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					Culworth Parish Council Minutes 14th November 2011

                        CULWORTH PARISH COUNCIL

   1. Minutes of meeting held on Monday 14th November 2011 at 7.30pm in the
      Village Hall.
   2. Councillors present B. Whitford. Martin, M. Rowling. Buckley, A. Seeds and
      the Clerk Mrs J. M. Rowling.
   3. No apologies for absence.
   4. Members of public present Mrs. A. Allington, Mrs C. Simonsen, Mrs. D.
      Frewin, Mrs J. Gottowik, Miss M. Watts, Mr. D. Sussman, Mr and Mrs T.
      Field, briefly Mr A. Barnes.
   5. Cooption Three nominations Mrs Allington, Mrs Frewin and Mrs
      SimonsenTheir manifestos were circulated earlier to all councillors. By secret
      ballot, Mrs Allington and Mrs Frewin were elected and signed the declaration,
      and will complete the forms for Financial Interests.
   6. Open Meeting
          a. Sulgrave Road bus shelter is in poor repair. Councillors Seeds and
              Rowling will fix the roof with corrugated sheets.
          b. Mr and Mrs T. Field were prepared to answer queries re their planning
   7. Declarations of Interest. Councillor Buckley for S/2011/1300/MAF Erection
      of 18 solar panels and one equipment cubical (retrospective) East Barn
      Culworth Grounds Farm and S/2011/1364/FUL Car shelter with undercroft
      storage and reforming of courtyard levels (retrospective) Culworth Grounds
      Farm- pecuniary interest in both. Also Item 8h Photovoltaic Planning Inquiry
      as applicant.
      Known to both Councillors Buckley and Martin S/2011/1276/LBC West hill
      Farmhouse High Street.
   8. Minutes of October meeting were confirmed as correct and signed by the
   9. Matters arising
      a. Berry Hill Close- email read out from NCC. Clerk to respond to confirm
      their suggestions.
      b. Questionnaire results Clerk had completed the spreadsheet produced by
      Dave Sussman. Parish Councillors were disappointed with low response and
      considered reissue to non-respondents. The Chairman and Clerk to reconsider.
      The Chairman thanked Dave Sussman for his assistance.
      c. NCALC AGM- in the end no one available to attend.
      d. Remembrance Service at Culworth War Memorial Councillor Seeds laid
      wreath at 11am on November 13th 2011.50 people attended the service. Parish
      Council request that the traffic be stopped for the two-minute silence at least.
      e. War Memorial – written report from John Allington received showing
      minor pointing required and one piece of stone. Clerk to obtain estimates from
      Smith and Ronaldson and M and P Scott. Work would be carried out in Spring
      f. B4525 Report from Helen Howard Area Manager NCC Highways had
      responded. This is a red route, which is regularly monitored. Clerk to check
      County boundaries.
      g. Meeting with MP. An attempt to get several Parish Councils together. See
      item 16 d

Culworth Parish Council Minutes 14th November 2011

       i)      Christmas Market Saturday 3rd December 10am –2pm Councillors
               Seeds and Frewin to attend

10.HS2 Councillor Seeds had circulated an excellent report. In a request for more
assistance, Councillor Frewin and John Allington will assist. SNC had given
notification that Cllr Rupert Fordham is the Councillor responsible.

11.Village Hall report given by Councillor Buckley stated that Cookbooks are now on
sale. A village calendar is expected shortly. All trustees and officers were reelected.
The Parish Council is being given the Trustee document and deeds to Village hall for

12.Jubilee celebrations 2-5th June 2012. Councillor Rowling reported that there would
be a service in St Mary’s on 3rd followed exhibition of old records and memorabilia of
the last sixty years. Design of mug had been chosen to be ordered from McLaggan
Smiths. One free to all children under 16years and the remainder to be retailed.
Monday 4th will be a day of sports on the Cricket Field using a marquee with BBQ
and hopefully Barn Dance in evening. Culworth owns no land so permanent
memorabilia a problem. Next meeting in January.

13.Localism Bill. Thanks were expressed to Mr A Barnes for his document.
Councillor Whitford, Seeds, Mr Barnes and the Clerk will form a subcommittee.
14.Culworth in Ten Years links to Localism Bill.

   a) Receipts
           (1) Culworth PCC for ‘raise the roof’ letter £11.52 (via Texprep)
           (2) RGR Monument for Marshall £175
   b) Payments
           (1) Mrs J. M. Rowling Study Day at Newport Pagnell half share with
               Eydon Course £47.50 +£8.50 VAT plus travelling 63 miles. (000377)
           (2) St Mary’s Church for hire in April 2011 £6 (000378) BW/AS
           (3) Texprep £78.80 including£13.13 VAT (000379) BW/AS
           (4) G. Taylor Village Green Mowing 9/11 £80 (000380) BW/AS
           (5) RBL Wreath £20 Section 137 (000381) BW/AS
           (6) Citizens Advice Bureau Section 142 (000382) BW/AS
   c) Report from Internal Controller New appointment required.
   d) Community Account £11019.52 at 3/11/2011
   e) Deposit Account £8712.61
   f) BUDGET Councillors Whitford and Buckley presented the proposed budget.
      It was agreed that the final decision should be made at December meeting but
      it is proposed to request from SNC precept of £15000.
   g) New signatory to cheque Councillor Allington- to complete forms from
      Santander when arrived.

Culworth Parish Council Minutes 14th November 2011

   a) Applications
      i) S/2011/1276/LBC Lobby area off utility room. Doorway between kitchen
           and store. Enlarging opening between kitchen and family. Reopening
           doorway between sitting room and study. New staircase to second floor.
           Reopening window to bathroom. Forming stairs to gallery and new
           doorway into roof space, extending glazed panel above loft door.
           Conservation roof light to store. Removal of lattice porches at the front
           and rear Westhill Farmhouse High Street. PC comments No observations
      ii) S/2011/1355/EXT Extension to time limit of planning application
           S/2008/1173/P Two detached houses with detached double garages
           Culworth Hall PC comments no change in circumstances therefore no
      iii) S/2011/2011/1401/FUL New garage /workshop Sunnyside High Street
           Parish Council comments No objections.
   b) Decisions received
      i) Refusal
           S/2011/1127/FUL Air source heat pump 2 Coronation Terrace
      ii) Withdrawn
           S/2011/1144/FUL Car shelter with storage space at lower ground floor
           (retrospective) Culworth Grounds Farm


       i) Mrs Perutz Ivy House re proliferation of Hamptons signs. Letter forwarded
            to Mrs Lawrence Head Culworth School. SNC had advised Parish Council
            that they had spoken to Head and Hamptons and explained the need to
            remove advertising signs. Clerk to reply to Mrs Perutz.
       ii) Citizens Advice Bureau request for donation – in budget
       iii) Local Government Boundary Commission re reduction of NCC
            Councillors.NCC agreed with reduction
       iv) NCC Community Action grants see email earlier Councillor Whitford.
            To action
       v) MP Attendance at Sponne School on Thursday 7th November re Wind
            Turbines, Councillor Buckley, Rowling and the Clerk attended. Summary
            of meeting awaited but also included Localism and HS2.
       vi) Mr Tims re land off Sulgrave Road towards T-junction on C59. Requested
            that Parish Council advise residents that notices stating private land NO
            right of way have been erected. The margin of land not cultivated is part of
            Countryside Stewardship Scheme which, in Mr Tims case, does not allow

1) High Street Bollards- two broken have been replaced but others are minus their
   reflectors on one side
2) Concern re speeding through village for December agenda.

19.PLANNING continued
   Councillor Buckley left 9.35pm before these applications were discussed.

Culworth Parish Council Minutes 14th November 2011

      i) S/2011/1300/MAF Erection of 18 solar panels and one equipment cubical
          (retrospective) East Barn, Banbury Lane Culworth Grounds Farm Thorpe
          Mandeville. PC comments No observations other than to consider the size
          of the equipment cabinet particularly in light of adjacent application.
      ii) S/2011/1364/FUL Car shelter with undercroft storage and reforming of
          courtyard levels (retrospective) Culworth Grounds Farm. Parish Council
          comments no change from earlier comments to application 1144/FUL
      8h. Photovoltaic Planning Inquiry- November 22,23,24th. SNC Council
      Chamber commencing at10am. Parish Council representative will be
      Councillor Seeds who will answer questions if required but not speak other
      wise as comments sent to Inspectorate in August.

      Meeting closed 9.55pm
      Next meeting Monday 12th December 2011 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall


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