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									                                              Republic of the Philippines
                                                Province of Bulacan
                                                    Malolos City

                                          BIDS and AWARD COMMITTEE
QUOTATION NO.         03-06-448                                                        DATE: 3-24-06
   You are hereby invited to quote your price in the articles listed below for immediate delivery if stock is/are
available. Please place your quotation at the BAC secretariat, 2nd floor Capitol Building or at the Provincial
General Services Office on/or before _________________________.

   We will purchased from you any or all of the materials in the quotation subject to the existing rules and
regulation of the Government Procurement Law in the event that you offer would be most advantageous to the

  Failure on your part to submit a Quotation means you waive your privilege to participate in the procure-
ment activity.

                IRENEO M. MENDOZA                                      MA. GLADYS C. STA. RITA
           Provincial General Services Officer                    Chairman-Bids and Awards Committee

For the use of         PHO

  Item       QTY.        UNIT                            ARTICLES                                   PRICE
    1            750      doz.    Sterile gloves forward size 6.5                               140.00      105,000.00
    2            500      doz.    Sterile gloves forward size 7.5                               140.00       70,000.00
    3            750      doz.    Sterile gloves forward size 7.0                               140.00      105,000.00
    4            200      roll    Surgical rolled gauze 36x100 yds. 24x28mesh                 1,170.00      234,000.00

   I hereby agree to furnish and deliver in accordance with specifications and process, all or any of the
above subject existing laws of Governmet Procurement if my Quotation is favorably accepted.

                Name of Firm                          102691480-V                    Signature
           DOLORES, SN FDO. PAMP,                       TAN                         NORMAN PEREZ
               Postal Address                                                      Printed Name

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