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									Hey! You are probably reading this guide because you are considering
signing up with or you signed up already but don't
 quite know where to start. Hopefully I'll be able to give you some
 ideas on how exactly you could use to make tons of

There are two main ways to make money with

   1) You can spread the word about and get 10% of whatever
      your referrers earn for life. To do this all you need is to register if
     you have not done so already and share your personal referral link
     with anyone who might be interested in making money online.
     You can find your referral link in your control panel and it should
     look something like this:

     This method is great because you can start earning money on auto
     pilot without putting much effort into it. For example if you get
     15 people to sign up and they earn $50 per week, you will be paid
       10% of whatever they earn so that works out at $75 going your
     way every week without you doing any work. Some people earn
     over $1000 every day. Imagine if one of your referrers starts
     earning this much. You will get $100/day from just one person.
  2) The second way to make money is a bit more tricky but it pays
     the most money too. Let me just quickly explain to you how works. allows you to lock links with surveys.
     For example you can lock a link to a cool YouTube video. To do
     that you simply need to copy a YouTube link like so:
     feature=feedlsb#p/l/cgoVuRzHeIc , click on “Create a short link”
     from your control panel, click “Add new link”, chose a category
     (In this case video), paste the YouTube link into the field and click
        send button. You will be given a protected link which should look
        something like this: When you send people
        to that link they will be required to complete a survey.
        Once they complete a survey they will be redirected to your
        YouTube link and you will be paid up to $3.

   Now, here is the tricky part. How exactly do you start making money?
   What do you do with that link? Where do you send it? I am going to
   show you a few simple methods to get you started.

   First of all you need to think of something interesting people want and
   would be willing to spend a few minutes of their time to complete a
   survey for. These can be things you've made yourself like music or
   wallpapers or it can be links to existing things like videos or download

   Let's say you've made a remix or a cool song or you found some
   royalty free songs somewhere else. You can upload the song to
   Rapidshare and protect the Rapidshare link to that song. You can then
   create a music
   video for YouTube with some simple backgrounds using windows
   movie maker or your favourite video editing software. Upload your
   music video to YouTube and in description write something along the
   You will need a few videos before you will start earning good money.
   If you don't see results straight away, don't give up. Try different songs
   or videos. See what works and what does not. You can try
   your videos or adding annotations. Don't stop at music. Think of other
   things you can promote on YouTube.

   Do what others are doing. Simple search for our lower paying
   competitors and see where people posted their links. For example you
   can go on Google and search for “” with quotation marks.
   Here is a link:
   %2F%22 Can you see all the forums and blogs others posted their links
to? If others are doing it it means it works. Spy on your competition and
        follow them around for a bit. What are they promoting? Are they
    linking to ebooks, ringtones, games, videos, wallpapers? Note where
   they post their links. Now add your own twist and do the same. Make it
   even better. You will soon start earning more money then them!

   Do you know something others don't? Maybe you are good at training a

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