in line with what I had in mind for a long time. On top of that, communicating with Lourens and
Heila via Skype messaging was almost instant, as long as you catch them during wake-up hour in
South Africa. This was a feature in their mentorship that I do not find in the many programs I bought
over the years.

Banners Broker was the next program that was introduced, and when I noticed how easily one can
make money through this program, I jumped at the opportunity. It has been 3 weeks now and I am
enjoying just peeking into my account to see how it has grown on a daily basis. My Yellow panels have
already cycled and two more fast growing while the purple one is close to maturing. Thank you,
Lourens and Heila for introducing me to this opportunity. I have even promoted Banners Broker to a
few people who have since signed up, mainly because of the ease of managing the Banners Broker

What I am most excited about is the other opportunities that Lourens and Heila have begun to expose
me to. I can vision myself well into the future and would like to thank God for using these wonderful
couple to help me, a continuous Online Failure over the years, to have a more positive attitude and
vision about my Online future.

Nacanieli Rogoimuri

Hello Lourens and Heila,

I want to thank both of you, you gave me this
fantastic opportunity to be member of your team.
You guys are amazing mentors. The training you supplied me has been
superb. Thanks again for making this training so easy to understand
and to follow. After long time searching on the net and wasting money
buying rubbish, finally I found this opportunity which is second to

You really care about people's success.

From the first e-mail I realised I can deal with honest people and I
was right. Not like others just to get your money and forget about
you. Now I have stopped searching on the net because I found what
I was looking for. I am so happy and lucky to have found such a great
team to be involved with. Also Banners broker is a great company and
is going to help us to change our lives.

What else can I say? I am speechless. Thank you!
Michael Giannakakis

My name is Peter Bierhof.
I am an entrepreneur and used to be a gym owner for 16 years.
In 2008 I sold my club because I felt trapped in my own business. I created my own "golden cage"

After that I decided to never fall into that trap again and started to search for other ways to make a
living. I want to be able to work everywhere on the planet ( if I wanted to)

I tried several things. Some successful, some absolutely not.

Then I saw a video of Lourens and Heila.
I looked at it and thought: "I want to do what these guys do!"
(I already had my own plans in this direction)

So I contacted Lourens on Skype and he told me what their business is and how they work.
And I liked it. Now I am involved in Banners Broker and Lourens helped me to get started straight
away, so I can make a good income out of BB.

BB is a professional business with a very clever business model and unique in the world (thus far) The
site looks good and is very easy to work with. I have every confidence in BB becoming one of the
biggest businesses in the market.

About Lourens and Heila:
I can see that they know what they are talking about. That is very comforting to see.
Questions I have are answered within a day and done very professionally.

All in all, I am happy to have joined BB and the Team.

Peter Bierhof

It is with so much pleasure I write this testimonial....

I first saw Banners Broker business advertised on a Facebook page and had no idea what it was. As I
am always looking for that "golden program". I did a Google search and came across Lourens videos.

After watching just one of Lourens videos, I felt I was listening to an exceptional leader explaining a
very special business plan.

So I contacted Lourens via skype and he very kindly answered my questions and since then I've not
looked back. I made time to watch every one of his videos so far, some I watched 2-3 times, made
notes and excitedly joined his and Heila's Team.

Lourens videos give very precise, accurate and complete details and instructions - they are so easy to
follow. They are delivered with acute attention to detail and with a very caring attitude. Honestly, I
couldn't believe first up that these videos I was watching were made to help ME finally find a
successful business formula for making money online. Me, who has up until this time, been
unsuccessful online over the past 5 years and I hate to admit it, wasted away almost as much as

I am so proud to be part of Lourens and Heila;s BIGGEST AND STRONGEST BANNERS BROKER
INTERNATIONAL TEAM, love the way they mentor and look forward to a great future with
everyone else who enjoys the fruits of this program.

Lourens and Heila, a huge thank you to you both.
I know you have given me that chance to change my life.

Just a footnote, I always begin programs with the intention of not sponsoring - (I've never been a
successful marketer), but when I truly understand the Banners Broker business, I will not hesitate to
sponsor and assist new members into this life changing business.

With kindest regards
Marion Manderson (bbsolutions)

First of all,
I would like to give a special thanks to Lourens and Heila (my mentors) for all the hard work, time and
effort they have given me. You guys are AWESOME!! Whenever I need help, you guys are always
there with your helping hand. I am truly blessed coz you have shown me something on the net that
REALLY WORKS and it's going to CHANGE my life.

I don't know how to pay back everything you have done for me but all I know, God will bless you
abundantly. Banners Broker is such an easy business, all I do is play with colors. LOL!! All my
questions about the business is answered through their tutorial videos and Lourens help. All I do is
implement what they have shown me.

It is an extremely powerful business and I have never come across anything as easy as this. I'm so
excited about this business because everybody WILL make money.
Thank you Lourens for the video trainings and support, allowing us to utilize everything you have
already put in place so that we can be successful in life. You laid it so well, all we need to do is take
action. The trainings are so easy to understand and you gave it to me for FREE. Bless your hearts.

I have failed over and over again trying some stuff of those online gurus, lost money here and there and
all they do is LIE to me. Now I have found Banners Broker and it has put a SMILE on my face. My
husband is working from overseas at this moment, every time we talk on skype he says that I always
look happy. I told him that Banners Broker is making me happy and it's going to change our lives so
that we're not away from each other anymore.
Yes, Banners Broker has put a smile on my face every day and thanks to Lourens and Heila.



ThankYou Lourens & Heila, For being Great Mentors. The BB business is very unique in my
internet search for a Real Honest Money Making Deal. Follow Lourens & Heila and we all
will blaze a trail to great fortune, which has eluded me on all other businesses.

Michael Millett


I work online since 4 years and a half and I have to say that I saw many opportunities which were to be
extraordinary, in which we had to win a lot of money !!!
Gurus, who saying fantastic, and who had to be always there if we needed them … Regrettably they all
disappeared (the opportunities and the gurus also) and my hopes to change life also.
The positive side is that "I paid " to learn this new business.
Alone we manage with difficulty to hold on. When I met, a little bit accidentally, our friends Lourens
and Heila, I said to myself, finally a person who understand that most people feel online : the failure.
But Lourens made me understand that it was not a fate but that it is together that we shall make a
success. He set up a method where, step by step, we can gradually arrive at the financial independence.
He made me discover the Banners Broker opportunity. It was a revelation. Thanks to this opportunity,
we can set up the foundations of our financial future which will propel us towards the next steps.
Nothing is left at random, everything is clearly explained by videos which Lourens sets up regularly …
The strategy of the team is clearly explained through it. In brief follow what we say to you, trust,
transform your state of mind (you can succeed also). Finally, Lourens is available and answers very
quickly to all the questions …
You want to take out of your gloomy life and finally have income as high as your expectations, then no
more hesitations, join us.

Frédéric « The Frenchie » - France

Lourens I can't believe the trouble you go through. i was blown away when i stumbled upon your
youtube video's. i thought this guy is so pro & he's not the owner of the company. i'm done program
jumping the flavour of the day as they say lourens bb2master team all the way, i've spent year's &
$1000's on the net & been there done that but never ever seen someone really care, there are so-called
teams, but lourens bb2masters team is a real deal, lourens&heila your fantastic

jerome frisco aka machogopher


Since Lourens mentioned this step, I was excited. Everything Lourens brings to the table is valuable
and reliable and works. I wanted to get started straight away, but had to gather some funds first. Being
involved with (removed for privacy) as well, which is now generating about $150 per week is
phenomenal on its own. I started with Banners Broker on 5 April 2012 with the $500 start up fee and
has generated almost $200 already. Every day I’m so excited to see what happened to my two income
streams. Online Marketing has never been so much fun...!

Lourens and Heila are without a doubt two angels that are really giving their all so all of us can
succeed. With all the training in place it is impossible for anyone in the team not no succeed. It just
depends on our own effort and the amount we are willing to start with or can afford at the time, but that
only increases the time frame for us making good money with BB.

The training is first class, Lourens makes it as clear as it can get with every step needed to be
taken...there is no way that you won’t know what to do. The tutorials on BB is also self-explanatory...

Thanks for the opportunity Lourens and Heila...see you in the Bahamas ;-)


I have been marketing on the internet for over 15 years. During this time, I have had my share of
successes and failures and have learned the hard way how to tell the good from the bad. I am very
happy to have been introduced into the team headed by Lourens, as the upline training and support is
amazing. Everything is carefully laid out and clearly explained, making it impossible not to succeed in
this business, even if you are a beginner, as long as you put some time and effort into building and
running your own business.

BannersBroker is a solid company and I am pleased to at last be earning positively – it makes a terrific
change to the many programs that abound on the internet that start today and are gone tomorrow.
Thank you to Lourens and the rest of the team for everything they are doing to ensure that every single
team member gets into profit in the shortest possible time. The support and guidance is terrific and it
makes no difference who anyone is sponsored by, as we all receive exactly the same excellent training
and information.

Barry Friedmann
Sydney, Australia


Mon nom est Sylvie, Lourens m’a invité à rejoindre le groupe Banners Broker et je suis très heureuse
de l’avoir écouté. Je lui ai fait confiance et j’ai suivi ses excellentes recommandations en débutant avec
le Ad-Pub Combo Professionnel. Je remercie la Vie tous les jours pour cette entreprise fabuleuse.
Depuis plusieurs années je cherche un moyen de gagner de l’argent en ligne et j’ai expérimenté
plusieurs affaires en vain. Banners Broker nous permet de générer des revenus substantiels. Que l’on y
soit depuis longtemps ou que l’on débute avec eux c’est pareil, tout le monde gagne de l’argent, je l’ai
constaté dès la première semaine! C’est très rassurant de généré un revenu passif en ligne!
Je peux honnêtement dire que je n'ai jamais fait de l'argent aussi facilement. Nul besoin de référer pour
y gagner. Banners Broker est une entreprise réelle qui suit un code d’éthique impeccable, il s’occupe
de tout. La phase 2 vient d’être lancée, Banners Broker est en place pour rester. Nous avons la
possibilité d'annoncer et de doubler notre argent, encore et encore. C'est simple et génial. Une
entreprise dont nous pouvons être fiers. Ce n'est que le début, rejoignez-nous!

Sylvie Couture-CANADA

Hi my name is Joey Adamson. My wife Glenda and I have spent a large amount of money along with
time online over the last few years trying to find a program that works without any success. At last we
have found a business that really works with mentors that really care about our success.

With our new Banners Broker business, Lourens and Helia offered us a spot on their team with
excellent training videos, follow-up training emails, and a step-by-step pdf guide to help us succeed.
We joined BB in March, 2012, investing in the $500 level as suggested by our mentors. We are very
glad that we did. Just as Lourens and Heila said we are making a profit online in less than six-weeks.
We have seen our business and earnings increase daily.

Success At Last!
Thanks a MILLION Lourens and Heila for being such a Blessing to us!
Joey and Glenda Adamson
Alabama, USA


WOW……what a discovery at last real on-line success after years of so many broken promises. A
chance comment, some research and I stumbled upon Lourens and Heila, which has now turned into
internet profit.

What an eye-opener their whole RECIPE is genius coupled with the phenomena business concept
Banner Brokers have created makes a true winning combination. I have not been left out to dry once it
was all set up which is usual, their training is so simple and extremely affective. The only reason you
won’t see success here is if you do nothing.

It’s the starting that’s the hardest it’s the doing that strides towards success and here I have all the
support, guidance and simple training I need to succeed at last on the internet to whatever level I desire.

It is humbling to be part of such a community of go-givers instead of the normal takers roaming the
internet. I know I have found true ethical mentors in Lourens and Heila, thank you for sharing your
experience and helping create that once elusive internet income.

Absolutely brilliant, thanks guys

Chris - UK

Hi Lourens,

Firstly we are indeed very grateful that we have been introduced to you and your wife-albeit that it was
us introducing each other. You have been nothing short of an inspiration and it has been a real privilege
corresponding with you both. I am extremely confident of our future moving forward following closely
behind you and your ideas.

We have been most impressed with your geniuses and sincerity and indeed your love for helping
everybody is refreshingly unique.

The BannersBrokers model is an absolute beauty and I am so excited as to where we will be in a years
time. I have only been in it less that 2 months, however already have my panels completed a couple of
times and each day the belief increases. It is a very simple model to follow and yet so powerful. I was
at a seminar earlier on today and one of the themes was globalisation and taking advantage of the next
theme. Well we are in it. Impressions and Ads on the internet are here to stay. We are in the right place,
at the right time in the right programme and with the right team.

The training and support have been first class - everything has been explained 100% and right up front
from day one. There has been no half truths and no leading us down the wrong path.

Your ability to explain and train us in the basics has been superb and we love the diagrams and
freehand drawings. I am sure that it will continue to be only First class moving forward.

This is in complete contrast to some of the experiences that we have had in the past. Having spent
thousands like most “newbies” on various programs and sharks –we even had a 6 month battle with the
Credit card company to get a 5 figure sum back, the experience that we have had to date has been
nothing short of astonishment at the honesty and sincerity.

We have made money from the beginning and indeed been extremely pleased with our experience to

We highly recommend this programme and have already referred it onto good friends and family.
We both look forward to our letter with the invite to join you in the Bahamas.

Bruce Esterman


There is one important thing I have learned in my 5 years of searching for income online and that is
"Actions speak louder than words". Online gurus have preached/talked/typed about how they want to
help me make money online and all they really wanted was my money. But Lourens and Heila have
proven through their actions that they actually want to and have helped me make money and I am so
grateful for them. I am even more grateful that they introduced me to Banners Broker. I have never
experienced an easier way to make money online. It was a little confusing at first with all the
qualifying, locking, and package/panel mix up, but when you are a part of a great team like Lourens
and Heila that explains everything in detail, then your confusion is short lived. I am finally achieving
my financial goals and it feels GREAT!!! Thanks L&H

Bri - USA
Don’t make the same mistake I made a couple of years back when I got my first invite to join the team.
Although it looked exiting I just never made the time in my hectic schedule to read through it and take
it further.
I have only been part of this team for a short while and now that I have seen what they have meant to
me and done for me I feel like kicking myself for financially I could have been so much better off by
Yes I still have a busy schedule but once the kids have been attended to and everyone is asleep, I sit
and spend time building my future. I might feel technologically impaired but I know Lourens and his
wife is only a skype call away Its not always easy but I am already reaping the rewards and I know that
once I fully understand the concept it will take up much less of my time and then I can afford to sit
back and spend quality time with my family knowing I have BB in place earning revenue on my behalf.
Lourens and Heila you guys are great!



I'm Jurie J. Schoeman from South Africa, and I am totally blown away with what I've achieved with
Banners Broker. I'm less than a month into this powerhouse opportunity and I made over $400. This is
really powerful. Now, with Lourens & Heila as your team mentors on your side, believe me you will
achieve success, because they show you the REAL STUFF, stuff that really works. Believe me I know.
The training that I've received from Lourens & Heila, is really the best that you will get. It helps a lot
explaining everything in detail to help you understand how every fine detail of Banners Broker is
working, and really, this business is really not that difficult. It's easy, it's FUN, it works, and it will help
you make money. I can go on and on and on telling you about Banners Broker, and trying to convince
you to be part of this online community (Lourens & Heila) that really, actually cares about your
success, and I can try to use some nice words and try to let it sound that these people and business is for
real, but let's be honest, you will not achieve anything in life or on-line if you don't take action, this is
all that Lourens & Heila is asking of you. They have done about everything for you, all you need to do
is, become part of this opportunity, and just take the little steps that will come your way in order for
you to achieve success. This is for real, the people is for real, the opportunity is for real, your success
on-line is for real, but it is only a few action steps away.

See you on the other side.

Hello Everyone!
I am very grateful to be involved in such an amazing business alongside Lourens and his wife Heila.
They are awesome mentors who have a tremendous gift of leadership. I appreciate how much effort
and care they put into making sure everyone succeeds by following a simple and duplicable step-by-
step system.
I congratulate you for being part of Banners Broker. This is an ingenious business model from which
we will benefit for years to come. Plug into the system, stay focused and take action! You have locked
arms with a great team that will help you achieve and surpass your most ambitious goals.
I look forward to hearing your success story.

Best Regards,
Jerry Vega
Life of Abundance
Southern California


Hi Lourens & Heila,
I just want to give a brief testimony.
My name is Raphael and I live in New York USA. I've been trying to establish an internet business
to make an income from home for quite some time. I joined many programs and bought many software
and e-books that promised great income potential, some generated a few cents while others were duds.
My J.O.B can't help me do what I would like to do.
Fast forward
I found JBP and saw something different. While looking at training videos on JBP I found
one of your videos that impress me so I subscribed to your channel and signed up with your team.
Being a new starter I see a little money coming in and I am working hard to reach the levels you
mentioned in your training.
I look forward to a long relationship with you.
Thank you for all the training and advice you give
to us (Your Team Members)

Talk to you soon

"Since joining I've had a very steady return on my joining fees. After 30 days I was at least 60% up
across the board, over my joining fees.
I'm excited about all the excellent training that has been provided by Lourens and Alby as leaders.
Everything is laid out step by step. It is great to be aboard. I know I've got a big future ahead with this

Thanks guys for all your support."

John Pike
Online Entreprenuer and
Black Package Owner in BB


The 'BB2 Masters Team' training conducted
by our husband and wife team mentors Lourens
and Heila Haasbroek is superb and has far
exceeded my expectations! They have went
far beyond the norm in expenditure of time and
resources to ensure we team members completely
understand each step of our 'Banners Broker' business
in order to be profitable in the least amount of time.
Lourens is a master of video training presentations
via Youtube with his 'homespun-fireside chat manner
exhorting you to reach for the next small goal and not give
up now as your $10K/Mo income goal is merely a step or
so away! This team is the real thing conducted by real people
who sincerely care about your success mate! I highly recommend
'Banners Broker' along with the 'BB2 Masters Team' training to anyone
truly desiring real financial independence!

Charles E. Rush
Ann Arbor, Michigan


My name is Thomas and I live in Denmark with my wife and kid. I joined the BB2 Masters Team in
the beginning of April 2012. I've been searching the internet for a long time trying to find an easy and
quick way to earn a living online. I've tried so many of the ClickBank products being promoted
everywhere by pro affiliate marketers. They are so convincing with all their fancy and emotional
videos so it's difficult not to believe in it and give it a try. Well, I finally realized that it's simply not
worth my time and money to keep falling for their false promises.

By pure coincidence I decided to open just the right one of the many "earn money" emails I receive in
my mail box each and every day. This was from a guy promoting the BB business and the BB2 Masters
Team. Boy have I been grateful ever since. I just feel extremely lucky to get this opportunity to actually
make a living online within a fairly short time frame. This is not a "get rich overnight" program but it's
a business that is guaranteed to succeed for everyone committed to put in the effort required (not much
actually). It's easy and fun to run this business.

Without Lourens and Heila and their absolutely fantastic training program and consistent support and
motivation, I would never have realized the potential of this business. You simply need someone to
show it to you, and they excel at doing just that.

My goal is to quit my day job by April 2013, and that is VERY likely to happen considering the
amount of money one can make in this business. I have a fairly high salary income today so many
people earning less should easily be able to "retire" in less than a year.

All the best,
Thomas Hoegh


Out of all the people that I have been involved with none of them have impressed me as Heila &
Lourens. Greed, get the money and run has been the norm. They just want the first commission and
usually they are gone. Some of them that really know what they are doing ask for large amounts of
cash to show you how to work the program.
Heila and Lourens are different they will make money from me but they are teaching "HOW" all the
time. I am sure I can speak for most of us out there if we would have had these two at the beginning
"WOW" I can't imagine the success we would have achieved. For the first time I am comfortable and
confident that they will lead us to a great future.

In God We Trust
Jim Neill

Being Entrepreneurs ourselves and having been involved with many other successful businesses, we
can honestly say that this business is one of the easiest businesses online ! The website, the live
conferences, the products are no doubt good but we have to say this is such a Brilliant Idea from BB to
have this package called the Ad Pub Combo to earn revenue for anyone with or without any

We just can’t express how blessed and excited we are to get involved with this opportunity and to be
with a great team. If anyone has not got a glimpse of the Team video trainings from Lourens, they are
actually missing out on something . The trainings are so systematic!! Apart from the regular live
conferences that go on with Banners Brokers, Lourens I must say, you have had unbelievable amount
of patience to put the training all together for everyone who joins our team to understand this
opportunity so easily and quickly which makes it so special.

Having first got informed about this opportunity and done our bit of research, we got our first overview
of this business. We were convinced that its really Legit. We then got involved with BB since mid of
March 2012 and purchased the Enterprise Ad Pub Combo package (Red Package) but seeing it in
reality that this is working so very well, we took the step to uprgrade to the Ultimate package (Black

We have been always looking for simpler and effective ways to earn online and glad we have found
this. Getting into any business is easy but joining a great team to receive the right information and
support to get started immediately is what we feel is also really important. We are very happy to be
involved with BB and especially the BB2 team and hope this gets bigger and better every passing day!

Vishal & Chirayu Shetty
Bangalore, India''
Hi there Lourens & Heila

First let me say thank you for the opportunity to be able to add my testimony
to the BB2Maters Team.

I would like to say to everyone out there: You will not find a better mentor for
this business. Lourens & Heila are dedicated to helping you to make a success
of your own part in this business and if you are dedicated and follow their advice to
the letter, I know and believe that you are guaranteed to be successful at it.

By listening to their own testimony and advice I came to the conclusion that this
is the type of business hat I can be involved in and that I can see a bright future
for myself in BannersBroker.

It is the first time that I did not hesitate to get involved, since the potential is
there to be seen out in the open in all the information pieces available, even before
signing up!
You guys must realize that I am nearing my fifties and do not have time to waste
on things that will not work.

With Lourens & Heila I know that you have dedicated mentors, trainers and support
in this venture. Lourens is not a person that do anything in half measures – ALL or
NOTHING, that is Lourens!!

The training that they supply is excellent, easy to follow and of great quality.
Any support that is needed is supplied and if he cannot answer you immediately, he
will find out and give you an answer as soon as possible.

Coming back to the whole online experience - have been disappointed a couple of
times due to promises that did not pan out. This whole business and how it works,
appealed to me from the moment that I saw it.

I vowed that this will be the thing that works and at this stage I can tell you that it is
everything that it promises. Within 10 days of starting, my wife and a friend from work
signed up. They both saw the potential before even watching the videos or testimonies.

I can promise you that this is the greatest opportunity that you do not want to miss.
Believe I will see your testimonies up here before long!!

I am Basheer Hasan and I live in West Der Moines Iowa. I first met Lourens
in January 2012 when I was investigating another income stream. For weeks
my only communication with him was email and skype. It was through
these communications that enabled me to see the kind of straight forward,
no nonsense kind of leader he is. He gave me the necessary guidance I needed to make
some decisions that I'm very happy about today.

Banners Broker is the second income stream that Lourens has shared with me, and is by far
the greatest. For the first time we can give an individual a way to earn an extraordinary
income, and guarantee their success with our team system. And that, my friend is very powerful.
No more hitting and missing. All of our team members are hitting the ball out of the park with our
system of doing things.

We are a team of leaders making leaders. Lourens is our team captain, and each of us
are the leader of our own team with training, support and systems that Lourens,
and Banners Broker has put in place for us. I believe that this is the best team
 in Banners Broker and I am so glad that I found it. Come join us. You will be
glad you did.

I have been involved in network marketing, trying to succeed in earning an income
from home since 1972. Never had I earned more, in all those years, as I have experienced
since I joined Louren's team in January 2012. It's been a very exciting ride, and it only gets better.
Are you ready for success? Are you ready to make more money than you ever have?
Come fly with us! Let us help you succeed!

To your success,
Basheer (LB)


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                         but the document would get to big ;-)
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                             Public Team Youtube Channel Right Here!
                                               Click Here!

             This Business IS NOT for the negative / complainers or the “clever”
                    If you are SERIOUS about your wealth then join us
                                 But if not... then don’t! ;-)

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