; Audi CD player install for A6
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Audi CD player install for A6


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									                           THIS IS HOW I ADAPTED AN AFTERMARKET IN DASH CD PLAYER
                                   IN PLACE OF THE DELTA RADIO IN MY 1996 A6.
“Proceed at your own risk, I can only suggest that if smoke comes out of your new radio after you power it up for the first time, try to catch as much
of it as you can and put it back in the radio before re-checking your wiring connections and trying it again.”

Below, I am responding to the following post from Paul:

Hey all I am having a helluvatime trying to find an aftermarket CD player for my 95 A6. Bob can you explain a little bit more as far as connecting the
In-dash CD player pre-amp in puts to the car? I got the same run around B.S. about re-wiring the whole car from Best Buy. And I went out and
bought a Pioneer head unit, I bought a wiring harness for the Audi, but the wiring harness had I think it was 4 wires per speaker, a positive and
negative for both, where the headunit wiring harness only had a left and right, no + or -. If you could help me out as far as getting around this whole
Amp nightmare it would be greatly appreciated!

What specs am I looking for (besides size) in the CD Player regarding the AMP input/output?

How do I modify the wiring harness to connect the CD player to the AMP, without blowing every speaker and the amp in the car?

I went on Crutchfield and they don't sell Aiwa's any more but I found a bunch on eBay.

Any kind of insight would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You


Paul, my Aiwa is model CDC-X304, I think I got lucky with an $89 online closeout deal from Crutchfield, I have seen a similar unit in a JC Whitney
catalog. As far as head unit selection, I think anything with 2 preamp outputs for the rear speakers and 2 line outputs for the fronts would work.

You say that your harness has 4 wires per speaker, that doesn’t sound right to me, could it possibly be 4 wires for the front, LF +, LF -, RF +, RF – ?

For example, my unit has 4 pairs of wires for 4 speaker connections plus 2 line out cords. I’ve been installing car stereos since before the 8 track
tape deck was invented and I cannot recall having ever seen 4 wires for each speaker connection.

On the top cover of my Audi Delta radio is a white decal with the radio wiring diagram I used for the new radio. It shows the 3 individual connectors
stacked vertically on the back of the radio. Looking at the back of the Delta unit, the top connector has 20 small horizontal pins and the center
connector has 8 vertical pins. These 2 connectors were the ones I used (shown upside down in picture to match up with decal).

The first thing I did was check which connectors had wires routed to the dash, perhaps depending on the options you have, your unit may be wired

                                                                                                TOP OF RADIO

         WIRING DIAGRAM DECAL ON RADIO COVER                                                    CONNECTORS ON BACK OF RADIO

The Aiwa radio I used has 4 speaker connections and 2 RCA audio line out connections. I only used 2 speaker connections LF + RF and the 2 line out

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                                   IN PLACE OF THE DELTA RADIO IN MY 1996 A6.

The top connector has connections for switched system power, ground, Illumination, memory backup power and GALA and mute for the Delta

The center connector is self explanatory for the radio’s 2 amplified speaker connections LF + RF.

The bottom connector is in 3 sections from left to right, blue, green, yellow. I only used the yellow line out section for the RR & LR to send line level
signals to the rear amplified speakers.

The wire harness connector I purchased on Ebay for the delta radio only adapted the top and middle connectors in the photos. I had to cobble
together the connections for the yellow line out connections. I did this by trimming down the width of some small flat male crimp on connectors until
they could be pushed in to the female yellow plug. Once inserted, I taped them securely and this worked for the line in/out connections.

2 plugs from dash installed into purchased harness + yellow         2 unused sections of the triple connector separated from yellow connector.
connector used for line out connections.

The whole job took about 1 hour and is definitely worth doing. The face plate for my radio does not completely fill in the cavity but what it lacks in
appearance is more than made up for by being able to have a better radio/CD unit installed.

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