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									Who We Are                                   as commands unique to service dogs.                  includes   basic    obedience      training,
Aggie Guide-Dogs & Service-Dogs (AGS)        AGS members also provide services to                 socializing the puppy with people and
is a student-run organization at Texas       the   community        via      education    and     other dogs, and providing unconditional
A&M University that began in 1997. Our       therapy-dog programs.                                love. After training concludes, puppies
purpose is to educate about, fundraise                                                            are donated to a nationally-recognized
for, and promote the training and use of     What a Service Dog Is                                service dog training school for phase
service dogs and to increase awareness       A service dog is a dog that has been                 two. AGS has a partnership with Canine
about   how   these   animals   help   the   specially trained to assist people with              Crossroads who donates some of our
individuals with disabilities who use        disabilities.   Service      dogs   are    legally   puppies and then takes them through
them.                                        defined (Americans With Disabilities Act,            phase two training once they graduate
                                             1990) as dogs trained to meet the                    from our program.
                                             disability-related needs of their handlers
                                             who    have     disabilities.    Federal     laws
                                             protect the rights of individuals with
                                             disabilities to be accompanied by their
                                             service animals in public places. Service
                                             animals are not pets.

                                             Puppy Raisers
                                             Puppy Raisers are carefully selected from
                                             the university student body and local
What We Do
                                             community members who are given a
The main goal of AGS is to train puppies                                                          Community Education
                                             puppy to train for 12 – 18 months.
to become service dogs. With the help of                                                          The AGS Education Pack would love to
                                             During this time, the Puppy Raisers are
Puppy Raisers, puppies learn how to                                                               come and    talk    to   you! It   provides
                                             responsible for phase one training which
obey and behave in public places, as well
presentations         and        hands-on
demonstrations to all age groups.            Sponsor a puppy – For $25 or more, you
                                             can sponsor a puppy for one full year.
Therapy Dogs                                 You   will   receive     monthly   progress
Therapy dogs are pets whose owners           reports and a photo. Your money will go
travel to local hospitals, nursing homes     directly toward supplies and vet care for
and    schools   to   provide   hope   and   the puppy in training.
happiness. These visits are fun for the
therapy dog team and those they visit.       Donate a puppy – We evaluate all
Aggieland Pets with a Purpose provides       puppies mixed or pure bred between the
us with such opportunities.                  ages of eight weeks to sixteen weeks.

Fundraising                                  Buy your own t-shirt – Show your
Taking a puppy through our program           supports for AGS by sporting one of our
costs about $1500 for each puppy. AGS        t-shirts. Available in S, M, L, and XL.       Aggie Guide-Dogs and Service-Dogs
uses fundraising to help curb the cost.                                                           Texas A&M University
We also accept monetary donations.           Make a donation – AGS is in need of           Student Organization Finance Center
                                             money, bowls, wire crates, toys, vet                       #942110
How You Can Help                             services, leashes, collars, towels, arts        P.O. Box 5688 Aggieland Station
Join AGS! - We hold biweekly meetings,       and crafts supplies, and computer paper.        College Station, TX 77844-9081
weekly socializations, monthly socials,
and monthly fundraising events. You can                                                  
participate   through    therapy,   puppy                                               
raising, or puppy sitting among other fun

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