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By Joanna Papandreou
   Electra Paschou
The first person who run a marathon was
Phedeppedes who run 41 kilometers to
announce the Greek’s win at
Marathonas’s fight in 490 b.c. After that
Phedeppedes died.
Nowadays marathon is an Olympic sport
which took place for first time in 1896.
French professor Michael Breal, who loved
Greece, inspired this sport. Moreover in
the first marathon race, the winner was a
famous Greek athlete, Spyros Louis.
• The best athlete is Paula Radcliffe from
  Great Britain. Her record is 2 hours, 15
  minutes and 25 seconds. This record was
  achieved from her, in London’s marathon.
• For men now, the record man is Haile
  Gebrselassie from Ethiopia who achieved
  the record of 2 hours, 3 minutes and 59
  seconds at Berlin’s marathon.
      All records in seconds
• For women : The record in seconds is
• For men : is 7439s
     What is average speed ?
• During the race every athlete changes his
  speed depending on what tactic , he wants
  to follow . For this reason we speak about
  the “ average speed “ which gives us the
  average rate at which an athlete covers a
  specific distance .
           Average speed
The average speed for women is 5,25
  meter/second and for men is 5,6
  meter/second .
In kilometers the average speed for men is
  19,18 km/h and 19,62 for women.
The things that we have to do
       for a good race
• Systematic activity
• Have a healthy diet
• Not to smoke
• Not to alcohol
• If you do these things you may have your
  best record. As we know, because we are
  athletes, these things are very important
  for your personal health.
            THE END
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