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									Volume	7,	Issue	#6	                                                                         Bi-Weekly	NewsBulletin	                                     April	1,	2011

                                                         Country Elevator Council
                                                                                                                                                IT’S RSVP
     The 31 Annual Country Elevator Council meeting & Golf Tournament in Walla Walla
                  st                                                                                                                                 NO -
     is just TWO WEEKS away! We will be is at the Marcus Whitman Hotel on                                                                          L AT T TOO
     April 14 & 15. Chair Byron Behne (AgVentures NW. LLC) has planned a pertinent                                                          Ma Cont !!!
                                                                                                                                              rge      act
     and timely Agenda for this year’s Council. Chris Peha has done a terrific job securing                                                  info rie for
     sponsorship (thank you ALL for your generosity), and Jeff Young is working hard                                                             rma hot
                                                                                                                                                      tion el
     to provide a great tournament at the beautiful Wine Valley Golf Club. It’s not too late to                                                           !
     RSVP today if you have not yet done so!

     Registration is now open and available on our website or at this link:
     http://www.pnwgfa.org/2011 CEC_Registration_Form.pd

                               Thank You to our GENEROUS Sponsors!
                  Diamond                                                                      Gold                                       Silver
     Central Washington Grain Growers                                               AgVentures Northwest                             Ag States Group
               CLD Pacific Grain                                                     Columbia Grain, Inc.                    CHS/Connell Grain Growers, Inc.
         Northwest Grain Growers                                               Cooperative Agricultural Producers            Columbia Country Grain Growers
       Ritzville Warehouse Company                                                 Kalama Export Company                       Evans Grain, Feed & Seed Co.
                                                                                      Keigley & Company
                    Platinum                                                       Lewis-Clark Terminal, Inc.                            Bronze
               Laughlin Cartrell, Inc.                                           Mid Columbia Producers, Inc.                         AgriNorthwest
         Pacific Northwest Farmers Coop                                         Morrow County Grain Growers                     Almira Farmers Warehouse
          Pomeroy Grain Growers, Inc.                                           Shaver Transportation Company                  Davenport Union Warehouse
            United Grain Corporation                                                  Tri-Cities Grain, LLC                         Degesch America
                   Whitgro, Inc.                                                Union Elevator & Warehouse Co.                    The Haskins Company
                                                                                                                                  Lamont Grain Growers
                                                                                                                                  Palouse Grain Growers
                                                                                                                                   Pendleton Flour Mills
                                   Topics in this Issue                                                                           Tidewater Barge Lines
 1. Country Elevator Council Info & Sponsors ..............................Page 1
 2. Country Elevator Council - Agenda ...........................................Page 2
                                                                                                              CEC Sponsorship Opportunities
 3. Country Elevator Council - Attendees ......................................Page 3
 4. Job Openings ....................................................................................Page 4   SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES still available for
 5. Special Remembrance ...................................................................Page 5             the 2011 Country Elevator Conference! Contact:
 6. PNWGFA 2011 Scholarship Program & Application ............Page 6
 7. Columbia Locks Reopen ................................................................Page 7              Chris Peha @ cpeha@nwgrgr.com or
 8. Industry News Articles & Clips ..............................................Page 8-13                    Margerie Sedam @ margerie@pnwgfa.org
 9. Annual Convention Postcard & Sunset Cruise Invitation .Page 14                                            (or call main office 503.227.0234)
www.pnwgfa.org	                                     Page	2	                                        April	1,	2011

                  Country Elevator Council Agenda
Below is the final Agenda for the April Council. The Committee has put together a great program. We look
forward to successful and worthwhile event. REGISTER TODAY!

Thursday, April 14                                       Friday, April 15
7:30am – 10:30am PNWGFA Board Meeting                    7:00 - 8:00 am - BREAKFAST
(Members Welcome). If you wish to attend, please         8:00 am Byron Behne kicks off the program
RSVP to Margerie@pnwgf.org or call 503-227-0234.
                                                         Speakers & Topics :
11:00am Tee Time start at Wine Valley Golf
Club! http://www.winevalleygolfclub.com.                 8:00 -9:00:
Each registration for our golf tournament includes a     Cindy Lyden, Northwest Farm Credit Services
$25 donation to the PNWGFA Scholarship Fund. The                Financing & Capital Availability
PNWGFA fund awards multiple Scholarships each
year.                                                    9:00-10:00:
                                                         Cole Craven, Ag States Group
5:30 - 7:00pm Reception at Marcus Whitman Hotel                 Safety Issues - Bin Entry & Sweep Augers
– Golf Prizes, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails
                                                         Dan McQuary, Stonebraker McQuary
                                                               Healthcare Reform - Where Do We Go
                                                               From Here?

                                                         Doug Engle, Western Wheat Quality Lab, USDA ARS
                                                                Xerpha Product Performance-A Short Course
                                                                in Soft Wheat Quality

                                                         12:00-1:00 - LUNCH

                  Wine Valley Golf Course                Dave Shelton, Wheat Marketing Center
                        Hole #14                                Challenges & Opportunities for Soft White

             Remaining 2011 Events - Save the Dates!
                                             94th Annual Convention, Golf
                                      Tournaments & Membership Meeting
                              June 22-24 at Coeur d’Alene Resort in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
                               Sterling Haskins, The Haskins Company — Chair
                            Jeff Young, Industrial Systems & Fabrication — Golf Chair
                                             Accepting Room Reservations Now!
                                             Call 1-800-688-5253

                                     Annual Idaho Trout Fry & Golf Scramble
                                September 29 at Clear Lake Country Club in Buhl, Idaho
                               John Evans, Evans Grain, Feed & Seed — Attendance Chair
                               Sterling Haskins, The Haskins Company — Sponsorship Chair
                                  Jeff Young, Industrial Systems & Fabrication — Golf Chair
www.pnwgfa.org	                                 Page		                                       April	1,	2011

   Country Elevator Council - Attendees to Date!
Ag States Group                   Laughlin Cartrell, Inc.            Pomeroy Grain Growers, Inc.
       Cole Craven - Speaker             Brian Chastain                       Curt Claassen
       Brent Schmautz                                                         Bob Cox
       Lee Tilleman               Merchants Exchange of                       Joe Waldher
                                  Portland                           Ritzville Warehouse Co.
AgVentures Northwest                     Liz Wainwright                       John Anderson
      Byron Behne - Chair                                                     Brian Gordon
      Keith Bailey                Morrow County Grain Growers                 Stacey Hunt
                                        Brian Peiler
Almira Farmers Warehouse                John Ripple                  The Scoular Company
       Jim Bafus                                                            Dain Lauderback
                                  Northwest Farm Credit Services
Central WA Grain Growers                Cindy Lyden - Speaker        Shaver Transportation
       Paul Katovich                                                        Steve Shaver
       Kevin Whitehall            Northwest Grain Growers
                                        Patrick Buob                 Stonebraker McQuary Insurance
Columbia County Grain                   John Cranor                         Don McQuary - Speaker
Growers                                 Chris Peha - Sponsor Chair
      Ted Lowe                                                       Tri-Cities Grain, LLC
                                  Pacific Northwest Farmers                   Damon Filan
Columbia Grain International      Cooperative                                 Bert Martin
      Ron Williams                        Bob Holmes                          Mark Weber
                                          Norm Ruhoff
Cooperative Agricultural                  Natalie Shaus              Uniontown Co-Operative
Producers                                 Sam White                  Association
      Chris Meyer                                                           Gary Budd
      Jackie Tee                  Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed
                                  Association                        USDA-RSA
The Haskins Company                       Margerie Sedam                   Doug Engle - Speaker
      Sterling Haskins
      Regan Heaton                Palouse Grain Growers              Wheat Marketing Center
                                         Bruce Baldwin                     Dave Shelton - Speaker
Industrial Systems & Fab.
        Jason Hamlin              Pendleton Flour Mills              Whitgro
        Darrell Shoquist                 Dan Bahr                          Beau Duff
        Jeff Young - Golf Chair                                            Shayne Holt
Keigley & Company, Inc.           Pendleton Grain Growers                  Tim Siler
        Tom Keigley                      Jon Sperl
        Alan Lee                         Alllen Waggoner

Lamont Grain Growers
      Jim Fuhrman
                                                                                                  31ST Annual
                                                                             Country Elevator Council
Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association
                                                                                 April 14-15, 2011
                                                                 The Marcus Whitman Hotel — Walla Walla, Washington
                                                            (Hotel Reservations call: 1-866-826-9422 - Room Block Ends March 25, 2011)

                                                                                    Registration Form
                                             Company Name                                                                     Phone #
                                                               Street                                      City                       State             Zip

                                                 PLEASE PRINT first /last name /email address of each individual attending the Conference:
                                                 Delegate’s Name / Email Address                        Check here if playing Golf            *Golf Foursome Requests


                                                     (*You may choose 3 of the 4 people on your team. The final player will be placed by Golf Chairman, Jeff Young.)

                                                                                     Early Bird Ends March 30, 2011
                                             	       	      	      					 (# of Delegates) (Early/Late Price)            (Total)
                                                    Meetings & Golf:
                                                       Members                         x $225 / $275 =
                                                       Non- Members                    x $325 / $375 =

                                                    Meetings ONLY:                                                                                Total Fees:
                                                       Members                           x $125 / $175 =
                                                       Non- Members                      x $225 / $275 =

                                                    Golf ONLY:                           x $125 / $175 =

                                                               (See page 2 for details on registration fees and the tentative Agenda.)

                                                                                        Payment Options:
                                                               q Check: Make payable to Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association
                                                            q Invoice: The Association will send you an invoice for your registration fees
                                                                                       Refund Policy:
                                                      Full Refund through March 25 * 50% after March 25 & No refunds given after April 6

                                                                   Please mail or fax your Registration Form to: PNWGFA
                                                                   200 SW Market Street, Suite 190 * Portland, OR 97201
                                                        Phone: (503) 227-0234 — Fax: (503) 227-0059 — E-mail: Margerie@pnwgfa.org
Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association                                Registration Information
                                                                                Meetings & Golf:
                                                      On or Before March 30th: $225 Member Price — $325 Non-Member Price
                                                         After March 30th: $275 Member Price — $375 Non-Member Price
                                                          Fee Covers: Speakers on relevant topics for the Grain & Feed Industry;
                                                         $25 Donation to the PNWGFA Scholarship Fund; Green Fees & Carts for
                                                              Golf Tournament; Reception on Thursday evening; Lunch on
                                                              Thursday & Friday; as well as Continental Breakfast on Friday.
                                                                                   Meetings ONLY:

                                                      On or Before March 30th: $125 Member Price — $225 Non-Member Price
                                                         After March 30th: $175 Member Price — $275 Non-Member Price
                                                          Fee Covers: Speakers on relevant topics for the Grain & Feed Industry;
                                                        Reception on Thursday evening; Continental Breakfast & Lunch on Friday.
                                                                                      Golf ONLY:
                                                                           On or Before March 30th: $125
                                                                               After March 30th: $175
                                                                Fee Covers: Golf at the beautiful Wine Valley Golf Club
                                                                    $25 Donation to the PNWGFA Scholarship Fund;
                                                              Green Fees & Carts for Golf Tournament; Lunch on Thursday
                                                                 at the Tournament & Reception on Thursday evening.

                                                                         AGENDA for the Meetings
                                                                                    Thursday, April 14th
                                                                         8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. -- Board Meeting
                                                                       11:00 a.m. -- Tee Time Start for Tournament
                                                                         5:30 - 7:00 p.m. -- Welcome Reception

                                                                                     Friday, April 15th
                                                                               7:00 - 8:00 am - BREAKFAST
                                                 8:00 – 9:00 am: Cindy Lyden, NW Farm Credit Services: Financing and Capital Availability
                                                 9:00 – 10:00 am: Cole Craven, Ag States Group: Safety Issues - Bin Entry & Sweep Augers
                                                10:00 – 11:00 am: Don McQuary, Stonebraker McQuary: Health Care Reform - Agribusiness
                                             11:00 – 12:00 pm: Doug Engle, Western Wheat Quality Lab/USDA: Xerpha Product Performance -
                                                                          A Short Course in Soft Wheat Quality
                                                                                12:00 – 1:00 pm: LUNCH
                                                   1:00 – 2:00 pm: Dave Shelton, Wheat Marketing Center: Challenges & Opportunities
                                                                                    for Soft White Wheat
                                                                                  Planning Committee:

                                                                  Byron Behne - AgVentures NW, LLC - Conference Chair
                                                                   Chris Peha - Northwest Grain Growers - Sponsor Chair
                                                              Jeff Young - Industrial Systems & Fab. - Golf Tournament Chair
www.pnwgfa.org	                                    Page		                                         April	1,	2011

                                Tri Cities Grain - Grain Clerk/Accounting Position Open

                                Tri-Cities Grain, LLC
                                GRAIN CLERK / ACCOUNTING POSITION

 Strong grain company in Tri Cities, Washington, seeking Grain Clerk / Accountant. Experience preferred but
 not required. Full time position, competitive benefits and wages DOE. Interested persons please send resume

 Tri-Cities Grain, LLC.
 600 Tank Farm Road
 Pasco, WA 99301
 Closing date: April 15, 2011

                  Mid Columbia Producers - Seeking Grain Accountant/Buyer

                  Mid Columbia Producers, Inc. is seeking applicants for the full time position of Grain
                  Accountant/Buyer. Hours vary depending on season and grain market conditions.
                  Accounting and/or grain buying experience preferred but not required. Salary negotiable
                  based upon qualifications. Competitive benefits package.

Send resume and cover letter to P.O. Box 344 Moro, Oregon 97039 no later than April 22, 2011. Mid Columbia
Producers, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

                                      Pomeroy Grain Growers Seeking Agronomy Manager

Pomeroy Grain Growers is now accepting applications for an Agronomy Manager. Duties include directing,
promoting, and coordinating the operations of the PGG Agronomy Division.
Minimum qualifications include:

*   Five years of management experience
*   Knowledge of budgeting and financial analysis
*   Experience with purchasing and pricing agronomy inputs
*   A preferred applicant would have agronomy advising experience in dryland wheat, barley, and grass seed

Pomeroy is a farming community in southeast Washington, located 30 miles west of Lewiston, Idaho, and 70
miles northeast of Walla Walla, Washington. The job includes medical benefits and a retirement plan. Applica-
tions can be picked up at the Main Office at 910 Main in Pomeroy, or applications can be acquired by contact-
ing the Manager at 509-843-1694 or email bcox@pomeroygrain.com.
www.pnwgfa.org	                                      Page		                                           April	1,	2011

                        Remembering Dennis Hays
                         Hays, Dennis Patrick 69 11/07/1941 01/22/2011 Our loving husband, father and
                         brother took a new peaceful path with God Jan. 22, 2011. Dennis Patrick Hays was
                         born Nov. 7, 1941, in Portland to Russ and Patricia Hays. He attended Madeleine
                         Grade School, Mount Angel Seminary, Central Catholic High School class of ‘59 and
                         the University of Portland, class of ‘63. The oldest of eight, Dennis is survived by his
                         siblings, Diane, Patty, Tom, Tim, Marie, Bridget, Barney and their families; his loving
                         wife of 47 years, Sharon; and their daughters and their spouses, Jean and Kyle Mishler,
                         Julie and Guy Anderson and Jill and Josh Habrich. Dennis was blessed with seven
                         grandchildren, Austin, Brandon, William, Sarah, Sophia, Garrett and Jill’s baby on the
                         way. A generous civic leader, Dennis served on the board of many organizations
including Right to Life, Catholic Charities, Birthright, Valley Catholic High School, Southwest Communities and
the Knights of Columbus. An avid golfer, he belonged to the Rock Creek Country Club and many other golf
leagues. A fanatical Green Bay Packers fan, some of his fondest memories would have been making so many
new friends on his solo trips to Lambeau Field. Memorial donations may be made to the American Diabetes
and the American Heart Associations.

      A Special Note from PNWGFA President Dain Lauderback
Dennis Hays was “the glue” of the Oregon Feed and Grain Association and always provided the membership
with top shelf leadership and service. His humor, ready smile and wit made everyone feel comfortable and
welcomed at all meetings and programs. Dennis was the heart of the Association’s conventions, governmen-
tal affairs, golf tournaments and after-hour social events. He was an outstanding member and mentor of the
PNW agricultural industry and community. Dennis was a true “man of distinction.”
www.pnwgfa.org	                                 Page	6	                                      April	1,	2011

              PNWGFA 2011 Scholarship Program
           The 2011 PNWGFA Scholarship is updated and posted on the website. Please forward to
           friends and family members of the Grain and Feed community! NOTE: Deadline is fast
           approaching - please encourage potential candidates to complete and return
           application by MAY 6, 2011!

           Application can be downloaded here:

http://www.pnwgfa.org/2011_Scholarship Application_fill.pdf

Application is also available on the PNWGFA website: www.pnwgfa.org

Dear Student:

The members of Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association are pleased to announce our plans to
award multiple scholarships of $1,500 to qualified applicants who are either working for, or have fam-
ily members working with, our regional industry.

As the cost of college education continues to increase, obtaining an advanced education is becoming
harder to achieve. Our scholarship program is dedicated to helping top students reach their academic
potential and career goals, while responding to the financial pressures placed on their families.

To qualify for these cash awards, applicants must be high school seniors, college freshmen and/or
sophomores who have either been accepted, or are currently enrolled in a 2- or 4-year accredited col-
lege or university. Once you have won one of our Scholarships, you will not be eligible to apply again.
The deadline for applying for these awards will be May 6, 2011, so act now! (Your application needs to
be postmarked no later than May 6, 2011.)

The recipients of the Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association Scholarship grants will receive their
awards, at a special presentation in their honor, in June at our Annual Convention. Recipients and
their parents will be the honored guests of our organization at the industry’s regional convention, and
will also have their hotel expenses paid by our Association.

I sincerely hope you will take advantage of this scholarship program by submitting your application
today. We wish you success in achieving your educational goals, and offer our assistance. The next
step, will be yours.

John Ripple, Morrow County Grain Growers
2011 Scholarship Committee Chairman
Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association
www.pnwgfa.org	                                        Page	7	                                            April	1,	2011

                                            Repair work completed, all locks reopen on
                                            Columbia, Snake rivers
                                            East Oregonian - March 29, 2011

                                            KAHLOTUS, Wash. — Inland commercial navigation between Lewis-
                                            ton, Idaho, and Portland resumed Saturday at 11 p.m. with the official
                                            reopening of the navigation lock at Lower Monumental Lock and
                                            Dam on the lower Snake River, near Kahlotus, Wash.

                                            U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials closed the locks at The Dalles,
                                            John Day and Lower Monumental dams Dec. 10 last year to enable
                                            Corps and contract workers to replace aging downstream lock gates.
                                            They coordinated an extended outage with the inland navigation

                                            The reopening marked the end of the longest lock outage ever on
                                            the Columbia-Snake River navigation system.

                                            The towboat Rebel, pushing two barges — one loaded with shipping
                                            containers, the other with wood chips — was the first vessel to lock
                                            through Lower Monumental’s new gate Saturday at about 3 p.m.

“The downstream gate replacement has been a successful project for the navigation industry, taxpayers and the
Corps,” said Walla Walla District Commander Lt. Col. David A. Caldwell.

Five other Corps of Engineers dams — Bonneville, near Cascade Locks; McNary, near Umatilla; Ice Harbor, near
Burbank, Wash.; Little Goose, near Starbuck, Wash.; and Lower Granite, near Pomeroy, Wash. — took advantage
of the available time without river traffic to accomplish additional maintenance work that normally could not
be accomplished during the annual two-week winter maintenance shutdown. Outage periods for those locks
ranged between five and nine weeks with various closing and reopening dates.

Col. Steven R. Miles, Portland District commander, said the repairs and maintenance will help keep the river
transportation system open for years to come.

He said river navigation is the least expensive means of transporting commodities such as grain and wood prod-
ucts from inland areas to markets all over the Pacific Rim.

“That’s good for the American economy,” he said. “It also consumes the least amount of fossil fuels per mile,
which means less pollution than other modes of transport, and that’s better for the environment.”


(Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers The Shaver Transportation Co. tug Cascades passes upriver through
The Dalles navigation lock Sunday. The lock’s downstream gate, along with those at John Day and Lower Monumental dams,
was replaced during a three-month closure.)
www.pnwgfa.org	                                      Page		                                           April	1,	2011

                      AFIA Filed Comments on FDA Proposed GRAS Rule
                     Arlington, Va., March, 28, 2011 – The continued approval of new, innovative feed ingredi-
                     ents is critical for the U.S. feed and pet food industries to maintain being the world leader
                     of providing safe, healthy feed for livestock, poultry, aquaculture and pets. Therefore, the
                     American Feed Industry Association recently submitted comments to the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) regarding FDA’s final rule amending the procedures for substances Generally Recognized
as Safe (GRAS).

FDA reopened the comment period in late 2010 to finalize the rule amending the procedures for GRAS. After 14
years of inaction on the proposed rule, this comment period was necessary to update feedback to the FDA re-
garding the proposed GRAS notification process. FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) has only recently
started to review GRAS submissions for new animal feed ingredients while the human food industry has had
hundreds reviewed and allowed on the market.

To read the entire Press Release, follow this link: http://www.pnwgfa.org/AFIA_GRAS_article.pdf

                  Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Highlights Benefits of
                  Increasing Ag Trade & Jobs at Nation’s Second Busiest
                  Seaport; Urges Passage of Korean Trade Agreement
                  LONG BEACH, Calif., March 16, 2011 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack spoke today at the
                  Port of Long Beach in Long Beach, Calif., about the importance of sustaining the record-break-
ing productivity of America’s farmers and ranchers with increased export opportunities and smart trade deals,
including the Korean Trade Agreement, which needs congressional ratification. Vilsack underscored how Presi-
dent Obama’s National Export Initiative (NEI), a program intended to coordinate federal efforts to double U.S.
exports by 2014 and create several million new jobs, is providing support to businesses big and small to reach
more of the world’s consumers – 95 percent of whom live outside the borders of the United States. Strong trade
will be a key contributor to building an economy that continues to grow, innovate and out-compete the rest of
the world.
“The Obama Administration is focused on stimulating growth, creating jobs, and setting in place a framework
for a robust future for the American economy,” said Vilsack. “U.S. farmers and ranchers are seeing record sales
of farm goods abroad, which means the agricultural economy is growing and jobs are being created. We must
continue growing the economy, and Congress must focus on passing smart trade deals like the U.S.-Korea Trade
Agreement that will increase exports and support job creation.”

To read the entire Press Release, follow this link: http://www.pnwgfa.org/usda_dept_ag_press_release.pdf

                                Ukraine prolongs grain export quotas
                                The Ukrainian government on Wednesday took the decision to prolong tem-
                                porary quotas on grain exports until July 1 2011, Minister of Agrarian Policy
                                Mykola Prysyazhnyuk said.

                                Last year’s draught hit Ukraine’s grain crop hard, and the government had to
                                limit exports of wheat to 1 million tons, corn to 3 million tons and barley to
                                200,000 tons. The quotas were to expire in April 2011.

“The quota was extended until July 1, 2011. We will raise the quota on corn by 2 million tons,” Prysyazhnyuk
said. The Ukrainian grain exports quotas will be shared among companies during an open auction regulated
by special law to be adopted by the Ukrainian parliament soon.

KIEV, March 20 (RIA Novosti) http://en.rian.ru/business/20110330/163288787.html
www.pnwgfa.org	                                       Page		                                            April	1,	2011

Current and Former Owners of Land Next to or under Railroad Rights
of Way in Idaho May be Eligible

Press Release
Contact: Dan Millea
Zelle, Hofmann,
Voelbel & Mason LLP

(Boise, ID) Class Counsel in Koyle v. Level 3 Communications, Inc., No. 01-0286-S-BLW announced that prelimi-
nary approval of a Proposed Settlement was granted by the United States District Court for the District of Ida-
ho. The lawsuit involves Telecommunications Facilities, such as fiber-optic cable that is buried in railroad Rights
of Way. People who own or owned land next to or under railroad Rights of Way in Idaho may be eligible to
receive benefits.

Sprint Communications Company L.P. and Level 3 Communications, LLC are companies that are engaged in the
maintenance and commercial use of fiber-optic telecommunications systems. Beginning in the early 1980’s, the
companies or their predecessors buried fiber-optic cable and installed related telecommunications equipment
within railroad Rights of Way across the United States. A railroad Right of Way is a strip of land on which a
railroad company builds and operates a railroad. Sprint and Level 3 entered into agreements with the railroads
that own or occupy the Rights of Way, and under those agreements paid the railroads for the rights to install
the telecommunications equipment within the Rights of Way at issue in the case.

The lawsuit alleges that, before installing the telecommunications equipment, the communications companies
were required also to obtain consent from those landowners who owned the land under the Rights of Way.
Sprint and Level 3 contend that the permissions granted by the railroads were sufficient, even where the rail-
road did not own all property rights in the Rights of Way, and deny any wrongdoing.

Class Members include current or previous owners of land next to or under a railroad Right of Way, at any time
since the cable was installed, in the following counties: Minidoka, Lincoln, Gooding, Elmore, Ada, Canyon, Koo-
tenai, and Bonner. Class members can find out when fiber-optic cable was installed in a particular Right of Way
by visiting ww.IdahoFiberSettlement.com or calling 1-877-625-9417. Class members will have an opportunity to
claim cash benefits if the Court approves the Proposed Settlement.

The Proposed Settlement will provide cash payments to qualifying class members based on various factors that
• the length of the Right of Way where the cable is installed,
• the length of time they owned the property, and
• whether the Right of Way was created by a federal land grant.

The Proposed Settlement will also provide Sprint and Level 3 with a permanent Telecommunications Easement,
which gives them the right to use the railroad Rights of Way for their telecommunications equipment.

For more information regarding the Class Action, visit: www.IdahoFiberSettlement.com, or call 1-877-625-9417.
www.pnwgfa.org	                                       Page	10	                                       April	1,	2011

                               FDA Likely to Propose Regs by December on Key
                               Provisions of Food/Feed Safety Law
                               NGFA, PFI Team with Grain Journal to Offer FREE Webinar April 6.

                                 The NGFA has learned that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans by
December to publish proposed regulations designed to implement several of the major core provisions of the
food/feed safety law enacted Jan. 4. The first installment of proposed regulations is scheduled to include the
law’s sections that require all facilities registered with FDA under the Bioterrorism Act – which encompasses
grain elevators, commercial feed and feed ingredient manufacturers, corn and flour millers, oilseed processors,
exporters and others – to:

* Analyze their operations to identify “known or reasonably foreseeable hazards” – both unintentionally and
intentionally introduced (including by acts of terrorism).

* Implement “risk-based and reasonably appropriate” controls to minimize or prevent such hazards from caus-
ing products to be adulterated or misbranded (within the meaning of the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic
Act), as well as monitor and verify the adequacy and effectiveness of those controls..

For added topics and registration for the conference call, follow this link: http://www.ngfa.org/webinar.cfm

                                U.S. WHEAT ASSOCIATES NEWSLETTER
                                March 31, 2011
For the latest U.S. Wheat Associations Newsletter, follow this link:

1. USDA Projects Large Increase in Wheat Planted Area, Surpassing Trade Expectations
2. Crop Conditions Vary Throughout HRW Belt
3. Presidential Visit Highlights the Important U.S. and Latin America Trade Relationship
4. Ninety Days to Massive Market Losses in Colombia
5. Despite River System Closing, PNW Wheat Exports Outpace 2009/10
6. Improving Crop Quality Information for U.S. Wheat Customers
7. Korean Team Tests Whole Wheat Bread Blends at the Wheat Marketing Center
8. Wheat Industry News

                                                Export Fundamentals Seminar

REGISTRATION INFO: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/expfuntwinfalls
Follow the links for each date/location for more information:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 Pocatello, ID
9:00am - 11:30am

Thursday, April 21, 2011, Twin Falls, ID
9:00am - 11:30am
www.pnwgfa.org	                                     Page	11	                                           April	1,	2011

                                    Japan delays corn imports
                                  Japanese corn importers are delaying the purchase of the grain after the
                                  March 11 earthquake and tsunami damaged ports in the nation’s north-
east, suspending unloading operations from vessels, said Nobuyuki Chino, president of Unipac Grain Ltd.

“Japanese companies have not made deals to buy corn since the quake hit the nation,” Chino, was reported to
have said. “They need to assess how demand for the grain may change after the incident.”

Japan is the world’s largest importer, importing about 12 million metric tons of corn for feed production annu-
ally and secures about 90% of the grain from the US, the largest exporter.

According to Eri Utamaru, at the agriculture ministry’s livestock department, Japan may have lost about 20%
of the nation’s feed production after the tsunami flooded ports and feed production facilities. Corn represents
about half of Japan’s livestock feed output estimated at 24 million tons a year.

Zen-Noh, Japan’s largest corn buyer, plans to boost feed production in facilities that escaped damage to ensure
supplies to livestock farmers in northeast Japan.

It may take six months for damaged feed plants and grain storage facilities in northeastern Japan to resume
operations, Chino said. Before that, Japanese feed producers will increase output in other areas for shipments
to growers of pigs, chickens and cows in the northeast, he said.


                                    Dairy Farmer Finds Unusual Forage Grass
                                    A US Department of Agriculture (USDA) grass breeder has rediscovered a
                                    forage grass that seems just right for today’s intensive rotational grazing.

A farmer’s report of an unusual forage grass led Michael Casler, an Agricultural Research Service (ARS) geneti-
cist at the agency’s US Dairy Forage Research Center in Madison, Wis., to identify the grass as meadow fescue.
Meadow fescue has been long forgotten, although it was popular after being introduced about 50 to 60 years
before tall fescue.

Casler has developed a new variety of meadow fescue called Hidden Valley, and its seed is being grown for
future release.

Non-toxic fungi called endophytes live inside meadow fescue, helping it survive heat, drought and pests. Un-
like the toxic endophytes that inhabit many commercial varieties of tall fescue and ryegrass, meadow fescue
does not poison livestock.

Charles Opitz found the grass growing in the deep shade of a remnant oak savannah on his dairy farm near
Mineral Point, Wis. He reported that the cows love it and produce more milk when they eat it. Casler used DNA
markers to identify Opitz’s find.

To read the rest of the article, follow this link: http://www.allaboutfeed.net/news/dairy-farmer-finds-unusual-
www.pnwgfa.org	                                      Page	12	                                         April	1,	2011

                               Japan struggles to reinstall feed production
                               and trade
                               March 28, 2011

                               The US Grains Council reports the Japanese industry has been making signifi-
                               cant strides to regain its normal feed mill production capacity within the next
                               few months.

In the short-term, logistical issues will continue to be a problem, but the Japanese feed industry is working hard
to recover from the damage. By April or May, the Council is hopeful Japan will recover and return to a some-
what normalcy,” said Tommy Hamamoto, USGC director in Japan.

Four of Japan’s major importing facilities and attached feed mills were severely damaged by the earthquake
and subsequent tsunami that struck the country on March 11.

These four facilities account for approximately 3.66 million metric tons of compound feed production per year
– around 15% of Japan’s total annual compound feed production of 25 million tons.

Another mill, which accounts for an additional 15%, suffered some damage but compound feed production
has already partially resumed.

Other mills backup
“Japan is prepared to cover the feed loss by facilities coming back online and increased production in unaffect-
ed mills. These [unaffected] mills are sending feed supplies in small vessels to affected areas,” Hamamoto said.

There are currently bottlenecks: the capacity of unaffected ports to unload redirected shipments and storage
limitations; impeded passage of ships through channels caused by debris in shipping lanes; increased transpor-
tation costs, fuel supplies and shortage of trucks and ships; and power needed for production and processing.

Limited loss of animal herds or flocks
“Since the majority of livestock and poultry farms are located near Japan’s mountain side (west side of Japan),
minimal animal loss is expected from the tsunami.

However, logistics of fuels, feed and products continue to be a problem for those farms,” said Hiroko Sakashita,
USGC associate director in Japan.

“In addition, some animal production was affected as facilities had to be evacuated due to elevated radiation
levels. This market may further be affected by negative perceptions and false information on their products,” he

Radiation problem
Exposure to radiation will remain a longer term concern. Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries
released a notice alerting livestock farmers to be cautious and not to feed radioactive-material-contaminated
hay, roughage, silage and water to livestock.

It recommends that farmers keep their animals indoors if possible. Feed millers in Hokkaido, Chukyo, Kansai
and Kyushu have been working around the clock to ensure that sufficient supply of animal feed is available in
the damaged area.

www.pnwgfa.org	                                      Page	1	                                          April	1,	2011

                                 Washington Organic Agriculture Sector Sees
                                 Declines in 2010
                                 WENATCHEE, Wash. — The number of certified organic producers, organic
                                 acreage and farmgate sales in Washington state all declined in 2010 according
to data gathered by the Washington State University Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources.
CSANR Sustainable Agriculture Specialist David Granatstein and Research Associate Elizabeth Kirby co-au-
thored the just-completed profile titled “Current Status of Organic Agriculture in Washington State.”

Granatstein and Kirby found that the number of certified producers in the state declined by 18 in 2010 to
735 with five farms transitioning to organic. Certified organic land area, including double-cropped acreage,
dropped by six percent to just under 102,000 acres. The declines were seen in both eastern and western

The study results showed that acreage devoted to organic forage and vegetable crops each dropped by 15
percent. The vegetable decreases came in green beans, potatoes, onions and sweet corn, all of which were in
decline for the third year in a row.

Read the rest of the article here: http://cahnrsnews.wsu.edu/2011/03/23/washington-organic-agriculture-sec-

                                           Where Will ‘Amber Waves of Grain’ Grow in
                                           a Climate-Changed World?
Giving new meaning to toasted wheat, a team of agricultural researchers has spent the past three years and
almost a million dollars installing electric heaters over wheat fields in the desert of Maricopa, Ariz.

Called the “Hot Serial Cereal” project, the experiment is not a move to tempt breakfast-eaters in the morning,
but rather to simulate a temperature rise of 2 to 6 degrees Fahrenheit -- the predicted global average increase
for the next 50 years.

While there is a general consensus that tropical regions will be feeling most of the heat from climate change,
no one knows exactly how agriculture and food patterns are going to pan out in a greenhouse gas-affected
world. So researchers around the globe are setting up experiments in wheat fields to match -- or refute -- theo-
retical models. Some experiments use heaters, while others spray concentrated carbon dioxide on plants, copy-
ing an expected rise in atmospheric CO2.

Bruce Kimball, a now retired researcher, led the team of scientists from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS),
the Agriculture Department’s arm for scientific research, in Maricopa. A soil scientist by training, Kimball has
spent a good portion of his career simulating a 2050 world in agriculture fields. In many of his past experi-
ments, he created high-CO2 environments for plants, from sour oranges to sorghum, in what are known as
Free Air Concentration Experiments, or FACE.

The heaters were turned on from December to early January, adding 2 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and
5 to 6 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Wheat was planted every six weeks over two years, a regular cycle from
which the “serial” of Hot Serial Cereal comes.

To read this article in its entirely, follow this link: http://www.nytimes.com/cwire/2011/03/29/29climatewire-
www.pnwgfa.org	             Page	1	                        April	1,	2011

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