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									Be Realistic About Possible Contested Estate

When asserting your wishes concerning the disposition of your estate after death you don't
necessarily have to feel any repercussions if you keep your choices to yourself. After all, you will be
gone when the details of your estate are passed along to your family members.

However, things may not be as simple as you think. If you make any unconventional or very unpopular
decisions your estate could be contested.

This is not to say that you do not have a right to direct the distribution of your resources in any way
that you see fit. The point is to be realistic about the way that your wishes may be received by
interested parties.

If you have reason to believe that one or more individuals will be extremely unhappy with the
instructions that you have left behind you must be especially clear when you are expressing your
wishes. It is also a good idea to have credible witnesses present to actually see you sign the

Should you be in a position where you want to draw up a will or a directive that supersedes a
previously executed document you will want to let your lawyer know that such an instrument exists.

Of course, one can also think long and hard before making choices that could very well result in
challenges. Sometimes the message may not be worth the fallout.

Whatever you decide, you will have to work alongside an expert to mitigate the possibility of
successful challenges. If you would like to discuss your intentions with a professional, don't hesitate to
pick up the phone to arrange for a consultation with a seasoned, savvy Oklahoma City estate planning

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