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					Netqin Anti-Virus For Htc N97
Nokia N97 is a very powerful multimedia smartphone. It has 32GB associated with internal memory,
additional 32GB can be added making the storage available in htc N97 64GB. What do you do when
you that this a lot free room ? You stuff it with various stuff -- music, movies , videos, photos of near
and dear ones, two dozen or more information , lots of essential and unimportant apps, book games
as well as important data like security passwords or tackle , birthdays and so on. What will you do if
all this information, songs collection, videos etc. Were wiped out and your applications as well as
games were corrupted? can't even dare to imagine this type of situation right ? Virus perform such
things and sometimes even render your own phone useless.

Virus risks on mobile phones are increasing. In the past 2 yrs , Trend mini and F-Secure have
released several reviews - the most known ones being at the CTIA (Cellular telephone Industries
association ) annual gathering - which talked of the trend exactly where virus have been on the rise to
bell mobile phones.

The majority of these infections were discovered to be on 2 platform home windows Mobile as well as
Symbian. NEedless to say , antivirus companies from Symantic to Kaspersky were quick to release
several mobile antivirus packages.

As users of one of the two systems , I eagerly await to determine a solution from one of the large
three home windows desktop freeware antivirus companies , viz. AVG, Avast, Avira. Till after that , a
possible alternative is chinese language firm NetQin's mobile antivirus package.

The installation is actually pretty simple and easy , straightforward, and take up a lot disk room either.
On installation, it'll prompt to have an update of the virus definition files, done quickly more than your
wiseless connection.
The first scan will, of course , take a very long time and users should be ready to start it at night, prior
to sleeping. The software states dig to the core of each file to scan it and utilizes battery power
successfully while from it -- two aspects that have been confirmed by several reviewers.

Still, should you choose start the actual scan during the day and need to make use of Nokia N97 in
between, hit the helpful 'pause' switch and resume the scan whenever you have enough time.

What's much more , the software includes a great real-time monitoring tool. NetQin is actually vigilant
about any data that is being sent more than SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, infra-red, GPRS along with other
network connections , and states detect as well as block risks effectively. I have tested it and it
proved helpful fine. You will get netqin from

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