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                                                    2009 CALENDAR – TERM 1                                         updated 9/21/2009 5:35:36 PM
 WEEK               MONDAY                 TUESDAY                    WEDNESDAY                    THURSDAY                  FRIDAY
    0                                   School                                                     Staff return.             School
 26 Jan                                 Administrators                                                                     Development
   to                                   Return.                                                     School                    Day.
 30 Jan                                                                                           Development
     1         Students return.         Learning Area
  2 Feb                                 Meeting
  6 Feb

    2                                   Learning Area              Snr Boys Cricket                                      Zone ‘O’ Day for
  9 Feb                                 Meeting                                                                          House carnival
    to                                  Y12 Induction -            Y11 Induction -
 13 Feb                                 WCDO                       WCDO

    3         P&C Meeting               Teaching Team              Snr Boys Cricket             Professional Learning Safety Awareness
 16 Feb                                 Meeting                                                 Community Meeting     Training (B & Const.
                                                                                                                      students) check?
                                                                                                Safety Awareness
 20 Feb                                                                                         Training (B &Const.
                                                                                                students) today or
    4                                   Full Staff Meeting Snr Boys Cricket                     Literacy Meeting      Interhouse
 23 Feb                                                                                                                  Swimming
   to                                                                                                                    Carnival
 27 Feb

     5                                  Learning Area              School Council               Staff Wellness           Data completed
  2 Mar                                 Meeting                    AGM                          Gathering                for Interim Reports
    to                                                                                                                   Y8-12
  6 Mar

     6                                  Learning Area                                           Professional Learning Last Day Sem 1
  9 Mar                                 Meeting                                                 Community Meeting     changes for
    to                                                                                                                   Y11&Y12
 13 Mar

    7         P&C -AGM                  Teaching Team              Barking Gecko                Literacy Meeting
 16 Mar                                 Meeting                    Hoods -Y9
                                        Super 8s Cricket           Eng/Drama12 ($5.50
   to                                                              max 200 students)
 20 Mar                                 Comp               PARENT NIGHT
                                                           (Interim Reports)
    8         AEP Scitech Exc (To       Full Staff Meeting Yr 9 -Fremantle                      Staff Wellness           SCHOOL PHOTO
 23 Mar       be confirmed)                                Children’s Literature                Gathering                DAY
                                                                                                All Saints Writers       Y10 Science GEES
                                                                                                festival Yr8-12          Day Perth Zoo (to be
 27 Mar                                                                                         Extension Groups         confirmed)

     9        YR 11 WPL Block
              placement commences       Learning Area              Y10-Fremantle                Professional Learning
 30 Mar                                                            Children’s Literature
                                        Meeting                                                 Community Meeting
    to        Y12 Production
  3 Apr                                 Y12 Production             Y12 Production

   10         Y12 CAMP                  Learning Area              Y12 CAMP                     Last day of Term            Good Friday
  6 Apr                                 Meeting                    Goals Induction 7/4          One for Students
              SCHOOL PHOTO                                         or 8/4? 5.30-8.30pm
    to                                                                                          and all staff.
              CATCH UP DAY              Y12 CAMP
 10 Apr                                                                                           YR 11 WPL Block
              YR 11 WPL Block
                                        Goals Induction 7/4                                        placement ends
              placement continues
                                        or 8/4? 5.30-8.30pm

                                                                                                                   P.T.O. FOR TERM 2 PLANNER

        NOTE:     English Excursions will arise during the year – Theatre, Writer Workshops / Guest speakers
        MEETINGS; Mondays:           3.00pm Staff Meeting
                  Tuesdays:          Learning Area Meetings OR Teaching Team Meeting
                  Wednesdays:        Student Services meetings
                  Thursdays:         IDEAS, Literacy Working Group, Instructional Leadership Group
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                                2009 CALENDAR – TERM 2                                          updated 9/21/2009 5:35:36 PM
   Week                Monday                  Tuesday               Wednesday                    Thursday              Friday
     1           ANZAC day holiday.          Professional            Students return
                                           Development Day.              29/4/09
  27 April
   1 May
     2                                    Snr Girls Football      Snr Boys Football
                                          Learning Area
   4 May                                  Meeting                 ICAS Science Comp
   8 May

     3                                    Snr Girls Football      Snr Boys Football        Y10 Lightning
                                          NAPLAN                                           Carnival
  11 May                                  Language                NAPLAN                   NAPLAN
    to                                    Conventions             Reading                  Numeracy
  15 May                                  Learning Area                                    PLC & Instructional
                                          Meeting                                          Leadership
                                          Goals 9-11am                                     Committee
     4           P&C Meeting                                      Snr Boys Football        IDEAS Committee
                                          Snr Girls Football
  18 May         Primary school
    to           Visits (S Carlino)       Full Staff Meeting
  22 May
                                                                  6pm – Specialist
                                                                  Program Information
     5                                    Snr Girls Football      Snr Boys Football        Jnr Boys Football
                                          Teaching Team           Y10 GEES day             Literacy Meeting
  25 May                                  Meeting                 Perth Zoo
    to                                                            Career Choices
  29 May                                                          6pm – General
                 Y12 Interruption Free                            Information Evening
      6          FOUNDATION DAY           Snr Girls Football      School Council           Jnr Boys Football
                 HOLIDAY                  Yr9 Lightning           Meeting                  PLC & Instructional
   1 June                                 Carnival                                         Leadership
      to                                  Learning Area                                    Committee
   5 June                                 Meeting
                                          Goals – 12-1.30pm
                                          Y12 EXAMS
     7                                                            Y12 Sem 2 starts         Jnr Boys Football     Last day Y12 Sem 2
                                          Teaching Team                                    IDEAS Committee       Changes
  8 June                                  Meeting                 Y10 – Fremantle                                Y12 results due
     to                                                           Youth Literature
  12 June        Y12 EXAMS                                                                                       Applications due for
                                                                                                                 Endorsed Specialist
                 Y11 Interruption Free                                                                           Program & School
                 Week                                                                                            Focussed Program

     8           P&C Meeting              Y9 TAGS Scitech         Yr9 – Fremantle          Jnr Boys Football     VET UOC and
                                          Exc?                    Youth Literature         Literacy Meeting      Qualifications
  15 June                                 Learning Area                                                          finalized to Carol
     to                                   Meeting
  19 June        Y11 Exams                                                                                       Yrs 8,9,10 Results

     9           Football Trials          Y11 Sem 2 starts        Performing Arts          Jnr Boys Football     Last Day Y11
                 Round 1                                          Trials – Round 1         PLC & Instructional   changes Sem.2
  22 June                                                                                  Leadership            Y11 results due
                                          Full Staff Meeting
     to                                   Goals – 12-1.30pm       Y9 AE Scitech Exc        Committee             8:30am
  26 June        Y11 Exams conclude                                                                              Subject Selections
     10          Subject Selections
                                          PARENT EVENING          Y8 FOOTBALL                                    Last day of Term
  29 June                                                         CAMP                                           Two.
     to                                                                                                          General Enrolments
   3 July                                                                                                        for 2010 Due.
                                                                                                                 School Ball –
                                                                                                                 Parmelia Hilton
Counseling for 2010 subjects needs to occur prior to the end of Term 2.

                         Note: Y12 TEE English students attend Curtin University English Exam Revision Seminar
                         Incursion: Y10 English Extension activity Author in residence – 2 zones
                         Note: All Year 8 English Incursion Story Teller Andy Wright early June
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                                2009 CALENDAR – TERM 3                                          updated 9/21/2009 5:35:36 PM
 Week               Monday                    Tuesday                  Wednesday                      Thursday                    Friday
   1             Professional           Students return.                                         IDEAS Committee          9 -10.30am Academic
               Development Day.                                                                                           Ext Test – Yr8
 24July                                 Y10 Information
                                        Evening 7pm
   2                                    Learning Area Meeting     Y9 FOOTBALL TOUR               Literacy Meeting         Y9 TAGS Scitech Exc
27 July
  to                                                              Miki SHS Exchange
 31Jul                                                            Arrive

   3                                    Goals – 12-1.30pm                                        Australian Maths
                                        Teaching Team                                            Comp.
 3 Aug                                  Meeting                                                  PLC & Instructional
   to                                                                                            Leadership Committee
 7 Aug
             Y9 Science & SOCE
             MSE TESTING
   4         Production Week                                                                     Yr8 Lightning Carnival
                                        Full Staff Meeting        Y10-Fremantle Youth            IDEAS Committee
10 Aug                                                            Literature
  to                                    Miki SHS Exchange
14 Aug                                  Depart

   5         P&C Meeting                Learning Area Meeting                                    ABCN Career Choice
                                                                                                 Day 2009.
17 Aug
                                                                                                 Literacy Meeting
21 Aug

   6                                    Goals – 12-1.30pm         School Council                 PLC & Instructional
                                        Learning Area Meeting                                    Leadership Committee
24 Aug
28 Aug
   7                                    Teaching Team                                            IDEAS Committee          Zone ‘O’ Day House
                                        Meeting                                                                           Meetings for Athletics
31Aug                                                                                                                     nominations
4 Sept

   8                                                              Y10 Football Tour              Literacy Meeting
 7 Sept
   to                                                             Goals – 5.30-8.30pm
11 Sept                                 Full Staff Meeting

   9         YR 11 WPL Block            Learning Area Meeting     Yr9 – Fremantle Youth          Selection Panel          *Interhouse Athletics
             placement                                            Literature                     shortlists nominees
14 Sept      commences (2 weeks)                                                                 WSA
   to        WSA Award                                                                           PLC & Instructional
18 Sept      nominations in.                                                                     Leadership Committee

  10         Y12 Interruption Free
             Week                       Y10 Lab. Rats(ECU)        Y10 AEP THEATRE                RESULTS FOR              Last day of Term
21 Sept      P&C Meeting                Visual &Performing        SPORTS                         QUALIFICATIONS           Three.
   to                                   Arts Night                                               AND COMPETENCY
25 Sept                                 Goals – 12-1.30pm                                        ENROLMENTS FOR           YR 11 WPL Block
                                                                                                 YEAR 12 DUE              placement ends
             Y12 SIDE EXAMS

HOLIDAYS     26/9/09 – 4/10/09
 26 Sept     DRAMA Practical Exam
   To        Y12
  2 Oct

             Y12 Exams
HOLIDAYS     Commence WSHS
  5 Oct
  9 Oct

                                                                                                                    P.T.O. for Term 4 Planner
C:\Documents and Settings\LocalAdmin\My Documents\wannerooshs.det.wa.edu.au\2009 CALENDAR.DOC

                            2009 CALENDAR – TERM 4                                              updated 9/21/2009 5:35:36 PM
   Week                   Monday                       Tuesday                   Wednesday                  Thursday                       Friday
      1                Professional               Students resume                                     WSA shortlisted             SAT 17 – 25 Oct - EALD &
                     Development Day.                  13/10/08                                       nominees portfolio’s to     LANGUAGES PRAC
   12 Oct                                       Learning Area Meeting                                 Curriculum Council          EXAMS
     to             Y12 EXAMS Finish                                                                  IDEAS Committee
   16 Oct         (Except Language Prac)

     2           P&C Meeting                    WSA Art & Design           8.30am Y12 Results         RESULTS FOR                 Last day Year 12’s?
                 WSA Selection Panel            portfolio to                                          QUALIFICATIONS AND
   19 Oct        meet with students this        Curriculum Council                                    COMPETENCY
     to          week.                          Teaching Team Meeting                                 ENROLMENTS FOR
   23 Oct        WSA Award Winners                                                                    YEAR 11 DUE
                 announced early 2010                                                                 Literacy Meeting

      3          FOOTBALL TRIALS                Goals 12-1.30pm            Y10-Fremantle Youth        Performing Arts –           English Language
                 ROUND 2                        Learning Area Meeting      Literature                 Trial 2                     Competence test
   26 Oct                                                                                             PLC & Instructional
     to                                                                    Y8 AEP Night of the        Leadership Committee        WORLD TEACHERS’
   30 Oct                                                                  Notables?                  29-30 Oct – Jap 2nd         DAY
                                                                                                      language Y12 Oral
                                                                           28-30 Oct -                exams
                                                                           Italian Oral Y12 exams
      4          TEE/WACE Exams start           Full Staff Meeting                                    Yr9 – Fremantle Youth
                 (written papers)                                                                     Literature
   2 Nov                                                                                              IDEAS Committee
   6 Nov         9:20 E406 Human Biol           9:20 E409 Physics          9:20 E206 History exam     9:20 ENG3 exam              9:20 E403 Chem exam
                 exam                           exam                       2:00 E506 Calculus         2:00 ELD2 exam
      5                                         Teaching Team Meeting                                 FOOTBALL INDUCTION
   9 Nov                                                                                              Literacy Meeting
  13 Nov         9:20 E502 Discrete exam        9:20 AIT2/AIT3 exam        9:20 E504 Applic exam      9:20 E305 Geog exam         2:00 ITA2 Italian exam
                                                2:00 E005 Lit exam         2:00 MPA2 Media exam       2:00 DRA2/DRA3
                                                                                                      Drama exams

     6           P&C Meeting                       Goals 12-1.30pm                                    Performing Arts Induction
                 Y11 Exams                      Learning Area Meeting                                 (pm)
  16 Nov                                                                                              PLC & Instructional
    to                                          Y12 PRESENTATION                                      Leadership Committee        2:00 E011 Jap 2nd lang.
  20 Nov                                        EVENING                                                                           exam
                 SIDE EXAMS
     7                                          Goals -5.30-7.30pm         TEE/WACE Exams end
                                                Learning Area Meeting      (written papers)
  23 Nov
    to           Y11 EXAMS Conclude                                        School Council
  27 Nov
                                                Y10 EXAMS
      8                                         8.30am Y11 Results                                    Y11 Final Assembly
                 Y10 EXAMS Conclude             Due                        Y7 TRANSITION DAY          IDEAS Committee
  30 Nov
     to                                         Full Staff Meeting
   4 Dec

      9                                         Teaching Team Meeting      AEP CAMP?
                                                                                                      8.30am Y10 Results            8.30am Yr8-9 Results
   7 Dec                                                                                              Due                                   Due
     to                                                                                               Literacy Meeting
  11 Dec

  14 Dec                                        Learning Area Meeting                                  Last day for Students.      Last day for Teachers.
  18 Dec

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