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Battle of the Books Parent Letter


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									                                 Battle of the Books

Fourth and Fifth grade students are invited to participate in Battle of the Books. This
reading incentive program encourages students to read books and compete with each other
about their knowledge of those books. Students who participate should form teams of 2-4
students. Report your team name and members to the LRC by November 19th. Students
can begin reading as soon as the book list is announced on November 12, and the first
“Battles” will take place in February.     During competition, teams will gain points by
answering questions based on the books. The winning AGS team will Battle the winners of
the other Batavia elementary schools in a final battle scheduled for February 25th, 2010.

In order to participate, please sign the permission slip below. If you have any questions
please email me at tamra.ashby@bps101.net

Thank you

Tamra Ashby
LRC Director, AGS

Important Dates
      November 12 – Books Announced
      November 19 – Teams Due
      February – Battles Begin
      February 25 – All School Battle

My child, _______________________________, has permission to participate in Battle
of the Books.

Student Signature __________________________________________________

Parent Signature ___________________________________________________

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