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Assisted Suicide Outline

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                           Assisted Suicide
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                             Assisted Suicide – Right or Wrong?

       People have been debating many sensitive issues for many years. Philosophical issues

having to do with ethics, epistemology, and religion has been a topic in our society. Everyone

has different stand on each of the issue. Some people are for the issue and others are against

the issue, which is the reason why no proper answer been given to any of the issue, whether it

is wrong or right. There are many issues that have been affecting our society. One of the most

debatable issues in our society, which is also affecting our society, is about assisted suicide,

which is an ethical issue.

       Assisted suicide, also know euthanasia, is the practice of ending the life of a person

who is suffering from an incurable condition. It is, most of the times, accomplished with the

help of another person, such as physician. Assisted suicide means when a person wants to die

faster who is severely suffering from a terminally or untreatable illness, which has been an

issue world-wide. People in different countries have their own stands about assisted suicide.

Some people believe assisted suicide is a crime and should not be legalized anywhere in the

world. However, other people feel that assisted suicide is acceptable because it is just a way

to end someone’s life who is suffering from an illness that can become worse in the later

future. There are lots of reasons why some people are against and others are for assisted

suicide. However, in the end, it fully depends on an individual to whether believe assisted

suicide is right or wrong.

Outline on a Philosophical Topic
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Topic: Is assisted suicide right or wrong?

   I.        Introduction

          A. Brief Introduce about Assisted Suicide

          B. Thesis Statement: There are lots of reasons why some people are against and

             others are for assisted suicide. However, in the end, it fully depends on an

             individual to whether believe assisted suicide is right or wrong.

   II.       The practice of assisted suicide is right.

             A. Every human has the right to live and the right to die.

             B. The judgment of living or death is a personal decision.

             C. A person who is suffering from a terminally illness has the right not to be

                 forced to suffer.

             D. It should be crime to make a person live who does not want to live because of

                 the incurable suffering.

             E. Countries such as Oregon, Switzerland, Belgium, and Netherlands have

                 legalized assisted suicide.

   III.      The practice of assisted suicide is wrong.

              A. A doctor or any other physician cannot be diverted from its duty.

                 1. In medical ethics, the most important principle is not to harm a patient


                     a. Trust and Faith on the doctors can be lost if the principle is not

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                   b. Doctors have the responsibility in preserving the life of a patient, not to

                      kill them.

           B. If a person is threatening to kill themselves, it’s our moral responsible to stop


              1. You should stop the person from killing themselves instead of ignoring it.

              2. As humans, it’s our moral duty to prevent people from committing


           C. Only God has the right to give and take away life.

              1.   It is wrong to go against God plans for a person life.

           D. Countries such as Russia, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, England, and Wales

              believe that assisted suicide is a criminal offence.

   IV.    Conclusion

          A. Restate the thesis statement.

Absolutely fantastic outline! This is a very promising paper! The only

thing you need to address is confusion about terminology. You need to go

back to your reading – and outside sources – to very precisely define

“physician-assisted suicide”, euthanasia, and withdrawal of treatment.

Each of these is very different from the others, and the legality of each is

different as well. If you can be careful to use these terms correctly from the

start, you’ll have a perfect paper here!
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GRADE: 4.5/5 A-


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