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					            VOL. LXXXVIII, No. 3, CAMP AGAWAM

                        RAYMOND, MAINE

                         DECEMBER, 2007

Much of my time since Agawam closed has been devoted to coaching
soccer. This fall was my 27th season as the Hanover High coach, and it
was a very satisfying one! Our two-game State Tournament run was
too short (losing to the eventual Div. II State Champion, no less!), but
the season was a great success, evidenced by the incredible speed at
which it passed! A little like the Royal Succession, one season ends,
and I eagerly look forward to another – the spring, with a traveling
team from Hanover.

        I’ve had a chance to travel to Maine several times this fall and
enjoy it more with each trip. Barbara and I have also ventured south to
New York City to visit “Skipper” Meredith Nelson, who is still living
in Manhattan and is a professional freelance writer and editor.

       Meanwhile, back on the shores of Crescent Lake, Agawam has
grown very quiet and peaceful again. I think the Camp actually de-
serves the 9 months of solitude between summers punctuated by the
fun and activity of our 134 enthusiastic campers!! As usual, we have
some work going on at Camp – this time a renovation of Esty House,
which I’m pretty sure will be well-appreciated by the Agawomen!

        Speaking of another season, the next Agawam summer already
looks great to me! Shortly after Thanksgiving, we were within ten
campers of full enrollment for 2008. It’s great to know that we’ll wel-
come so many old friends back next summer and have the opportunity
to share Agawam with over 30 new boys, too. Not to rush the season,
as I look forward to another summer on Crescent Lake, I also extend
my best wishes to you all for meaningful holidays and a fantastic New

‘Til we meet again

“Chief” Garth Nelson
“Bos'n” Frank Anthony -                                playing trumpet and piano and can’t wait to sail
I have been having a great fall, now that I have       again at Camp!! Happy Holidays!
caught up on my sleep from the busy Camp sea-
son. With our daughter away at boarding                “Mate” Chris Bravman -
school, my wife Pam and I have become "empty           Since I was last at camp (which I miss dearly)
nesters", except that we have three dogs and a         in 2005, I worked for a year as a union carpen-
parrot still in the "nest". I stopped in for a visit   ter, went back to school, and spent last summer
at her school recently, and ran in to Charlie          working at an architecture firm. I will finally be
Oliva at lunch. I also had a great time seeing         graduating from Stanford this June with a de-
everyone at the Jablonskis' house for the Bos-         gree in architectural design from the school of
ton alumni gathering. Best memory from last            engineering. Outside of school and work, I have
summer is a draw between “Biggie Sarge's”              been crewing on a 44 foot sailboat in races all
trivia announcements and Ag/Wam Upper Vol-             along the coast of California, and I’m thinking
leyball in the mud that continued into darkness.       of doing the Pacific Cup race from San Fran-
It was a great example of the best in Ag/Wam           cisco to Hawaii this summer. I have also been
competition - a fantastic game with great              instructing junior sailors (in optimists and FJ's)
sportsmanship among players and spectators             at a local yacht club, but really miss sailing in
alike. I can't wait to see you all next summer!        JY-15's.

“Bos’n” Bill Auerswald -                               Sandy Brown -
Greetings all – “Ensign”, Igby and I are still         Hey Agawam! ¿Como estan? I just got back
hanging out in Annapolis where we are involved         from an amazing language trip with my school to
in a busy school year and anxiously awaiting the       La Paz, Baja, Mexico for ten days. Unfortu-
arrival of a new baby in January. We like sur-         nately, I didn't get to see Manuel Barnes. Right
prises, so we don’t know what to expect yet,           now, I am about to go to Philly to visit six
but we know that life will change profoundly           boarding schools in New England (possibly see
and that when we next visit Camp it will be a          the Giants- Philly game). It just snowed about 3
little harder to manage! We think of our Camp          feet in Telluride, Colorado and I can't wait to
friends often and it was great to work with last       get on the mountain. Hope everyone's having a
year’s stellar staff at Main Idea. I hope if any-      great off season and I can't wait for 08'! PS.
one is around Annapolis or DC they will get in         GO WAMS!!
touch. Best wishes to everyone for happy holi-
                                                       “Chips” Holly Carriere -
days, an amazing Aga-ski-trip and a great “off
                                                       I am happy to report that I’m amazed that it is
season.” Hopefully we will see you all sometime
                                                       already November and I’m excited for the snow
next summer!
                                                       to start falling. Other than that, I am concen-
Dougie Barnard -                                       trating as much as possible on finishing the se-
Hi everyone!! I’m enjoying 6th grade here in           mester while enjoying the fall/winter weather.
Simsbury, Connecticut. I played soccer in the          Hope that you are doing well :)
fall and am in two choruses (Townwide and
                                                       “Trapper” Dan Cluchey -
Statewide). I’m looking forward to doing some
                                                       Hi everybody. Greetings from Amherst, MA:
snowboarding this winter in New Hampshire at
                                                       the second best place in the world. I've been
Mt. Sunapee. I’m also excited that my younger
                                                       keeping extremely busy this fall; between writ-
brother, Brendan, will be coming to Agawam
                                                       ing a thesis, directing my improv group, hosting
this summer – he can’t wait!! I’m still enjoying
a radio show, and getting ready for my a cap-             a Roxbury Latin game (though he didn’t
pella group's winter tour of Southern Califor-            get any field goal chances, he did boot
nia, I only have time for three or four nature            two extra points and boomed three kick-
walks a week, maximum. Lately, most of my time            offs into the end zone),
has been spent applying to law schools as part         Had some torn cartilage removed from my
of my plan to never have to stop going to                 knee in hopes that I will be able to get
Camp. Hope to see everyone in June, and please            back down into a good catching position,
drop me a line if you find yourself in Western         Have been watching the Braves prepare for
Mass...                                                   the post – Andruw Jones era.

Bill Craft -                                        AJ Edgecomb -
Hello all! Since summer, I have started my first    Hey everybody! Lately I have been playing bas-
semester of school at the University of Vir-        ketball and babysitting my little sister. I have-
ginia's School of Engineering and have had an       n’t really travelled anywhere lately. I can’t wait
awesome time. I've mainly just been working on      for the pony next year!
school work but I have found time to play and
ref indoor soccer (cash is always nice), build an   Zach Ellin -
off road car for a national competition, and en-    What's up everyone? Everything is great here
joy Boston's sport success. I'm definitely look-    in Phoenix and the weather is hot, just how we
ing forward to my breaks though. If anyone is       like it! I've had to begin looking at colleges and
ever in the Charlottesville area, defi-             find myself thinking about Agawam cabins all
nitely shoot me an email (wac8s@virginia.edu).      the time. I sent some paperwork to Otyokwa,
Hope you're all doing well, and not missing me      but for some reason I haven't gotten a reply
too much.                                           yet... oh well. I guess I'm just not intense
                                                    enough for them. Apart from that I'm pumped
“Coach” Bob Dickerman -                             for the ski trip and most definitely returning
Since Camp, I –                                     next summer!
   Went on another Lion Hunt,
   Returned twice to haul back home the rest
       of my stuff.                                   If you know someone who
While there, I –                                     you think would be a great
   Saw the Seadog’s get eliminated in the play-        addition to the Agawam
                                                         Staff, please let Chief
   Mowed Ap’s Field (twice)
   Was impressed with the new bullpen in back                    know!
       of the scoreboard in left field,               (chief@campagawam.org)
   Did something I had never done in six sum-         Most of our best new staff
       mers at Agawam (it is probably good              members come through
       that no one was there to see me do it).
Since then, I –
                                                        recommendations from
   Caught a look at Cruiser Greenberg’s Epiph-          current staff members.
       any School soccer team in practice (they      Please keep an eye out for
       looked as though they’d be especially             any good candidates!
       tough on a wet field),
   Checked out Luke Faust’s kicking prowess at
“Cox’n” David Feig -                                  Ohio, where I saw "FM" Hourigan, "Bos'n" Ke-
Since last breathing the wholesome Agawam air,        pler, and Will Degerberg. I started junior year
the Coxswain has moved to New York City,              at school and it has been very tough. I tried out
where the air is slightly less clean. I am cur-       for and made my school's varsity ice hockey
rently in the midst of my freshman year at Co-        team. I hope to do a lot of skiing this winter at
lumbia University where I have been disap-            Stratton Mountain Vermont. I hope everyone is
pointed to find that college involves a lot of        doing well! GO WAMS!!
work. I am playing in several jazz groups on cam-
                                                      Sam Forbes -
pus and have found a lot of good piano accompa-
niment, but none quite like "Coach" Nick
Noreña. I saw "Trapper" Faust at the Columbia-
Princeton football game in which Princeton
barely edged the Lions. But, exemplary sports-
manship was shown by all involved, which is what
really matters.

“Swampy” Jimmy Forbes -
Greetings from Athens, GA! I am now in my
third year at the University of Georgia, and I
have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Dawgs
dominate on the football field this sea-
son. School is busier than ever, but I am looking
forward to sailing over Thanksgiving
break. Thanks to “Bos’n” Bill Auerswald, I will be
representing the Lakes Region Sailing Team on
the Tabor Boy. As a crew on the 92 foot schoo-
ner, I will help navigate the high seas on our five
day journey from Marion, Massachusetts to Ber-
muda. So if you happen to be in the area, look
for the guy calling for backwinded tiller room
and singing the “blow wind” chant. Till we meet

Sam French -                                          “Mate” Taylor Gotfredson -
Things have been going really well here. I've         Hey Agawam Family, since my days at Agawam I
been keeping busy with school, cross-country,         have been studying for my SEA semester. I will
and music. I'm also looking forward to the ski        be sailing on a 134ft brigantine ship named SSV
trip, where I hope to see a lot of Agawam             Corwith Cramer. We will be departing St. Croix
friends, and I can't wait until next summer!          on November 22nd traveling to Roatan Honduras
                                                      and arriving in Key West FL for the New Year. I
James Goodenough -                                    am sorry to all members of the Ski trip but I
Hey Everyone! Since I left camp I have been on        will not be able to make it but I recommend it to
many very exciting adventures. At the end of          all for a great time in the snow. Hope to see you
the summer I went with my family to Italy. The        all next summer and remember to GET
gelato was awesome! In October I went out to          EXCITED! Happy Holidays!
“Cruiser” Meghan Greenberg -                         good grades, sleeping in, and studying. So it’s all
Hello everyone! The day after Camp ended, I          good. I can’t wait to get back to the simple life
embarked on a week-long trip to the Galapagos        at Agawam. “And so without any further ado or
with my family. We saw Galapagos tortoises,          gilding the lily what so ever I give you” a wish
blue-footed boobies, sea lions, sharks, and a ton    for some very happy holidays.
of other animals. I'll have nature reports galore
for the first Council of the 2008 season! Sadly,     “SuperCoach” Mark Hogan-
the trip had to end and I am now enjoying my         Hi everyone! Things are going really well in
second year as an intern teacher at Epiphany         Portland. We’ve had a busy, but fun off-season
School in Dorchester, MA. I am still teaching        so far! Courage and “Admiral” are doing really
6th grade Social Studies and Reading and             well. After transferring the slide show to DVD,
coaching the girls' soccer team. We are cur-         and finishing up the calendar, I wrapped up the
rently 4-1-1, and we've had a great time this        Alumni News. In November we had a great Aga-
season. Highlights of my fall have included going    wam gathering at the home of Matt and Tim
out to dinner with "Trapper" Dan Cluchey and         Jablonski, just outside of Boston! We had 29
"Admiral" Stephanie Hogan in Portland, ME, and       people. Just recently we also had a Maine area
giving a tour of my school to a very special visi-   gathering for campers and staff, where 15 of
tor, "Coach" Bob Dickerman. I am applying to         us went to a Portland Pirates hockey game. It
graduate school for next year and hoping that        was really fun to see so many Camp friends in
my schedule will permit me to be back at Camp        the off season, and the Pirates won in overtime
next summer. Happy Holidays, everyone!               too! Other than that I’m getting ready for the
                                                     ski trip, which happens in a few days. We’ve got
Mike Hauge -                                         9 boys this winter and a great staff and the
I hope everyone is having a happy winter! After      snow has been falling all month! Sugarloaf is
a senior fall that was about as hard as Peter        going to be awesome! If you’re not going this
Murphy's quads, I was happy to relax a little        year, you should plan on attending next year.
bit and focus on the upcoming squash season. I       The ski trip is an absolute blast! I hope this
also saw Ted Moran play in a soccer game when        finds everyone doing well, and if I haven’t
our two schools competed. I hope to be back          heard from you in a while, please send me a
next summer and cannot wait to return to the         message at supercoach@campagawam.org!
shores of Crescent Lake.                             Happy New Year!!

“Slugger” Chris Hayes -                              “Admiral” Stephanie Hogan -
Right now I am at the University of Miami and        “SuperCoach” and I just returned from a great
about half way through with my second year. If       trip to sunny Florida to visit “Slugger” SJ Bax-
last year was not busy enough, things picked up      ter, his wife Shelby, and daughter Emelia. It
even more this year. I am still playing for the      was hard to venture back to cold New England!
University of Miami football team, I have more       Portland’s Paws is gearing up for a busy winter
course work, and I joined a fraternity. All of       season and I am counting the days until the
those are going very well. We're a little down in    slopes of Sugarloaf are under my skis! This
football but still having fun. I'm missing camp a    year’s ski trip is gonna rock, so call
lot and hoping everyone is doing well.               “SuperCoach” now to save your spot on the
                                                     mountain with the greatest ski trip staff of all
Evan Heib -
                                                     time! If you are lucky, even the pepper mill may
Life is all good. I’m playing basketball, getting
return for our evening feasts! I have been          getting a leg up in the guiding business. In
training all fall to get ready for the slopes by    other news, I am about to join the Woodland
drinking lots of hot cocoa, practicing putting on   Park Lawn Bowling and Horseshoes League
my winter hat and jackets, wearing ski socks        where I plan to elevate my lawn games exper-
around everywhere, and walking dogs in a zig-       tise and become supreme bocce champion of
zag ski-like formation at all times. Happy win-     the Northwest. Anyone's welcome at my place
ter!                                                out here and I'd love the company as there is a
                                                    severe shortage of Agawam folks on the West
Carl Jones -                                        Coast. Wams can stay for free, but all "others"
Greetings Agawam friends! School for me is off      will probably have to sleep on the lawn or some-
to a great start! I rank number 8 in my class       thing. Just kidding, nothing but love from
with a GPA of 3.5. I miss Camp so much consid-      “Corp” out here. Take it easy everybody.
ering I had an awesome 4th summer at Agawam.
I recently visited my best friend Morgan Phil-      Miko and Kip McGuire -
lips in the lovely town of Toledo, Ohio for 5       We’re having a great fall. Miko won MVP for his
days so I could attend his homecoming which         football team and Kip won MVP for his soccer
was amazing. I’m still in a dance group that’s      team. Miko is now very busy with wrestling and
working hard each day with shows almost non-        Kip is playing basketball. Kip also won the first
stop. I hope to see all of you soon to share an-    trimester academic achievement award for the
other great summer!                                 5th grade! We hope to get some time on the
                                                    slopes as well.
Winston May -
Agawam Friends, I missed Agawam again last          Ted Moran -
summer because I reported early for soccer at       This fall I've been busy with college applica-
Culver Military Academy in Indiana. This is my      tions and soccer. I made the New England All-
first year and I am a plebe (9th grade) so it is    Star team for soccer and I'm just starting
not much fun, but it is a great school. Some of     squash season. The highlight of my fall came
the stuff I learned at Camp has been helpful.       when I heard a Deerfield student telling my
                                                    team mate that "Ronnie Cargill would not be
“Corp” Ted McDermott -                              proud of him." When I turned around and saw
Fresh from a four month journey guiding fly-        Mike Hauge, he smiled, and I realized that he is
fishing trips in southwest Alaska I've settled      almost 18 and has braces. I'm looking forward
back into my recent home of Seattle, Washing-       to seeing everyone next summer.
ton. I'm currently filleting and slingin' salmon,
halibut and other large aquatic beasties in a       Andrew Moran -
fish market, but I just landed another guiding      Hello everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the
job based right here in Seattle with a cool         off-season. Other than recovering from the
guide service called Emerald Water Anglers. If      Mets horrific collapse last September, I'm en-
you're in the Seattle area or want to take a        joying my junior year at Westminster, and eve-
fishing trip, hit me up at                          rything is going swimmingly. I played some me-
ted@emeraldwateranglers.com. Being involved         diocre soccer this fall and I'm doing the musi-
in the trip program for many years and free         cal this winter. I’m looking forward to a fun
evening fishing excursions to the Sunken Cabin      time on the ski trip with some good people, in-
and Elephant Rock sure have come in handy in        cluding “General” Patton (everyone's favorite
Willie Mulhall -                                      am just finishing up my cardiology course and
School is going well, I played soccer this fall.      then it's on to pulmonary. I never realized how
Soon I will be skiing. I can’t wait till next sum-    much time you could physically study in one se-
mer!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!                              mester! I do get a quick break this November
                                                      with a trip to Hawaii for a convention which
Luke Norena -
                                                      should be awesome, considering it's already
Hi Camp Agawam, I am doing swell here at my           freezing here in Omaha. I can't wait to see
house in Long Island. I have been doing many          everyone again when I visit this summer, espe-
sports for my school and for an outside team. I       cially considering I will have just finished my
am now starting for my school hockey team             USMLE Step I board exams in June...wish me
which contains ninth graders. I was on the var-       luck!!
sity soccer team for my school as well. My
hockey team outside of school is doing well; we       "Commodore" Nathaniel Peters -
just came back from a tournament in Hacken-           Greetings! In August I moved to New York City
sack, New Jersey. My team played in the A             to begin work as a junior fellow at a magazine
league with some of the best teams in the East        called First Things, which writes on religion,
Coast. We ended up coming in third and we beat        culture, and public life. My job involves reading
the New Jersey state champions. I hope every-         and writing about interesting things, and occa-
one is doing well.                                    sionally watching videos from the Colbert Re-
                                                      port with my boss. I live with some of the other
Cam Panno -                                           young people in the office. Between the intel-
Hello everyone. Since camp ended I have gone          lectual stimulation and the living with good peo-
back to school like the majority of the Agawam        ple, my job is like college, only with less respon-
people. I just finished up a mostly successful        sibility. New York City has taken some getting
season with my school soccer team and am look-        used to, but I've been enjoying the restaurants
ing forward to the upcoming ski season. While         and the many shows. If anyone is in the area,
school has been great these last couple months,       feel free to drop by.
I can’t wait to go back to Agawam! ‘Til we meet
again.                                                Sawyer Petrick -
                                                      Hi everyone, I've had a good off-season so far.
Daniel Paseltiner -                                   I've been doing a lot of sports and other
I am having a great off season. School is going       things. So...yeah. Happy Holidays!
really well. I just finished running the lights for
my school play “A Christmas Carol.” This spring       “Major” Duncan Phillips -
I will be playing baseball for my school. I can't     Well after an immensely successful Agawam
wait to get back to Camp! Go LRST!!!                  summer I was off to Madrid, Spain to study
                                                      abroad for a semester. So far it's been a great
Matthew Paseltiner -
                                                      experience; I've been keeping busy, lots of
I am having a lot of fun swimming at the New          travel around Europe and other locations. I was
Canaan YMCA. I am in the second highest group,        actually riding camels in the Sahara a few
fish. I am having a lot of fun and I can't wait       weekends ago. Quite the experience. Turns out
till I can come back to Camp.                         Mike Sandler, J.C., is living a couple blocks from
                                                      me in Madrid, so we're planning to find Alex
“General” Jared Patton -
                                                      Earhardt and have a Brown '02 reunion. Every-
Hope everyone is having a great off season. I
                                                      one is invited. Other than that, I'm looking for-
ward to both returning to the States and then         Arlington, and started practicing law here in DC
Agawam this summer. Big things are going on, so       at Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker, where I
I expect everyone to be there. No excuses.            focus on ERISA litigation and general labor/
Hope all is well and I'll see you all soon!           employment matters. The highlight of the fall
                                                      was a week-long business trip to San Diego that
Morgan Phillips -                                     happened to coincide with the worst of the
What up fam? Football season ended a couple           fires. We arrived in the midst of the evacua-
of weeks ago and I’m really excited to be a su-       tion and spent one night (before we vacated)
perfan for the basketball season. My days             wearing facemasks (the air = smoke) and watch-
mostly consist of working out for next football       ing the burning hills and the “snowing” ash. The
season and doing super fun homework; not              only other big news (aside from finally sending
nearly as cool as optionals seeing as how I don’t     out 2007 pictures) is that I made a big camera
really have an option. As the holidays approach,      upgrade for next season (Nikon d300). With
I hope to get out of Ohio and maybe visit some        the 8 frames/second and fathead-quality/size
other Agawam people. Other than that, life is         output, campers and staff should start prepar-
good and I hope all of you are doing well, peace!     ing their brilliant displays of athletic abil-
                                                      ity. Slideshow never sleeps. Please feel free to
Pinto Pyle -
                                                      drop a line or stop by if you are passing through
I’m having a great time in Virginia. I will be ski-   DC—I am always up for coffee or what-
ing in Jackson Hole this Christmas!                   ever. Ciao.

“Striker” Will Rickards -                             “Cox’n” Ben Rogers -
The fall semester has been going really well out      Life is good here in Washington, DC. The high-
here in Boulder. It's been clear and sunny            lights of 2007 include getting married, starting
pretty much every day, and I was even able to         a new job at HSBC, and spending time with an
do a fair amount of October skiing. Right now         ever growing group of Agawam alums here in DC
I’m cramming for three midterms that I have in        such as “Ranger” Jim Carroll, “Slugger” SJ Bax-
the next few days, and waiting for more snow          ter, “Colonel” Keith “Boom Boom” Baxter,
to come. Can't wait to be back and see everyone       “Cox’n” Simon Gerson, “Mode” Jeremy Cluchey,
next summer!                                          and “General” Andy Rogers. Best Wishes in
Alex Rodriguez-
I continue to play with my baseball team “Lost        "Admiral" Sam Rogers -
Playeros” which practices every Thursday and          Greetings from the landlocked "shores" of Car-
Saturday. Games will start January 2008. I also       lisle, PA. Senior year at Dickinson is treating
take tennis classes every Tuesday. School has         me well. I have been really busy with class, job
been kind of rough! I will go back to Camp next       searching, and fixing my off campus "Tyler
summer, for the full season! I’m really looking       Durden-esque" house. In my spare time I have,
forward to it!                                        of course, been eating the candy that Chief
                                                      graciously agreed to pay me last summer, but as
“General” Andrew Rogers -                             I am running out of Junior Mints, these long
Greetings, everyone! Shortly after the camp           long weeks of waiting are going to seem a lot
season ended, I finished my clerkship in Phila-       longer. I hope everyone had an awesome fall,
delphia, moved south to the Clarendon area of         and has a Merry Christmas! Cheers!
Austin Scheerer -                                  medals home last year and hope for the same
Hey guys! I just wanted to say that school is      again this year. My winter break is going to be
great. I'm playing soccer, basketball, baseball    spent somewhere hot and sunny in Europe so I
and rugby. This year I’ve done so many cool        can finish off any assignments as well as pre-
things. I went to the Red Sox World Series         pare for a test I have in mid January. My sum-
parade in Boston. I also went to Washington        mer this year was just dominated by awesome
DC to see the MLS league national champion-        memories of Camp and I extend my utmost
ship game, which featured the Houston Dy-          thanks again to all the staff and campers, es-
namo vs. the New England Revolution. I'm           pecially all of those who carried the GREAT
psyched for the ski trip this year. See ya next    AGAWAM name on their shoulders to go 3 for
summer!                                            3 in the archery competitions.

“Sarge 1st Class” Russell Sprole -                 "Ranger" Paul Terkovich -
Hey Agawam... I hope everyone is having a          Hope everyone is having a great off-season. I
great winter! I am having a blast working as a     am currently waist deep in studying at Fair-
production assistant for NBC's Sunday Night        field University, and wishing to become the
Football. I have traveled around the country       strongest torchbearer known to man. I can't
to over fifteen different cities since Camp        wait to be back at camp next summer, and I
ended. I have seen a lot of the sites in each      hope to see everyone there!
city and many a great football game from the
sidelines. Recently I had a great time seeing      Will Watson -
Chief and Barbara on the sidelines of the Ea-      Hope you’ve held on to all those great Camp
gles vs. Patriots game, and I was very im-         memories, like Ag/Wam events and all our
pressed with Barbara's in depth football           Camp friends! But it’s not time to just wait for
knowledge. Once football season is over I plan     Camp to start. I’m hitting the books in my new
on taking some time off and hope I can make it     school and I’m in my school’s holiday play, as a
back to Agawam!                                    shop keeper! I still think of Agawam each day,
                                                   and am grateful for 2 years there. Goodbye
“Bowman” Richard Stanyard -                        and there no place like Agawam for the holi-
Well, I left last year's school work not know-     days!
ing my results until half way through Camp, and
it turned out I did very well. I just had some
mid terms and looks like my second year is off                  Happy Holidays!
to a great start and just where I left it in the
first. Work builds up but all is good I guess,
gotta work hard to get to play hard later. Last
year I was voted in as president of my Univer-
sity Archery club and we are off to a flyer as
well. We recently had our weekend camping
trip for the initiation which was well received.
We have our first none postal competition this
                                                      “Chief”          “Capt”        “SuperCoach”
weekend with high aspirations, we took some
  Agawam is almost full for the 2008                                      2007 Camp Agawam Hall of Fame
  Summer! Look at all your friends, old
  and new, who are coming!                                         Most Respected Camper – James Goodenough
                                                                   Most Popular Camper – Will Degerberg
Abbott, Parker       Fryer, Kenneth          Oxman, William        Most Loyal To Agawam – Will Degerberg
Atkinson, Kemp       Greer, Christian*       Parker, Franklin      Best Sportsman – Cujo Norena
Balderston, Chris    Greuner, Heinrich*      Paseltiner, Daniel    Best Camper Athlete – Jack Near
Barnard, Brendan*    Guerra, Alex            Paseltiner, Matthew
                                                                   Most Courteous Camper – Cujo Norena
Barnard, Dougie      Gwozdz, Thomas
                                                                   Neatest Camper – Tie: John Sataloff, Manuel Barnes
                                             Pearson, Henry*
                                                                   Most Humorous Camper – Christian Johnson
Barnard, Ross*       Hallett, Will           Perier, Frank
                                                                   One Who Thinks So – Jon Esty
Barnes, Manuel       Hardy, George           Petrick, Sawyer
                                                                   (Camper who thinks he is funny and isn’t)
Batchelor, Cody      Hardy, Henry            Picard, Ryan          Best Built – Rob MacDonald
Bechler, Adam*       Hargreaves, Kyle        Przedpelski, Alex     One Who Thinks So – Ryan Emberling
Bilko, James         Hauge, David*           Przedpelski, Brad     (Camper who thinks he’s built and isn’t)
Boyle, Conor*        Heib, Evan              Pyle, George          Noisiest Camper – Jon Esty
Boyle, Perry         Henderer, Christman     Reilly, Chris         Quietest Camper – Chris Reilly
Brown, Robert        Hobson, Mac             Reynolds, Jack*
                                                                   Most Generous Camper – Sandy Brown
Brown, Sandy         Holland, Ben            Richter, Fritz
                                                                   Favorite Activity – Sailing
                                                                   Most Cheerful Camper – Matt Jablonski
Capasse, Michael*    Jablonski, Matthew      Rile, Ian*
                                                                   Done Most for Camp – Sr. Club
Carlson, Buckley     Lowitt, Alex            Robinson, Jeffrey
                                                                   Neatest Cabin – Otyokwa
Christy, Josh        Macdonald, Rob          Rodriguez, Alex       Favorite Song – Big Girls Don’t Cry (Personal) by Fergie
Cleveland, George    Marozeau, Paul*         Rooney, Harris        Favorite Trip – Trip Ewig
Cleveland, Peter     Martin, Jack            Roski, Arthur         Biggest Lady Killer – Jay Carroll
Connolly, Gil        McGuire, Kip            Scheerer, Andy        Tradition Liked Best at Camp – Council
Curry, Conn          McGuire, Miko           Scheerer, Austin      Needs Most Improvement – Food
DeCamp, Henry        McKee-Proctor, Kenneth* Schroeder, Teddy*
Donohue, Mark*       McKee-Proctor, Max      Schweizer, Noah
Donohue, Sean        Moder, Charlie          Simpson, Teddy
Donoso, Peter        Moore, Henry            Simpson, TJ                Important Dates in 2008!
Dougherty, Paul      Moran, Peter            Souter, Dylan
Edgecomb, A.J.       Moriarty, Connor        Stark, William         6th Annual Alumni Fun/Work Days: 05/31/08 - 06/01/08
Engle, Allyn         Moriarty, Matthew*      Steers, J.P.                 For more information: supercoach@campagawam.org
Esty, Jonathan       Moses, Kevin*           Sykes, Stewart*
Ewig, Charles*       Mulhall, William        Thomas, Griffin
                                                                         38th Main Idea Program: 06/14/08 – 06/20/08
Ewig, Trip           Murphy, Connor          Thunem, Ned                    For more information: chief@campagawam.org
Fabregas, Alvaro     Murphy, John            Webel, Daniel
Faison, Noah         Murray, Connor          Webel, JP
Feeney, Jack*        Murray, James           Webel, Tommy             89th Camp Agawam Season: 06/25/08 – 08/12/08
                                                                            For more information: chief@campagawam.org
Feeney, Mickey*      Near, Jack              Wilson, David*
Fitzpatrick, Jack    Neilson, Kevin          Wilson, Peter
Fitzsimmons, Matthew Norena, Joseph          Winde, Ethan*
                                                                     12th Annual Golf Marathon for Maine Camperships -
Forbes, Sam          Norena, Luke            Winde, Travis                               08/14/08
Fort, Hamlet         Nye, Corbett            Winde, Tyler                 For more information: supercoach@campagawam.org
French, Max          Osselaer, Lucas
* - denotes campers new to Agawam! Welcome!
                                                                           5th Agawam Ski Trip: 12/26/08 - 12/31/08
                                                                          For more information: supercoach@campagawam.org

                              Camp Agawam, 30 Fieldstone Lane, Hanover, MA 02339

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